The Deathlike Mission - Episode 12

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Torrents of thoughts ran across Jide's mind as he sat on the bench outside Kari father's ward. What was actually going on? He regretted not been able unveil whoever was behind that mask. He was thinking too much. Maybe the assailant had nothing to do with Kari's case, maybe it had to do with her dad. No, Kari had been called and threatened, this was about John Malik's case and nothing else . He had been under so much investigation by the SIB, because he witnessed part of the attack. He answered the questions he could but he was careful not to mention where he actually felt the attack would have come from as it would open a can of worms to thier detriment.

"Jide!" he heard his name been called by a familiar feminine voice. It was Laura approaching him from his left.

"Laura," he called back standing up painfully holding his already bandaged head.

"What happened, who did this to you?" She asked, surprise written all over her face seeing his discomfited state.

"Something terrible has happened. Kari's father was attacked just this evening in thier home."

"I came as soon as I heard, how bad is it?"

"Really bad. He was stabbed twice."

"Twice! Is he dead?"

"No he isn't."

"Oh thank God

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. But how did it happen?" Laura queried in her most impatient tone.

"I'm short of words to explain, everything happened too fast, even before I got there." Jide tried to explain sadly.

"This is most unfortunate. So how is he now?"

"To be honest with you Laura, he's in a very bad state. The doctors aren't even sure he'll make it through the night."

"Oh no, please God, don't let anything happen to that good man. He's the only family Kari has left, she'll die if something happens to him."

"It's okay, let's just pray and hope for his improvement."

"Amen." She turned to focus on him, "What happened to you, your head I mean?"

"After we got a tip from an anonymous caller, I tried to get to Kari's house in time to warn her dad whilst she gathered rescue from the office, but i was late as he had already been attacked. I and his assailant got into a brutal fight. So there, I ended this way."

"You really have no fear at all, what if you were badly hurt or killed in the process?"

"Truth is I never thought of myself at that time, I only wanted to make sure the man was safe."


"That was really heroic of you."

"Coming from you, that's more than a compliment." Jide smiled.

"You deserve it. I've been thinking if this attack is as a result of the case."

"My thoughts have never deviated from that line since this evening. Kari recieved a threatening call prior to the attack. To everyone else even in your office, Kari is officially off this case. Only the three of us know the extent of discovery we have made so far, something is definitely not right."

"So you feel this has gone out?"

"Exactly. Listen, from my lips I can assure you no one has heard a thing, did you both talk to anyone lately?"

"Come on Jide, we didn't. We are more careful than you think."

"Hmmm, If you are sure about that it's ok. You only have to be more careful till we sort this out."

Laura merely nodded in agreement.

"Since we are settled on that," Jide continued. Let's go see Kari now."

*               *               *

It was past 12 midnight of that day already and Mr John had not regained consciousness. Kari was worried even though Jide and Laura spent the night with her in the hospital to keep her company. She kept constant watch over her father, sitting by him praying and hoping he will open his eyes and get well so thier lives could go back to normal again. She made so many promises, resolutions and she was ready to drop the case debarring how juicy the findings were because she felt the attack came from there. Several hours passed but nothing happened. Then just as it was almost 3:00am, the miracle happened. Her father stirred the middle fingers of his right hand which was under the light grip of her own right hand. At first she did not think he could be awake, but when the stirring continued she gave a sigh of relief and smiled down at him.

"Dad," she called in parched voice.

"My child," her father replied weakly.

"How are you feeling now?"

"Forget about me. I know you must really feel bad I am like this," he tried to sound strong seeing how broken she was. Just then, Jide awoke at the slight noise of thier conversation and tapped Laura as well to consciousness. Clearly, everyone was glad that Mr John was finally awake as they both walked over to his bedside.

"You have no idea," Kari continued. "But you'll be fine right?"

"Maybe I will, but if I'm not you have to be strong yourself."

"You can't say that. Listen, I'm really sorry for been too busy for us, I'll forget about the case just for you. I'm sorry for not listening to you earlier." she said sobbing amidst fresh tears. Jide put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"No dear, that won't be right. It's already too late, you need to finish up what you started."

"I'll do anything to make you happy dad, I promise from today."

"I know, and that you have been doing. You've made my life so beautiful and complete in ways you will never understand," the man said as tears ran down both corners of his eyes.

"You too dad," she replied with so much love kissing the back of his palm.

"Dad," Laura greeted from behind Kari. "How are you feeling? So glad to have you back."

"Getting better, but your friend thinks I'm dying already," he said trying to wear a reassuring smile.

"You will be fine."

"Thank you my child, and the young man with you is?"

"Jide sir, I'm a friend of thiers." Jide replied quickly.

"Oh, the famous Jide. Pleased to meet you finally." Jide gave him a smile.

"He tried to warn you about the attack but we were too late, I'm so sorry," Kari said sobbing.

"You really should stop blaming yourself, it wasn't your fault. By the way thank you young man for trying to save me."

"That was nothing, I hope you get better soon."

He gave another weak smile then he turned to Kari. "Wish you had been mine baby."

"Ofcourse, I'm yours, your only child remember?"

"Wish you had really been mine," he exhaled in a more weaker voice.

"I'm yours stop the strange talk already, you are making me scared."

"What's he talking about?" whispered Laura to Jide.

"I have no idea, but something isn't right let's just listen."

"My strength is fading," he said in the most faint voice.

"Stop talking nonsense," Kari countered her father vehemently.

"I have to call the doctor then," Jide said with worry and sounded the emergency alarm.

"You should have known by now but i kept it away from you, because i was afraid. Forgive me," the man continued.

"I forgive you for whatever dad, just be fine again that's all I want."

"Now listen, there's a lady I need you to find, her name is Inika."

"What for and who's she?"

"Just find her, she stays at St. Luke's chapel house serving Nuns. She'll tell you all you need to know." 

Then his heartbeat began to slow down on the monitor

"You are getting me more confused dad."

"I love you baby, even in death you will always be mine. I'm really sorry."

His eyes began to close, as two doctor and a nurse who had been alerted excused Kari out beside him tried to resuscitate him.

"Jide what's happening to my father?" she asked in tears as he held her up.

"We are loosing him!" one of the doctors shouted.

"What! No that can't happen," Kari exclaimed further.

"Calm down dear, let the doctors do thier best," replied Jide understanding the situation and maintaining a tight grip on Kari who was trying to wriggle out to go to her dying father. Laura just stood by watching the whole situation in shock with her hands over her mouth and tears streaming down her cheeks. The doctors tried all they could but little by little Mr John's life slipped out of thier reach and soon, he was gone. When he gave up the ghost, everywhere and everyone went dead as well. Immediately he was covered totally and the time of dead read, that was when it dawned on the trio what loss has befallen Kari. She gave a loud scream and collapsed into Jide's body bringing him to a sitting position on the floor with Jide putting his arms tightly around her, while Laura dropped on the chair behind her sobbing in disbelieve at the fact that her friend's dad has just passed on. It reminded her of when she lost her own dad. The whole scene was really pathetic. Only Jide was the man amongst them, even though he felt hot tears burning behind his eyes he knew he had to be strong for both women. Despite the fact that he had never met Kari's dad before his death, he had several reasons to feel a sense of loss and the guilt within him increased coming to the realization that the man's death could have occurred because of him. Maybe things would have turned out differently if he had done this the way it ought to be, he never meant for anyone to die so soon and not someone innocent to his cause at that. He wouldn't take this lying down. There and then with an unconscious Kari in his arms, he swore revenge to anyone responsible for bringing this untimely loss to the one woman he was capable of loving.
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  • Mercy Ekemonye picture
    Mercy Ekemonye
    Wao so touching
  • Abigail Edos picture
    Abigail Edos
    Wow! I couldn't believe I was crying.... I still suspect Paul though. Next episode pls as valentine special biko. @pat pls and pls upload more
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