The Deathlike Mission - Episode 11

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Jide quickly pulled over before Kari's house and leapt out of his car. As he took brisk steps to the main entrance, he heard shattering sounds and a cry of pain of a man he thought to be Kari's father coming from within. He stopped dead, coming to the realization that he was already late. He tried to figure out who could be behind this. No one knew there were still on the case or the findings they had made so far . That assailant in there he feared  was looking for something from the way he scattered objects in his way, and he went about it like he knew the nooks and crannies of the house. The old man would obviously be in his way hence he was in danger. He was sure Zuri had nothing to do with this attack because unless for the fact that he had not been able to contact or see him these past days he knew Zuri his boss couldn't possibly trespass into his assignment.

'Enough of the thinking,' he bounced back to reality. He needed to go into that building to see things for himself. But then it struck him that it will be deadly to go in bare faced since he did not know from whence the attack came or who the attacker is. He was grateful his mask was with him as he wore it to disguise himself revealing only his nostrils, his eyes, and a little of his gaunt lips.

Going through the front door was not so much of a perfect plan to him as he crept around the building looking for any other entry. Luckily, the backdoor was open

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. Jide made his way noiselessly through the kitchen even though he did not have to be too careful because the assailant really kept shattering everything in his way in a bid to get at something. He reached a mini passage where several rooms stood, a room to his right was slightly ajar, that was where the noise came from he noticed. He could hear only mild sounds but not that of Kari's dad anymore. His fear increased as he scurried inside the room, getting there, he found the man on the floor in a pool of his blood. Taken by pity and guilt at the sight, he bent over him trying to figure out if he was still alive or how much damage had been done to him, before he could make of what was going on, the assailant attacked him from behind, hitting him with a leg of a broken stool on the side of his head. Jide's whole being spun round, he knew better than making a mistake of forgetting his main target, he cursed himself for been so emotional without first checking his surrounding. The assailant was however relentless, he swung another punch at Jide's abdomen who was now staggering facing him, Jide fell back with a thud and the assailant walked toward him and bent over to unveil his mask with his right hand, Jide's both hands held his, stopping him. Angered by his prey's defence the assailant threw another punch down at Jide's jaw. Instinctively Jide still in his lying position blocked the punch and countered with a very hard punch with his knee on the assailant's groin. This sent him staggering, holding his middle in pain, giving Jide ample time to recover a little from the strike on his head, garner himself and do a quick scan on his assailant. It was a man, about his height, tall and masked. He launch another attack on the assailant with a punch to his jaw, followed by another to his abdomen then also a hard kick on his neck. This was clearly more than what the assailant expected as he was sent reeling and writhing helplessly in more pain with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

Then the SIB siren sounded outside, this awoken a new strength in the assailant as he stood and made to escape through the door but Jide held him on the collar of his shirt from behind adding him another punch on his back from his elbow preventing him from escaping. He tried to unmask him but there was a dire struggle as the assailant did not want to be exposed, then he noticed he remove something from his boot, and swung it around towards Jide's stomach. It was a dagger, sharp and pointed. Jide was swift as he ducked, knocking off the dagger from his the assailant's hand. He received a kick on abdomen from the assailant that sent him on his fours. With this advantage he picked up the dagger lying on the floor, the assailant made to struggle the weapon now in his possession but Jide standing up nailed it right through his left palm to a formica table. The assailant screamed out in terrible pain as he removed the dagger from his flesh, knocked Jide in the groin with his last effort knowing he might be caught and dashed outside the room holding his terribly injured hand.

The assailant ran into the SIB outside the house but outsmarted them and escaped in a waiting car with the sound of thier gunshots in his wake. Jide recovering from the pain in his groin heard the gunshots and knew the SIB will be coming into the house to see the extent of the damage unmasked himself so he wouldn't be mistaken for the culprit. As he tried moving himself to a standing position, several armed officers came into the room pointing a gun at him, he carried his hands up indicating he wasn't armed. Kari ran in and saw the suspense and disarray in her father's room, but she needed to save Jide first.

"No. He's the friend I told you about, lower your weapons."  she instructed Imoh and the other officer. As they obeyed her orders she walked to where her father laid, Jide followed her wincing and so did two of the officers.

"Dad!" she called bending over him, already in tears. Her father did not shake and his eyes remained shut, she hugged him and sobbed. Jide gently raised her off her dad's shoulder and put his fingers on his neck to feel his heartbeat.

"He's still alive?" Imoh asked with much concern.

"Yes, but we might loose him if we waste anymore time, he's lost a lot of blood." Jide said to her.

"That's true, call an ambulance right away. Tony," Imoh called out his orders to one of his men on inspection while he tried to make sense of the entire situation as he questioned Jide further to get the details.
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  • Abigail Edos picture
    Abigail Edos
    I just feel the person is Paul... I don't trust him and him going on leave at the time the case started is questionable and he has also been following up from Kari's info. My thoughts though.
  • Tochi Enyinnayah picture
    Tochi Enyinnayah
    Abigail ur right. I suspect Paul. Well done writer. Am feeling ur story
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