The Curse Of Cain - Episode 2

Abel where?

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Calvin sat on his seat, which was constructed in the shape of a throne. He was  holding a tobacco in his hand while starring at the tablet in his other hand, he didn’t look pleased.

On the screen was the face of a beautiful black woman who wasn’t looking pleased either.

“Sodi, you are not making me happy, you know that?”

“I am sorry My Lord but, there is nothing I can do. I haven’t seen anything about this woman, trust me.”

“So all the years I have spent in this country has been for nothing?” He snapped at her.

The lady shut her eyes and continued . “Please be patient. The triad said you would meet her soon.”

“I have spent two years here already Sodi, so if you and the triad don’t get it together and find me an answer, you know what I can do to you right?”

The lady sighed and nodded. “I am sorry my lord, but we need to be more patient.”

Calvin held the tobacco to his lips and inhaled, shutting his eyes, then he puffed out the smoke in small ringlets …

“Is anyone still looking for me?”

“No my Lord, the fake funeral we did for you paid off. All your enemies think you are dead

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. No one is asking questions any longer.”

“Alright. We ‘ll talk later then.” HE said, before throwing the tablet on the couch.

He was tired of waiting, he had already spent two years  here even though his business was going on fine…he had built this mansion within a month..and his illegal drug business was moving on smoothly, he needed answers. He was just so tired of living….

“Excuse me sir, Pablo and Ruzo are outside.”

He raised his head to see one of his house maids. He didn’t even know when she walked in.

“Let them in.” He replied, now standing up and buttoning up his suit.

The lady bowed slightly before dispersing. Then he turned to the 65 inches TV screen.

“TV on.” He commanded and the TV came to live.

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. CNN proudly displayed on the screen…just then the elevator chimed and two men stepped in.

Both of them looked bulky and dangerous.  Dressed in a black Tshirt, trousers and black sun glasses and Timberland boots.

“Hello Boss.” The shorter man addressed Calvin. His head was wrapped in some funny looking scarf.

“Yes boys, what’s up.” Cain asked, taking seat and holding the cigar to his lips.

“There was a problem.” The other man quickly said.

“What problem ?”

“We were dealing with Mr SHo, the man who is yet to pay our moneym I shot him and a man and a woman saw us doing it.” The man said, looking remorseful as if preparing for the worst that could happen.

Calvin was quiet at first. Then he crossed a leg on top the other and inhaled again, shutting his eyes.

“We have them here boss, we brought them here with us.” The shorter man said making Calvin snapping his eyes opened.

“What in devil’s name did you bring them here for?” He asked quietly.

The two men looked at each other .

“We..we just thought..we…” The shorter man stammered.

“You were thinking you say?” Cain asked again, as calmly as possible even though he was raging inside.

“I have told you, do not report any thing to me, tell me after they are dead. So go and kill them and let this be the last time you will tell me that nonsense of being seen. The whole idea is not to be seen, if you are clumsy again the next time, and your carelessness mess up with my business, I will be the one to kill you myself, you get that?”

The two guys nodded, then bowed slightly before dispersing.

Calvin shook his head. He had hired bunch of loosers! He shifted his attention back to the TV and on an impulse, he pulled a stool close to him, on the stool was the ash can. He dusted the bottom of the cigar to remove the ashes before putting it to his lips again. Rolling back the sleeve of his left arm, he walked to the big frame hanging on the wall.

It was the portrait of someone, held in a glass. It seemed to have been taken a long time ago because of the beards and the cloak the man was wearing. The figure in the picture was half-smiling and the eyes seemed distorted slightly because it was just an art work.

 “You see what you did to me brother……”

Calvin lifted his arm to the frame, he had rolled back his sleeves so well that his upper arm was bare. On it was a huge black dot…

“Don’t worry Abel, once I get rid of this nonsense, I will come meet you in hell or wherever you may be hiding….then we can continue our issues there…”

****** ***** ******

Okay, so i actually don't know where I'm going with this story o, but Im actually like it sha....comments  people! Again, this is just an allusion to the story in the bible  o, i am not saying this is what happened,,Tobi has not become a Prophetess o..lmao

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