Tears Of Summayah - Episode 24

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Jennifer and Yusrah continued to plan and Yusrah was ready to pay any amount to get the dirty job done. Jennifer thought for a long while and realised that Sumayyah’s weakness was Azeezah.

“Mom we just need to kidnap Azeezah, then we blackmail Sumayyah into doing what we want.” She told Yusrah.

“Who is Azeezah?”

“Azeezah is Sumayyah’s one and only best friend,” Jennifer said and smiled like someone who had just won a lottery.

Yusrah smiled as well. “Wow, that is a very good plan . How much are you going to need because you know you have to arrange some people that will kidnap her?”

Jennifer thought for a while before she finally responded. “I just need 50,000 Naira.”

“Are you sure that amount will be enough?”

“Yes, I am sure.”

The following day, Jennifer called the guys up and gave them all the necessary information that they would need to carry out the kidnap. Within a few days, they kidnapped Azeezah and took her to a cottage behind Jennifer’s house.

Jennifer ordered one of the guys to remove the blindfold over Azeezah’s eyes so that she could look into her eyes. “Azeezah, open your eyes now.”

Azeezah raised her head and was surprised to see Jennifer was behind the kidnap

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. “How dare you.? Let me go immediately!”

Jennifer laughed. “I don’t think I can do that Azeezah.” She put her hand on Azeezah’s face and stroked it. Without warning, Azeezah opened her mouth and bit Jennifer’s hand.

Jennifer managed to remove her hand and she yelped in pain, “Hey! One of you should slap her for me.”

One of the guys stepped forward and hit Azeezah hard across the face.

Jennifer who had now recovered from the bite said in a malicious tone. “I need only one thing from you.”

“What do you want?” Azeezah croaked.

“I need Sumayyah's phone number.”

“What do you need it for?”

“Are you sick? You have the guts to question me?!” Jennifer bellowed in anger.

Azeezah swallowed hard. She was getting scared. “I- I am sorry, but I don’t have her number.”

Jennifer lost her patience and gave Azeezah a resounding slap. “Shut up you terrible liar!” Jennifer turned to the guys. “Search her. I am sure you will find her phone on her”

The guys did as they were told and soon the phone was found in Azeezah’s pocket.
“Oh, whose phone is this then? Don’t worry, I am going to teach you a lesson you will never forget.”

“I am not afraid of you,” Azeezah said

Jennifer smirked and searched for Sumayyah's number, she dialled it but the line was busy. “What rubbish! Who could she be calling?”

“I pray she doesn't pick up” Azeezah taunted Jennifer

Jennifer ignored Azeezah and dialled the number again. Sumayyah picked the call on the first ring.

“Hello, Az. I am sorry for not picking up your call the first time. I was speaking with Jamiu.”

Jennifer laughed. “So, you were busy calling my boyfriend, right?”.

Sumayyah was surprised. “Who am I speaking with?”


Sumayyah almost dropped her phone in shock. “Where did you get Az’s phone.?”

Jennifer hissed. “Your friend is here in my custody and I will kill her if you don't come here immediately”

Sumayyah gasped. “Ya Allah, don’t do that, please. Tell me where you are and I will come straight away.”

Jennifer smiled. She knew Sumayyah would cooperate. “I am at my house near BOG supermarket. You know the place, right?”

Sumayyah nodded. “I will be right there.”

Sumayyah arrived at the venue in about ten minutes and went straight to the cottage.

“Az, you see. I told you that your friend would come running here.” Jennifer said to Azeezah

“Jennifer, I am here now. What do you want from us.?” As soon as she spotted Az on the floor, Sumayyah rushed over and knelt before her. “Az are you alright?” Azeezah nodded and Sumayyah looked up at Jennifer. “Jennifer please what has Az done to you to deserve this?”

Jennifer slapped Sumayyah. “You dare look into my face and talk to me like this?”

“I am sorry but please do me a favour and let Az go. She is innocent.”

“I know she is not involved. I only used her to get to you.”

Sumayyah tried to calm herself. “Okay, I am here now. What do you want?”

Jennifer laughed. “I want your happiness because you took mine. You married the guy I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. You took my happiness and expect me to do nothing?” Jennifer paused and shook her head. “I will destroy your happiness just as you have destroyed mine.”

Jennifer proceeded to fetch a tape recorder from her purse and told Sumayyah to say awful things about her mother-in-law into it.  Sumayyah looked at Jennifer in shock.
“Will you do it or not?” Jennifer asked

“I can’t do this please!”

“Alright, suit yourself.” Jennifer turned to the guys once again. “Guys, I want you to beat Az within an inch of her life.”

The guys began to pummel Azeezah but Sumayyah couldn't bear to see her friend being hurt because of her.

“Jennifer, please tell them to stop. I will do what you want.” Sumayyah was in tears.

“Guys stop, she has agreed to do it,” Jennifer ordered. The beatings stopped, and Jennifer gave Sumayyah the recorder and a piece of paper, on which she had written some horrible things for Sumayyah to say about her mother-in-law.

Sumayyah collected the items and was just about to begin when Azeezah’s voice stopped her.

“Sumayyah, don't do this, please. It will be used against you and you won't be able to defend yourself. This will definitely ruin your future and marriage.”

Sumayyah smiled sadly. “Az, I must do this. If I don’t they could kill you and I don’t want that.”

“Think before you do it please.” Azeezah pleaded weakly

“There is nothing to think about. I can’t let you suffer because of my marriage.”
With that Sumayyah pressed the record button and started to speak into the recorder.

'My mother-in-law is a bad woman, she tries all her best to separate me from her son, but I will show her the stuff that I am really made of. Soon, she will regret marrying me to her son. She is a witch and I really hate her. Whenever I see her, I feel like strangling her.'

She stopped the recorder and handed it over to Jennifer who was grinning widely.

“That is very good, but before the both of you leave this place you have to do one more thing for me.”

“What is it this time around?” Sumayyah asked exasperatedly.

Jennifer gave her an evil smile. “You have to remove your hijab and lie down on the bed with one of these guys. You also have to hug him”.

Sumayyah’s eyes widened in shock. “What! I can’t do that.!”

“You can't?”

“No, I can’t.”

“Then, know that these guys will rape your friend right in front of you. Just imagine how she will be shattered, and you will regret your decision for the rest of your miserable life.”

Sumayyah looked over at Azeezah with fear in her eyes. She could not allow such a terrible thing to happen to her friend.

Azeezah saw that Sumayyah was about to agree so she spoke up. “Sumayyah don't let Jennifer threaten you. She can't do anything to me.”

Jennifer hit Azeezah again. “I think I’m going to have to shut your mouth by killing you.”

Sumayyah made her decision. “I will do it.” She removed her hijab and did all she was told to do, with tears running down her cheeks the whole time. She was so ashamed of herself.

Jennifer took all the pictures she needed and asked Sumayyah to dress up when she finished.

“Jennifer I have done everything you asked of me, please let us go now” Sumayyah pleaded.

Jennifer looked into Sumayyah’s eyes menacingly. “You may leave now, but if you ever tell anyone about this, you will regret it. Understand?”

Sumayyah nodded in fear. “I won’t tell anyone about this”.

Jennifer nodded, satisfied with all her achievements for the day. “Guys release the girl and let them go.”.

They released Azeezah, Sumayyah took her hand and led them out of the building and they ran away as fast as they could. Sumayyah’s tears flowed freely because she knew Jennifer would use everything that happened against her.

Azeezah stopped to catch her breath when they were far away from the building. “Sumayyah you shouldn't have done that. I told you I would be fine”

“What should I have done when she threatened to hurt you? I can’t let you get hurt because of me.”

Azeezah did not agree with her friend’s reasoning. “I hate you, you have always been a coward since I met you. I don't want to be friends with you anymore because you can't even stand up for yourself. You allow people to take advantage of you because they know you are a coward. How will you defend yourself and tell your mother-in-law the truth, ehn?”

Sumayyah was weeping uncontrollably now. “I will tell her I am innocent. Please, Az, don't hate me, I beg of you.”

Azeezah removed her hand from Sumayyah’s grip. “Leave me alone and don't ever try to talk to me again because I hate you. I am sick and tired of your inability to confront those people who want to destroy you, goodbye.”

Azeezah left Sumayyah standing in the street, crying her eyes out.

Sumayyah arrived home very sad knowing she had lost a friend due to her own mistake. She checked her phone and realised she had missed several calls from Jamiu, so she called him back and he picked it on the first ring.

“Hello, Sumayyah.


Jamiu noticed that she sounded low. “Sumayyah, what is the matter.?”

“Nothing is wrong, I am perfectly fine.”

“I know you are lying, so just tell me what is wrong. Are you sick?”

Sumayyah began to cry. “Jamiu, jenn—” She stopped when she remembered the warning Jennifer gave to her earlier.

“What is it? Talk to me Sumayyah”

“I am so scared. I miss you so much. Can you please come back very soon? I feel very lonely right now.” She burst into tears.

“Ohhh, Sumayyah I will be back very soon. Please stop crying. Have you had anything to eat?

“No, I haven't.”

“Please eat something and stop crying. Promise me.”

“I promise.” Sumayyah sniffed

“I love you.”

Sumayyah was not sure what to say so she said; “Goodnight.”

“You should say: I love you too.”

Sumayyah giggled. “I won't.”

“I knew you would laugh. Keep smiling, that is all I ask. Good night and don’t forget to eat and take your medications.”

“I will do that sir, goodnight.”

Sumayyah tried to call Azeezah afterward but her number was switched off. “I will call her tomorrow to sort it out,” She thought. With that in mind, she ate dinner, used her medication and went to bed.
What Sumayyah did not know was that Azeezah tried to call her as well, but the line was busy since she was talking with Jamiu at the time. Azeezah wanted to apologise for yelling at her friend, but she thought Sumayyah was not ready to speak with her yet so she switched off her phone.

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  • Timi picture
    @ daragoldy16@gmail.com Are you sure?
  • Happy Godfirst picture
    Happy Godfirst
    I don't like summayah type she is too soft
  • Loveth Dennis picture
    Loveth Dennis
    Yea sumayah is soft but she is has no choice it involve life nd death
  • Fatima Owodunni picture
    Fatima Owodunni
    A weakling ...
  • Afia Pat picture
    Afia Pat
    She should have inform police before going there cos Jennifer made her aware of the Kidnapp
  • Blessed Daniel picture
    Blessed Daniel
    I Dey Vex Seriously..Summayah Is Too Timid For My Liking. God Pls Save Summayah From This Doom. Good 1 Dear Writer.
  • Peace Ighofose picture
    Peace Ighofose
    @Happy, ppl r the way dey r that does not give ppl rt to walk over dem. Summayah is soft yes but shd she watch evil befall her friend? Jennifer is just pure evil and her mother is worse supporting her daughter in Such evil. Mothers be careful how u raise ur kids for u just might b raising a monster.
  • Olasumbo Ayodeji picture
    Olasumbo Ayodeji
    Summayah shld learn to trust somebody,haba....she has just destroyed herself& hurt Jamiu
  • Suzzy Tim picture
    Suzzy Tim
    Summayah, Summayah, Summayah! Why why why noooow?????
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    How somebody be this weak haba,she should just stand up for herself for once, I just pitty her husband now
    I dont tbink Shamayah is a weakling. If Jenny was willing to let her be raped the first time do you think she would shy off a second time?
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