Tears Of Summayah - Episode 26

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Sumayyah arrived in Sokoto in the afternoon and she quickly took a cab to her house knowing that someone might be at home worried about her whereabouts. At the gate she saw Mrs. Aminat standing outside, looking very angry. The woman standing before her wasn't the "Mrs. Aminat" she knew, and she realised that she had landed herself in big trouble.

“Go--good aftern…” Sumayyah did not get to finish the greeting as Mrs. Aminat interrupted her.

“Shut up your stupid mouth! Where are you coming from?”.

“I—I —was just…” Sumayyah stuttered.

“Cat caught your tongue, right? Open the door . I can’t deal with you outside, let's go inside and talk.”

Sumayyah was so scared, she could not open the gate due to her shaking hands.
Mrs. Aminat noticed her hands shaking and snatched the keys from her. “Give me the keys, stupid girl.” She unlocked the house before dragging Sumayyah into the sitting room.

Sumayyah landed on the floor with a thud where Mrs. Aminat dropped her. ”Urgh, mother, I can tell you where I am coming from.”

“Tell me where you went to since yesterday.”

“Mother, I went to Abuja to see Jamiu.”

“To see him? What for? And why did you not inform anyone of your whereabouts?

“I just wanted to surprise him, you know yesterday was his birthday.”

Mrs Aminat snorted. “You don't have to remind me about my son’s birthday

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. Should I call him to find out if you are telling the truth?”

“I couldn't reach him yesterday, his number was switched off, but someone helped me and I have her number with me. You can call her to confirm my story”  

“Just shut up your mouth Sumayyah.”

“Mother, please believe me.” Sumayyah picked up her purse to check for the sheet of paper with Aisha’s number on it but couldn’t find it. She remembered that she must have misplaced it when bringing out her purse from her handbag. Her only evidence was missing.

“Sumayyah, where is the number?” Mrs. Aminat asked in a mocking tone.

“Mother, I- I can't find it.”

Mrs. Aminat hissed. “I know you won't find it, you liar. I have been calling you since yesterday and you didn't even pick up.”

“I couldn’t pick your calls because I left my phone at home.”

Mrs. Aminat picked up her own phone and called Sumayyah’s number. It began to ring from her room. Mrs. Aminat walked into the room, picked the phone up and was shocked to read the name Sumayyah had stored her number with. She immediately rushed outside and slapped Sumayyah across her cheeks.

“How dare you save my number as "The devil"?”

Sumayyah reeled back from the slap and held her burning cheek in her hands. “Wallahi, I didn't do that.”

“What did you do then? Are you trying to say that I changed it while I was in your room?”

“No ma. That is not what I meant. I don't know who did that”

“So, your phone changed the number right?” Mrs. Aminat asked sarcastically. “I was informed about how evil you are but I didn't believe it”

“Trust me, I didn't do anything.”

“Did you just say ‘trust’ Sumayyah? I will show you the evidence that I have against you.” Mrs. Aminat brought out the pictures and tape recorder from her bag and threw them at her daughter-in-law’s feet. “Can you explain what this pictures mean?”

Sumayyah was weeping uncontrollably. “Mother, I didn't do this. It was-“

“Just shut up your stupid mouth, you want to cover it up with lies.” Mrs. Aminat pressed play and Sumayyah’s voice filled the room. “You want to kill me after the love and affection I showed you.”

“Mother, just believe me. I didn't do this please.”

“Who is your mother? I am sure your useless mother taught you this cunning way of life. I thought you were a good and cultured girl and I loved you with all my heart, but what did I get in return? You labelled me a witch and a devil.”

“This is just a misunderstanding.”

“I regret marrying you to my innocent son. And I will make sure you regret your stay here. In fact, you will see hell.”

“I don't care if you are a sickle cell patient, you are not my daughter-in-law. I will show all the evidence to my son.”

Sumayyah cried harder. “Mother, please don't do this to me. Jamiu will despise me if he finds out.”

“You expect me to just sit and act like nothing happened? He will be back very soon and I will tell him everything you have been doing”.

“Mother, I beg of you.” Sumayyah pleaded, holding on to Mrs. Aminat’s legs.

“Where did you go to yesterday. Did you go to one of your boyfriend's place? Is my son not enough for you? How many guys have you slept with, you this shameless pr-stitute? How much were you paid for the night?” Mrs. Aminat’s questions rolled off her tongue with rapid-fire speed.

“Mother, I don't know all this. Nobody has been giving me money. I don’t know any guy”.

“You had better tell the truth or else you will see the other side of me. I don't care if you die here today.”

“Mother please trust me. I didn't do anything. I didn't go to any man's house yesterday.”

“So tell me the meaning of what you did in this picture and why you don’t want your husband to see this.”

Sumayyah realised that there is nothing she could say that would make her mother-in-law believe she is innocent except Azeezat’s testimony. But she tried anyway. “Jennifer threatened me.”

Mrs. Aminat snorted in disbelief. “Stop lying Sumayyah. So, because she caught you doing wrong you decided to implicate her. Did Jennifer ask you to go out yesterday?” Please just stop with the lies okay?”

“Yes, she did. You can call my friend, Azeezah here and she will corroborate my story.”

“How dare you order me to call your friend? I know she will support you, so I won’t”

“Mother, please believe me.”

“Don’t you dare call me your mother ever again. You called me a devil, so I will show you what a devil is tonight” Mrs. Aminat went into the store to fetch a cane.

“Please, I beg of you. I am innocent.”

Mrs. Aminat returned with a cane and a sellotape and ordered Sumayyah to take off her clothes.

“I haven't been flogged before, mother. I beg of you, don’t do this”

“I want to know what those guys see in you. When I beat the hell out of you, they will not even spare your body a glance. Remove your clothes right now.!”

“I can't, please mother.” Sumayyah was desperate

“If you can’t do it, I will help you. Mrs. Aminat proceeded to rip Sumayyah’s clothes off and then she poured a bucket of water over her head. Then to muffle Sumayyah’s screams, Mrs. Aminat covered her mouth with the sellotape before she began to flog her. “I will kill you tonight. You will know the "Real me" today.”

Sumayyah was unable to shout or free herself from her mother-in-law’s wrath. She was almost unconscious before Mrs. Aminat stopped. Mrs. Aminat bundled her into the store with the tape over her mouth and her hands bound with rope.

Sumayyah cried until there were no tears left for her to cry. She knew she was doomed and that there was more to come. Jamiu’s face came to mind and she wondered what his reaction would be if he found out everything. Would he remain loyal to her, or react as his mum had? Or perhaps worse? She decided to be strong and pray to Allah to see her through what was yet to come.

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  • JOY ARIBO picture
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Summayah is too naive I don't understand her anymore why he so stupid bcoz she knew Jennifer before that she is evil and heartless why can she not involved anybody first before go too meet her... Timi more ink to ur pen. Pls help us upoad 2 episode per day so we can enjoy it every well. Next
  • Fatima Owodunni picture
    Fatima Owodunni
    Hhn! MIL should have been wiser to give her some benefits of the doubt. Only the Creator can see her through.
  • Peace Ighofose picture
    Peace Ighofose
    Dis is y being open and naked is so important in marriage. If Summa had told her husband all DAT happened dat day wen he called she wld av had his support but as it is, it is his mothers words against hers. I feel her pain and I understand how u can't say certain things but some times u av to before u get into big trouble
  • Olasumbo Ayodeji picture
    Olasumbo Ayodeji
    What kind of mother-in-law is dt, flogging her daughter-in-law....hmmmmm
  • Blessed Daniel picture
    Blessed Daniel
    Crying Me!! Am Heart Broken. I Feel Slaping Her Mother Inlaw... Awaiting Doom For A Baby Summayah.. Nice One Timi
  • Amma picture
    Lord of mercy!!!
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Sorry summayah! Am crying for her already
  • lydia lucky picture
    lydia lucky
    She's too naive jor
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