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Michael trail his finger down Jessie's hand as he watched Jessie sleep soundly,

he was really glad Jessie was sleeping very well because they had to wake up so many times during the night because Jessie kept on having nightmare and screaming in her sleep 

He sigh softly and made an attempt to stand up from the bed but Jessie held onto Michael's hand which was wrapped around her tightly 

Michael peep to see if Jessie was awake but her eyes were still close,

Michael did not struggle he just rest his back and continue to stare at Jessie as she sleeps


Few minutes later, he heard a knock on the door and Michael glanced at Jessie who did not even stir at the sound 

Come in, Michael said 

Michael watched Elena entered the room and shut the door behind her 

Jessie do......

Elena trail off when she turn around and saw Michael holding Jessie as she sleep,

she did not even know what to say she just stare at Michael 

Michael knows how the situation looks like, holding unto Jessie while she slept will send different message to someone looking at them  but right now he did not care What Elena thinks about the position they were in 

Jessie is still sleeping, Elena asked softly 
Yes, Michael responded 

She did not really get enough sleep last night, she kept on having nightmares, Michael said 

You were here all through the night? Elena asked 

Yes, Michael answered 

I guess I should leave her to sleep then, Elena said 

Michael nodded his head as he watched Elena leave 


It took another hour before Jessie started to wake up,

she felt comfortable and she wonder why, she then felt a finger trailing down her hand and that's when she remembered she ask Michael to stay with her 

She was really surprise he was still here, but instead of Jessie waking up fully she snuggled further into him pressing her face in his side 

I can stay here forever, she said to herself 

Are you awake Jessie? Michael asked 

Jessie refused to answer the question because she really want to stay in bed with Michael, so she remained still.

She heard Michael chuckled 

I know you are awake Jessie, Michael said 

Jessie groan and roll off Michael, she sat up straight and stare at Michael 

Good morning, Michael said 

Good morning, Jessie replied 

I did not think you will still be here, Jessie said 

Do you think I would have left you when you were having a bad time sleeping? Michael asked 

No, but.....

I'm sorry about yesterday Jessie, Michael said cutting off her word 

No, I should be the one apologizing, Jessie said 

You don't need to apologize, I know you acted out of fear and I'm sorry for raising my voice at you, Michael said 

I'm sorry too, Jessie whispered 

I and Raguel captured a demon yesterday, Michael announced 

Really? Jessie asked 

Has he said anything about my sister? She asked quickly 

No, he was unconscious when we brought him back but we are going to interrogate him today 

I hope he tells us where she is, Jessie whispered 

I really hope so too, Michael said 

They were both silent for sometime before Michael spoke again

Elena was here earlier on, Michael said standing up from the bed 

Really? Jessie asked 

Does that mean she saw.......

Yes, Michael responded before Jessie completed her sentence

I will head downstairs now, Michael said as he motioned for the door 

Jessie nodded her head and watched Michael leave 


When Michael came downstairs, he went straight to the living room and sat down 

Hey Michael, Raguel said when he entered the living room 

Hey, Michael said 

I did not see you when I came downstairs so I thought you went out, Raguel said 

Elena did not say anything to Raguel, Michael said to himself,

he was really glad she did not say anything because he does not even know how to explain anything to Raguel 

I went to check on Jessie, Michael said 

How is she? Raguel asked 

Not good, she had alot of nightmares 

"Too bad", Raguel said 

Have you talked to Grey about interrogating the demon? Raguel asked 

No, he has not come downstairs yet, Michael said 

Okay, Raguel said as he sat down next to Michael, 

I hope we get information from the demon, Michael said 

I really hope too, Raguel said


Jessie was still seated on her bed and she just keep on remembering the way Michael soft spoken words calm her down during the night and the way his hand felt wrapped around her 

She sigh softly as she stood up from the bed and made her way to the bathroom she strip her clothes and stare at her reflection in the mirror before she turn on the shower 

When she was done bathing, she put on her clothes and made her way  downstairs

She met Elena's eyes when she entered the living room and Elena motioned for the the kitchen,

Jessie nodded  her head and went into the kitchen and Elena soon joined her 

Good morning, Elena said 

Good morning, Jessie replied 

How was your night? Elena asked 

"Horrible", Jessie said 

And really good because I had Michel's hands wrapped around me, she wanted to say but she kept that Part to herself 

So I heard, Elena said, Michael told me you had nightmares

Yes, Jessie said 

They both suddenly went quiet and Jessie could tell Elena still had something to say 

I know you have feelings for Michael, Elena finally spoke up 

Jessie looked at Elena, but did not deny either did she agree to what Elena had said she just remained quiet

You really don't need to answer that, Elena said, it's written all over you, she added 

Jessie was waiting for Elena to tell her to stay away from Michael but Elena did not say that instead she said what Jessie did not expect 


I don't want you to get hurt, Jessie 

I consider you as a friend now and I will not want you to be heartbroken when Michael eventually finds his soulmate

I hope you understand Jessie? Elena asked 

Jessie nodded her, she knew they will be a day Michael find his soulmate 

Thank you, she whispered 

No need for a thank you, Elena said as she pulled Jessie into a hug, they both stood there for sometime before Elena pulled back 

Go sit down in the dinning table I will bring your breakfast 

Okay, Jessie said as she head for the dinning table

She sat down and Elena brought her food and she started eating her food quietly after she was done eating she took her plate to the kitchen and watched them after that she went to the living room and sat down 


She stole a glance at Michael who was in serious discussion with Raguel 

She sight softly as she averted her eyes and rest her back on the couch and focus her attention on the TV 

Jessie heard footsteps and she looked up and saw Ariel and Grey coming downstairs 

Good morning they both said in unison to everybody in the living room 

Grey, Michael called 

Yes, Grey said as he moved closer to Michael 

I want you to help me with something? Michael said 

What is it? Grey asked 

We have a demon in the basement, Michael said 

You have a demon? Grey said glancing at Ariel who was looked surprise 

Why did you bring a demon home? Grey asked 

That's what I want to talk to you about, Michael said 

Grey nodded his head and waited for Michael to speak 

We want to interrogate the demon, we are sure he could tell us where Jessie's sister is and we want you to help with the interrogation 

Okay, Grey said 

Let's go now, he added 

I'm coming with you guys, Jessie said standing up from the couch 

Are you sure? Michael asked 

Yes, Jessie said 

Alright let's go, Michael said as he led the way to the basement


When they got to the basement, the demon was awake and was struggling to get out of the rope 

Don't struggle, Michael said 

Let me go! The demon demanded 

You will regret this, the demon said sternly 

Shut up! Grey shouted 

You, the demon said looking at Grey, 

You are disgrace to the demons by falling in love with that creature 

Grey lost it and he lunged for the demon holding him on the neck 

Don't you ever mention my soulmate, Grey said sternly putting more pressure on the demons neck, Michael had to pull Grey back before he kills the demon

Now tell me where her sister is, Grey said pointing at at Jessie 

And if I don't, what will you do, the demon said 

Grey punched the demon very hard making the demon bleed 

Now tell me where she is, Grey demanded 

I don't know anything, the demon said stubbornly

Yes you do, Michael said giving the demon another punch 

Tell us now, Grey demanded 

Fine the demon spat 

She is in the demon zone with the other humans we captured, the demon said 

Jessie was totally relived that her sister was still alive 

Where is this place, Michael asked 

The demon explained the direction to them but let me warn you the demon said, its not easy to get into the demons zone, he said 

Let us worry about that, Michael said 

Now let me go, the demon said 

No, Michael said, we still have use for you and with that they all left the basement leaving the demon alone 

. .

Read " DEMON'S FATE ( BOOK 2) " by the same author ( Igwe Aruoriwo loveth )


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