Salvation (An Arranged Marriage ll) - Episode 19

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I watch her sleeping body and I feel tension course through me, impatience is my constant companion, I have to make sure she is protected.

I have to make sure she is protected.

She has to be safe.


Why? Why is this guy, this f*cker eluding me? It irks me to know that there is someone out there posing a threat to my wife.

We've got more things on our hands that we have to handle, dealing with a maniacal asshole is not one of them.

My fist clenches and I try to make my self relaxed so as not to wake her. 

It doesn't work because she rolls over, her face cleaning as she sees mine very awake. 

"You aren't sleeping?" She asks..

Read " Beautiful Mess " by the same author ( Bebe Ernest )

. ". . why?" I shake my head. 

"It's nothing" I say, making my voice go soft. 

It's been so long, so long since I've wished to hold her in my arms and now that I've gotten my wish I will be damned if I allow an unknown asshole rob me of that bliss. 

"Is it because I'm here,? You aren't used to my presence? I can leave if you want me to" She says. 

"Stop talking" I growl. 

"Are you going to tell me what's up before I start thinking it's my fault" she says. 

"I'm thinking how frustrating it is that I can't protect you" I say finally. 

"You are wrong" She says. 


"You are wrong Kane, right now I'm protected, I'm in your arms, can't you see that you are protecting me?" She asks and I frown. 

"There's no where I would feel safer than here, right next to you" She says and I bend my head to kiss her lips softly. 

"Are you going to come to bed now or do I need to persuade you? She asks. 

I grin. 

" I could use some persuasion" I say and she rolls her eyes but she's smiling. 

"You have to understand that you are my safe place Caspian, even though I just realized that myself, I will have it no other way" She says. 

"Call me Caspian" I say, kissing her head. 


"Caspian, call me that always, not only when we are in bed but outside of it, to the world I am Kane King but to you I want to be Caspian King" I say and she nods, her eyes filling with tears. 

"Okay Cas" She says, before kissing me, I lift her body to straddle mine and she comes willingly. 

This thing I've finally got, it's going to be with me for a long time, woe to anyone who thinks otherwise. 





I bite my lip, wondering if I should knock. 

God, I'm bad at this stuff, I just hope I'm being subtle enough. 

Has he noticed I like him? Has he? 

Oh God, why haven't I ever dated? Now will be a good time to unearth those skills. 

I'm sure Aroos will be better at this than I am. 

Okay, okay okay, I should stop over thinking this and just knock, it's only to ask him downstairs for breakfast. 

I lift my hands but pause, jesus christ Aroofa, just knock. 

I knock. 

"Coming" His voice says and I melt against the door, how's a voice that sexy? I flip the door open slowly but stop when I see he's completely naked safe for his briefs, atop the mattress and about to drop his phone. 

Jesus, I can't look away. 

"Jesus cat, I said I was coming" He says and I blink, my eyes and body turning away, immediately realizing my mistake, my face heats. 

"I'm sorry, I thought you said to come in" I say, almost slapping myself 

Shoot yourself in the head Aroofa, it will be better. 

He chuckles, standing up and wearing the clothes his driver must have gotten him or something. 

"It's fine cat, you can look now, I'm decent" He says. 

Geez, did he think that I'm some naive child now? Because I turned my back? 

I look to see him in just a Jean and wearing a grin. 

"What brings you up here so early?" He asks. 

"Oh.. Uh.

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. Break.. Breakfast" I say. 

He grins, "I will be downstairs soon then, can't miss breakfast" He says. 

"Uh.. I prepared it myself" I say, my chin rasing. 

"You did, did you?" He asks and I nod, he takes a step forward, stroking my hair off my face, my eyes fall close when the pad of his fingers brush my face. 

He opens his palm and my face fits into it, rubbing my face in his palm like a cat. 

"You are beautiful" He says and my eyes slowly open. 

"I am?" I ask, my voice small, sh*t, I don't mean to sound insecure. 

"Yeah, baby" He says and I nod, stepping forward again,deciding to be bold 

"You make me feel beautiful" I say and his eyes closes before opening. 

He steps back and I frown. 

"What?" I ask. 

"I shouldn't have done that." He responds. 

"Done what?" I ask stupidly, not following. 

"Any of that, it was inappropriate of me, I'm sorry" He says and I feel my heart shattering. 

"What? Why?, I liked it" 

"You are really beautiful Aroofa, I meant that but I shouldn't have touched you... I..." I don't get to savour the fact that he used my name for the first time because I frown. 

"Touched me? You mean stroke my hair? That's something normal people do" I say. 

"Yes, but not me, I'm older, I should have known better" 

"Older?" I voice. 


"You are what?Twenty nine?" 

"Thirty" He says. 

"That makes you older? I'm Twenty Five" I say, ".. you aren't that older.. I will..." 

"Nothing can happen between us" 


"Nothing at all cat" He says and I look into his eyes before nodding and turning away. 

"Okay, whatever... Breakfast is ready.." I say, walking to the door. 

"Cat...aroofa" I start, not bothering to turn even as he continues to call. 

I pass Aroos on my way downstairs. 

"What's up with you" 


"You look like a drowned rat". 

"Not in the mood Aroos" I say, walking past her and into the kitchen, I walk to the fridge, swing it open and proceed to look inside. 

I see none of the things inside, just wait for the cold hair to cool my heating cheeks and for my heart to stop racing. 


It's not as if my heart is breaking or anything. 



Welcome to the Yoroofa ship, be ready for Heartbreak, I'm telling you in advance. Hehe. 

Thanks for reading. 

Leave comments. 

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