Salvation (An Arranged Marriage ll) - Episode 18

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"What happened to her?"I ask again, nodding at Linda. 

" What do you know about Maurice? "Anaya asks and I feel Kane tense beside me.

Well, what is going on here?

I know Maurice is buff and tall and has nice shoulders and he's..fiiine.

I won't say that outloud though, Kane will have a connipition.

" He's a hard worker "I say and Anaya throws me a look that says I'm full of shit. 

" Well, what happened? "I ask. 

" Seems as though Linda might have a bit of a thing for him "Anaya says. 

" No way"I say in surprise as Kane grabs my leg, I ignore him. 

"Yes way" Anaya refutes. 

"Wow, that's awesome, Maurice is young and seems to have a nice head on his shoulders, I can totally see that happening" I say, my eyes flicking to Kane to see him looking murderous and not in anyway loving my idea. 

"That's not ever going to happen" Kane growls beside me and I throw him a look. 

"Pray, tell, why?" I ask. 

"I'm not a fan of having my employees and my sister canoodling" He says. 

Did he just use the word canoodle? Canoodle? Really? 

"Canoodling Kane? Really" I ask and he doesn't seem fazed that I'm calling him out on his use of old English. 

"I'm being serious" He says. 

"You don't have to bother Kane, Maurice is not interested" Linda says as she wheels a trolley into the room. 


Kane flicks his eyes to her before settling back into his seat, I decide to let the matter go for now, seeing as it's wrong to talk about a touchy subject with the person in question around. 

"So, anybody going to give an update on the stalker situation?" Anaya asks. 

My body stills but I continue scooping food unto my and Kane's dish. 

"We are supposed to get a report from chief Camden tomorrow" Kane says, he didn't tel me this but anyway. 

"Has he found any clues on who it might be?anything at all" Aroofa asks,her voice shaky, Yoel moves his body towards her in silent support. 

"We will find out tomorrow, we've got that footage from our CCTV, it should be enough" Kane says and I realize he must have told them. 

My phone rings besides me and I frown, wondering who it might be this late at night. 

"Hello?" I ask. 

"Hey girl, it's me Juliet, sorry about the late call, my phone drowned in the toilet today and that's the reason for this number" She says and I nod.. But then realizing she can't see me. 

"You kill phones faster than I can say the word phone" I say, settling into the chair, the conversation continues when my family realises this might take a while. 


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. What's up?" I ask. 

"Jaze saw you on TV and he's saying he want to come and see you, i was wondering if that is okay" She says referring to her son. 

"Gal, that's more than fine, I've missed his cute ass" I say., grinning, my eyes flick to Kane's to see him watching me. 

I smile at him and his eyes darkens with heat.

"Ohh good, just send me your address and we will be there tomorrow afternoon, if that's fine by you" 

"Oh, it's fine sweetness, just let me know when you leave the house so that I can prepare some stuff for little man" I say. 

"Oh... Oh okay" She says distractedly. 

"Is that Anadia?" A voice I recognize as Brett's, Juliet's husband asks. 

"Yeah". She answers. 

"Tell her I said hi, hope she gets back from her vacation soon" He says. 

"Did you hear that?" Jules asks. 

"Yeah, tell him I'm missing him too, if he could come too it would be awesome" I say, Juliet's husband is the most coolest person on earth, he's super talented and is ready to lend a hand when it's needed. 

"He has this presentation tomorrow that's riding his ass, it's the main reason I want to escape so I don't think he can make it" Juliet says. 

"Tell him I say he will ace that presentation" I say. 

"He heard you" Juliet says, chuckling. 

"So, how's the situation over there? Any updates?" She asks. 

"No, nothing yet, just... Let's talk when you get there tomorrow" I say. 

"OK girl". 

"OK, give Jaze a kiss for me" 

"Will do" She says before disconnecting. 

"Did you think to changer her phone?" Yoel asks suddenly and I frown. 

"What?" Kane asks. 

"Her phone, did you change it? She got threats through it, so definitely it wire tapped, you are about to send your address to your friend which means..." He says and I see where he is going. 


"Stop talking" Cash growls, leaning over to grab my phone from my hand. 

He fiddles with it before giving a low curse. 

"It's tapped" He says. 

Someone got close enough to tap my phone? My body locks on itself in fear. 

"What you mean to say is that that's person has been monitoring my every move with my phone? Is that how he knew where I was staying?" I ask, fear in my voice. 

"It's fine baby" Kane says 

"No, it's not fine Kane, I'm really scared" I say quietly. 

"We are going to change your phone, I've disconnected this tap, I'm going to send it down to my guys to see if they can get a read on it" Cash says and I nod. 

"I really didn't do anything to deserve this" I say softly. 

Arms wrap around me and it's Linda's. 

"I'm sorry you are going through this, but look on the bright side, I'm going to call my guys to get you a limited edition phone that's not even out" She says and I know she's trying to cheer me up. 

I let myself be cheered as I give her a smile. 

"So.. Are you really going to be spending the night?" Aroofa asks, immediately dismissing this topic, I know my sister is scared. 

"What do you want cat?" He asks in that low voice and I give a sigh, that voice can cure all ills. 

"Stop doing that shit man"Kane growls just as cash seats up to grab Anaya's hand which she promptly shakes off to give Yoel an adoring look, cash throws Yoel a murderous look. 


" What shit man? "

" That shit you do that make them all melty, I will kick you out if you don't stop" Kane says and I know he's jealous. 

I chuckle as Yoel flips him the bird. 

"He's staying over but he's sleeping down here, do you hear me?" Kane asks talking to Aroofa who pouts. 

"Kane you are joking, Kane's joking, there's lots of room in this house, Yoel can't sleep down here" I say. 

"I've become a vagabond, when I have my own home" Yoel says in a broody tone and I sigh again. 

"Shit... Man you are going home" Kane says and I burst out laughing. 



Thank you for reading. 

Sorry for the late update. 

Hope I'm forgiven, I have exams coming up. 

Jesus, the semester's almost over. 

Hope you understand that I have to study. 

Thank you, have a good day. 

. .

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