Salvation (An Arranged Marriage ll) - Episode 17

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I lay on his chest, tracing lazy circles as I listen to him breathing.

This is my dilemma right now, should i stay or should I go?

It's night already and we've been in here for close to seven hours.

What if he wakes and he decides that what just happened was a spur of the moment thing and he isn't ready to commit?

My body stiffens and I decide to leave, yeah, it's better than being kicked out.

I gather the sheets around my self, my head lifting from his body, I begin to turn but stop when a hand clamps down on my hand.

"I'm not sleeping you know" His growly voice rumbles and I turn with a smile.

"Good evening, I was just going to.."

"Run" He says and I blink.


"We aren't doing that sh*t again" He says, his voice going serious. 

I'm lost, I have no idea what he's talking about 

"Uh, what sh"t are you talking about? If you could fill me in..."

"That separate room sh*t, that one where we act like complete strangers, I know we have a lot of things to talk about and I know we have a lot of things to sort out but I want us to do it together, that means no more hiding things you are feeling, no more running away and definitely no more thinking you can handle things by yourself" He finishes and my eyes stay glued to his in stunned silence.

"Did you get all that or should I repeat it?" 

" I'm thinking I got it"



"There's no but Ani"His eyes bore into mine and I mumble an affirmation and he lays back.

I begin to rest back when I remember the fact that he hasn't told a single detail about the footage we got from the cameras the other day.

" Did Chief Camden get back to you?" I ask. 

"We are not talking about that right now Ani" 

"I want to know now, it concerns me" I say. 

"I'm not saying it doesn't concern you, I'm saying I refuse to bring another man into our bed" He says and I frown, I open my mouth to answer him but my stomach growls. 

"My baby is hungry" 

He says. 

"You didn't feed me all day" I say, letting the previous matter go, I can get him to tell me later. 

"I'm going to remedy that right now" He says, standing up and grabbing a shirt from his untouched closet. 

He helps me wear it before wearing his, he pulls me up and we are out. 

"I was thinking maybe we should stick to our wing? For dinner? No need to disturb anybody else" I say and he shakes his head. 

"Our wing is not functioning, not since..." 

"Not since i left, I understand, I just didn't want to shove our relationship down our families throat." 

"They will understand" 

"Will they? Haven't they been too understanding? What if..." 

"You are over thinking again" He says before tapping my head. 

I sigh, resting my head on his chest and he kisses the top. 

"Let's go downstairs, I'm very sure they know what we've been up to for hours now" He says. 

"Jesus" I whisper. 

He laughs before pulling me downstairs. 

This is good, no need to panic, maybe they will all be asleep and I won't have to... Oh shit. 

I think as I step into the sitting room to see they partying it out. 

"What are you all doing?" I ask. 

"Ohhhhh" They all say and I raise a brow, my hands going to my hair since that's the place tjier various gazes have settled on. 


"Bed hair." Aroos squeals. 

"Are you all drunk?" I ask. 


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. Yoel brought over this sugary stuff which makes you mellow when you eat it" Anaya says, her eyes closing as she rotates her neck. 

I turn to Yoel. 

"Did you feed my family pot?" I ask. 

"What do you think of me? I will never" He says and I raise a brow. 

He laughs. 

"It's nothing harmful, it's just a type of Russian dessert that's really potent" He says.

"They are coming down from a massive sugar high right now" He says, offering me a box of what looks like chocolate. 

I take a piece, poping it into my mouth before proceeding to moan. 

"Oh Jesus, Kane you have to invest in this" 

"I will buy the company if you want Ani, anything to get you to sound like that" He says and I blush before nodding my head towards Yoel. 

"What?" He asks. 

"Apologize" I whisper. 

"Oh... Yoel's still here because it started to rain and it's already too late for him to go home, he can sleep in my room" Aroofa says in answer to an unasked question and I blink, he's totally not sleeping in her room. 

"I'm not sleeping in your room cat" He says in a soft voice and various feminine sighs echoes from different angles of the room, oh gawd the man is hot. 

I might have sighed too,his voice is like liquid sugar. 

"You are going home this night" Kane says with a scowl and I hit his chest. 

"Yeah, he is" Cash says, his eyes blazing. 

"Stop being rude to my guest you all" I say and Aroofa gives a nod. 

I elbow Kane and he turns his scowl on me. 

"Apologize" I repeat and he sighs. 

"Sorry about accusing you man" He says and Yoel nods, offering him a beer. 

"Does that mean he can stay?" Aroofa asks after Kane accepts. 

"Yeah" Kane says, his voice saying he's not happy with that decision. 

"Shit" Cash mumble and I flip him the middle finger, he flips it right back, I laugh. 

"I'm hungry" I mutter. 

"Let me get you something to eat" Linda says, looking weirdly mellow, not the chocolaty type, and I nod. 

"What?" I ask into the room as Kevin steps In with a case of beer. 

Seems it's going to be a party.



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