Pierced Rose - Episode 74

Bleeding In Love

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"No!!!!" Reginah begun crying out....
"How could he leave me????" Reginah felt like a knife was stabbing her at the same time repeatedly....

The pain she felt when Jayson left resurfaced again. The wounds she tried so hard to heal begun to bleed again...

The betrayal she once felt came back crawling inside her...Deep inside she could feel her heart break....

She didn't care who saw her tears. She didn't care if they understood her pain . All she needed was to be okay, to feel okay but it was impossible....

Kara had informed Maggie about everything that had happened and her, Mary and Patience followed Reginah to the airport only to find her crying herself out in the airport...

"Reginah????" Maggie called out when they spotted her between a crowd which was trying to ask her what was wrong...
"Are you okay???" Maggie pulled her from the crowd...

"He left...." Those were the only words that managed to come out of her mouth before crying on Maggie's shoulders...

"Ssshhh!!!!!It's okay we got you..." Maggie consoled.

"Did he not tell you about being in charge of our Branch in Spain???" Patience asked.

"He left a letter..."

"Such a douche bag, let's get you home honey. Don't mind about him, he doesn't deserve you..." Mary stated.

"Mary is right, that guy is a coward and doesn't deserve you

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. He is gonna hear from me..." Patience added...

"He left...nobody is going after him..." Reginah said in an authoritative tone wiping her tears away.

"I spent years crying over Jayson and it almost broke me...I won't do the same mistake with Brad..."

Reginah walked past them to her car and drove off leaving them wondering..

"Are you sure she can drive???" Patience asked...
"She seems determined..." Maggie shrugged, "Let's go back home..."

Back at home, Reginah entered the house like nothing had happened.

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. She smiled liked usual and talked to people like usual.

"Hey mom and Carlos, I will be in my room..."
"Okay dear, did you talk with Brad???" Diana confirmed.
"Yeah, he is okay..." Reginah replied walking to her room...

She stood there beside her bed unable to tame her shivering hands...

Uncertain she reached for the letter in her bag and opened it...

Hey love, by the time you read this letter I will be probably in Spain..I know I would have said goodbye or even went with you but I didn't wanna hurt you anymore. Yesterday after your race I felt like an intruder, I felt I was in the wrong place... I could see how you look at Jayson. There is still love in your eyes and that's why although it hurts I will let you go... If you know what's best for me, please don't call or text me...Because I wanna move on and learn to live away from the love of my life.. I love her so much but she doesn't belong to me.
From yours truly,

By now Reginah's eyes were dripping with tears as she tore the letter in rage...

"I loved you so much," She begun screaming throwing things down.
"Why did you leave me???" She screamed breaking her mirror and luckily it was the moment her friends arrived...

"Carlos Baby is Riri okay???" Mary asked and before Carlos could reply they heard commotions...
"Guys, did you hear that???" Carlos asked running to Reginah's room and found her hands covered in blood.

"My baby, what's wrong???" Diana checked her hands," What have you done???"

"He left mum..." Reginah whispered.
"Who left????"
"Brad left for Spain today and he never said goodbye..." Maggie explained the situation....

"That stupid man, how dare he hurt my daughter. That's why I always prefer Jayson..." Diana spoke out.
"Mum???" Reginah groaned in pain as Diana worked on her cuts....
"Yes, Jayson is a better man. If only one could control love..." Diana rolled her eyes...

They all say beside her and helped her feel slightly better...

Slightly I repeat  since her heart was still hurting..

Days passed by and people heard less of her...She trained more and talked less...Her smile was something people wished to see but it became rare on her face...

The moment Brad stepped Real Madrid he became a different man... He tried to smile, try new things, force his heart to let Reginah go but she was his life...

He forbid everyone from talking about Reginah and even showing him everything that involved her but unfortunately he couldn't stop himself from going through her photos.

He missed her in his arms...He missed the tingling feeling she always gave him every time she was close. He missed her kisses, he missed her laugh and funny thing even her temper.

Men weren't meant to cry but Brad found it soothing to cry himself to bed. He knew Reginah hated him for not saying goodbye or maybe she didn't care....

Linda tried her best to win him back but all she got was a burden of a crying man...

Two months passed, everything seemed normal but the hearts of the two loves was still bleeding...

"Hey dad???" Reginah was surprised to see her dad after two months...
"I have talked with your coach and we have both agreed you need a vacation.."
"Okay to where and when???"
"Like right now to Italy and you mother has already packed what you need..."
"Okay dad, let me freshen up and then we will leave..."

Anthony expected her to refuse but it seemed she didn't care.

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  • Amina Onaghise picture
    Amina Onaghise
    I hope dis has a happy ending for Brad and Regina..... hi Fidel it's been a while. how things with u?
  • Emelda Agunda picture
    Emelda Agunda
    Am in love with this story
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    How I wish Reginah & Brad will still come back it hurts sha. Fideh weldone
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Brands decision to leave was too hasty, I pray they get back together in the end.
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Amina things are better
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