Pierced Rose - Episode 1

New Beginning

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A new beginning??? It didn't feel like it. Three years ago Reginah would have been happy that she was walking around the pavements of Braxton university chatting, laughing but things had changed. It was her first day back in Braxton after so long and she was running late..

She would have woken up earlier if she wanted to but college wasn't her thing. She didn't feel like she fitted..

In the hurry to reach to class and lost in thoughts about everything she bumped into a hard chest and dropped her books.

Without looking who it was, she bent down and began collecting books in a disorganised manner cursing him beneath her nose.

"I am so sorry, I was lost in thoughts," Brad giggled , bending down to help her collect her many books when their heads collided.
"I think you should go home before you hit everyone in school with that hard head of yours." Regina looked up at him.

He had the kind of face that stops you in your tracks . Brown skin adonis look and dark eyes that can make you weak on the knees..He was as handsome as a Greek god. Reginah was sure all girls in the campus were all over him, who wouldn't be???? 

Herself, she felt every nerve in her body suddenly fly at one spot by the sight of him. But he was the danger zone kind of freaks, the ones your mama warns you about.

"I am sorry, I don't know what's wrong.." Brad apologized rubbing the back of his neck.

"Its wrong to walk with your eyes closed, you know

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. You are so clumsy, you are very lucky I am not hurt and not in the mood to argue." Reginah retorted with an eye roll.
"I said am sorry, didn't I?" Brad said lifting his hands up in defence mode. 
"Who cares???" Reginah sneered, walking past him.

Brad couldn't help but look at her while she walked away. Her chocolate skin was flawless and he doubted whether she used facial masks or expensive products. She seemed to be a girl who loved simplicity..

"How can such a girl be so rude??? Does she take negativity for breakfast???But damn she is very beautiful. Did she fall from Mars????." Brad thought but his thoughts were disrupted by his ex girlfriend who never wants to move on.

"Hey Brad??? I missed you..." Isabelle said hugging Brad who just smiled.
"You won't ask me how my trip to Paris was???" She growled, her finger stroking Brad's cheek.
"Isabelle, how was Paris???" Brad faked a smile, his hands on her shoulders.
"I did shopping, read magazines, went party...." 
Brad cuts her in," Dear, sorry I have to go to class. It seemed you had fun..."

What was Isabelle goal in life apart from spending her father's money????

After class, Reginah went to meet up with an old friend at the cafeteria. She still couldn't fit in, she tried so hard to be happy and feel fortunate to be back in school but she wasn't.

She felt lost and empty. Yes she needed to study to better her future but what importance did a degree have in her country???

Millions of graduates were still unemployed, the reason for studying is to earn money. Why was making money never easy like sleeping in late???

"Riri????" Maggie screamed excitedly hugging Regina so tight that she could hardly breath.
"Maggie, I can't breath..."
"I just missed you so much, I haven't since you for three months.

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. Did you not miss me???" Maggie growled, looking the other side mad.

"I missed you so much, come her..." Reginah beamed, enfolding her into a hug,"You are like a sister to me..."
"Thank you..." Maggie whispered, "I am sorry I couldn't pick you up today."
It's okay.."

"I am sorry to ruin the moment," Mary stated.
"I am sorry girlfriend, Reginah this is Mary, Mary this is Reginah.." Maggie introduced them pointing at them respectively.

"Oooh, so this is the Riri???" Mary smiled hugging Reginah, "I have heard alot of things about you."
"Hope good things," Reginah tried to smile, feeling weird.

Mary was confidence, full of herself and Reginah couldn't help but notice her shapely figure, burnished complexion and a goddess smile. She had the kind of energy Reginah required in her life.

"I am sorry Mary but I have heard nothing about you.." Reginah replied, smiling awkwardly averting her gaze from Mary.
"It's okay, we will know each other with time.." Mary softly replied, surprisingly she was not offended,"What will you eat Riri???Is burger and soda okay???"

"I am not hungry..."
"I know you are, Mary burger and soda is good. I will pay for it.."
Mary nodded and headed to the cashier at the corner of the cafeteria.

"Riri, I know you hungry. I got you..."
"I can eat at home, I wanna save till the last coin." Riri shiveled, biting her lip not to cry.
"I know it's hard but I am here for you. I will always help you. In the past you refused my help but not this time.."Maggie hugged her, wiping the tears that wanted to fall...
"Thank you..."

"Guys enough with the hugging, food is on the table..." Mary twinkled, pulling them apart and held them by their hands walking them to the table...

"So Riri what are you wearing at the party tonight????" Mary broke the minutes of silence between them.
"What party???" Reginah asked taking another bite off her burger.
"The welcome back party hosted by the popular guys of the school. I can't wait to drool over cute boys.." Mary shook on her seat excitedly.
"Too bad, I can't go..."
"What???" Mary almost choked on her soda.
"It's a must girlfriend, it's a must. Tell her Maggie???" Mary seeked support from Maggie, "Yes Reginah, it's a must dear. You have been working non stop. You need some break honey..."
"No but Reginah, we are going to the party.." Mary nodded, " and that's final."

Reginah tried to talk them out of the idea of her going to the party but it was a hard nut to crack. They couldn't hear it...

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