Phoenix Reborn - Episode 23

New Beginnings 1

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Diana comes downstairs for breakfast and sees her mom of the foyer staring into the horizon. She'd once told her she bought this house specifically because it had the most beautiful sunrise view she'd ever seen and considering she'd travelled all around the world, that was saying something. She could get why her mom loves her country, it was beautiful, serene, culturally diverse and the people were caring and respectful . She loved it here as much if not more than her mom.
She walks up to her and stands by her side.
"Morning sweetheart," Olivia greets smiling though she's still watching the sunrise.
"Morning mom. How did you know I was here, I made sure not to make a sound," she says smiling.
"I have my ways love.... Something's on your mind..."
"Just wondering..."
"About what?"
"If you love this place so much, how come my brother and I don't have African names. Something to show we belong?"
Olivia looks at her daughter for a while and smiles. She really is something.
"Aren't you three?"
"I'm almost four you know," she says frowning. Olivia laughs.
"At three, I was never worried about half the things you think about."
"I'm a curious child," she answers and smiles.

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. Anyway, I've always wanted an African name but my parents didn't give me one. I thought to give you and your brother one when you were born but alot of things just got in the way."
"Things like what?"
"Well, for one, I lost both my parents while I was five. Before stuff like that even bothered me. So I didn't know exactly where I came from. I know my mom had a Luhya last name but it's common for people from different tribes to give their kids names from other tribes, so I don't know for sure. And I would have loved to have you get something that would actually connect you to your roots. Not just something that would you know..."
"Make my brother and I look like a bunch of cultural wannabes."
"Exactly. Wait, what?"
"Don't look so shocked. I am your daughter after all," she says smiling.
"Yes you are my little munchkin," she tells her daughter and laughs.
"Oh mom!" Dee exclaims blushing. The pride in her mother's voice and the look she gave her whenever she said something smart was priceless. She raises her arms as a sign of wanting her mom to hold her. Olivia obliges her and lifts her up.
"Maybe someday we'll both know where we come from," she whispers into her daughter's ears.
"I'd love"
"Yes baby."
"Why do you take me to the desert and will my brother come with us this year?"
"Yes he will. I take you because you need to learn how to protect yourself. As much as I may want to, there are forces beyond me that will make always being there for both of you impossible. When the time comes, you need to learn how to take care of each other. Which is why I'm also going to start schooling you both on how to manage the business."
"We're only three you know. Is that why you are sometimes hard on us?"
"I thought you were almost four. Besides, it's never too early to learn. I made my first million at thirteen. How old will you be when you make your first million...on your own," Olivia replies avoiding her question. Luckily, she doesn't seem to notice.
"I'm already a billionaire my inheritance aside."
"I know about your trust fund. I set it up for you and your brother and any kids I may or may not have in future. But, I was talking about your self made fortune. Hence the 'on your own' part."
"We'll see. I suppose I'll first have to learn."
"Any more questions?"
They both remained like that for over an hour, just watching the sunrise. Olivia especially because it reminded her just how lucky she was to see each  new day.

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. Especially now more than ever. Their moment however ended when Oliver woke up and came down stairs.
"I'm hungry," he announced walking into the living room. Olivia and Dee exchanged looks and smiled at him each other.
"Boys!" Dee exclaims under her breath and roles her eyes.
"Look after him, he's still learning," Olivia whispers to Dee putting her down, I'll go see if I can whoop up something for you guys.
"You cook!" They both ask in shock.
"How come I never knew?" Dee asks pouting.
Olivia laughs, "A girl has got to have some secrets," she tells them and winks. They both follow her into the kitchen and watch in awe as she prepares the most mouth watering breakfast they've tasted. And considering they had a world renowned chef as their cook that was saying something.
"I think you missed your calling. You should have been a chef," Max says between mouthfuls.
"Eww!" Dee exclaims and punches him playfully on the arm, "Manners!"
"Ouch! Don't do that," Max whines.
"Then quit acting like a pig and start acting like my brother. Otherwise, I'll ignore you like the plague outside the confinements of this house."
"I have a reputation to uphold you know," she says, bates her eyelashes and throws her hair to the back of her shoulder.
Olivia watches the exchanged with an amused expression on her face. The whole thing reminded her of her brother Amin. When he wasn't being a  hard head radical, he was the best brother a girl could ask for. Losing him cause a hole in her heart. One similar to the one her mom left the day she died.
She got up, kissed them and left for her room, "Got to get to work!" She shouted from the stairs in a faked jovial voice that they didn't catch.
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