Phoenix Reborn - Episode 22

Reunion 2

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The high priest looks at him bowl and shakes his head. The girl whom everyone was depending on to stop the chaos was lost. Not only was she living like a foreigner in her homeland, she was also consumed by a deep hatred for her father. Now that all everyone was doing is waiting for the results of the medical exams, he could tell, the storm that was brewing was one that would either destroy everything or be the herald of a new and better era. He had to meet with the Abayomi family again, to warn them of what is to come.
At the Abayomi residence in Nigeria, the sound of the high priest approaching is heard.
"Ooh, what is it now . Won't that old wizard let us be," Micheal grumbles and roles gets up from the couch. His cousins Gabe looks at him and hisses. Micheal turns sharply and looks at him, "You better learn how to control yourself little boy. I'm still your senior."
"And so what if you are my senior? Are you not the reason the entire family is in this mess. And you are here grumbling like a pregnant woman."
Micheal's temper gets the better of him and he makes as his to punch Gabe but Clayton gets to him first and holds his hand mid air.
"He's only sixteen. What, you are now a child abuser too?"
"Let me go," he shouts disengaging his arm from his kid brother's grip, "He should remember that the next time he opens his mouth to spew garbage."
Clayton us disgusted, "What exactly did he say that wasn't true?" He snaps at his brother, "I lost my girlfriend because of your stupidity

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. Her father says I come from a family of irresponsible people because of what you did, he believes I can't care for a family properly. We all lost something thanks to you so stop acting like the victim."
"So I saved you from a gold digging family. You should be thanking me. The way I see it, that b*th was only with you because her family knew you had a stake at Delta. So if anything, you are welcome."
Clayton folds his fist fuming. He however gets a hold of his temper and leaves for the living room to hear what the high priest has to say. Micheal follows behind him. Gabe is left watching the ongoing football match.
"Your highness. I've got a troubling update for you. Enugu says the child you seek to save the people could as well be the one whose flame consumes us all. There are several things you need to make right to appease her troubled soul. Starting with her mother's spirit."
"Her mother? I'm sorry high priest, I do not understand. If the girl we seek is this same mogul, why would we need to appease her mother. My son will simply confess his sins and asks for forgiveness, as ge should."
"The eyes of Enugu see beyond the mortal plane. Do not question his messenger."
"My apologies."
"The one you seek and the one you know are the same person. However, she is lost and consumed by a darkness planted by her father. Her mother travelled to the beyond shortly after you, Mbabane, left. Something that could have easily been avoided had you been around. Forces of the dark enveloped, and brought her up. Turning her into a death monger. Finding her is half the battle. The other half is stopping her from wiping your family from the mortal plane once the truth comes out. You will have to travel to depths you've never before gone and bring her back into the light. Before she destroys us all alongside the rest of the world. Your time begun running out when you send your friends on an errand to the girl. Head my warning before it's too late," the high priest says and turns to leave. Gabe's mother stops him with her words, "How do you suggest we do this sir?"
"Try bringing her close. Show her what having a family is truly like. Bring her from the depths of hell she was thrown into and has been living in all her life."
"What rubbish. I've personally met Olivia, she's not the demon people make her out to be. Reality and rumours are two different things," Micheal says.
"Ola... Haven't you done enough!" Bolami shouts.
"Don't be deceived by the surface. Below the polished, beautiful and sparkly exterior is a trouble child. I've said my mind. Goodbye," he strikes his staff and leaves.
Connor is lost in thought. He'd thought he'd finally get to see Diana again. Now he learns that she is dead. What has he done. How exactly had his daughter survived all by herself all those years by herself. She must have gone through hell.

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. If she learns the truth, she hate him forever. The high priest is right. Maybe he would have been better of starting from scratch to rebuild his empire.
Evah looks at him and sees the sadness in his eyes, 'He must have truly loved her,' she says to herself so softly that no one hears her. She realizes she's been living a lie. If he was this affected, he checked out of their marriage long ago. She could however not leave, she still loved him despite of it all and even if she didn't, Micheal had lost all her money. She'd had to even sell all her property like everyone else to pay the casino debt he'd acquired after losing their family fortune. Now, none of them had a dollar to their names.
She was however worried, after paying off the casino, Connor had tried to have it shut down as revenge only to realize it wouldn't be that easy as it was part of a multinational franchise under the most powerful person in the continent. Further investigations showed it was Olivia. If she could destroy them without knowing them, how much more when she found out the truth. The Abayomis were trying to save face but something told her that wouldn't be the case.
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