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I was already in my third year, I had bought my way in because my result was woeful. We were doing our first semester exam.

Most department had finish and the students had gone home for the Christmas break, but we pharmacy department still have a paper to go.

It was the course I detest the most, physical chemistry.

Right from my high school days I had detest chemistry. It is more of chemical compound and atomic numbers than formulas.

My father had complained bitterly about my second year result .

He had scolded me , which I knew he didn't mean it . He said he would cut my monthly allowance into two.. I knew he can't do it, it was just a mere threat to make me buckle up. So I just have to be fully prepared.

Although I still go clubbing, drinking my ass out. I still mange to squeeze an hour to study.

Even though I find it difficult to assimilate, I still study. 

I heard that the brainies are organizing a tutorial against our last paper, but I just can't bring myself going to the tutorial.

I haven't talked to them since the issue with Melissa being my girlfriend.

They had lost the battle and had decided to let me be. Going to their tutorial could make them start thinking some hell of a shit

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. Well, I am not going for them .

I have problems with my work so am just gonna be there for just me and no one else.

So I had a plan to disguise myself and sit at the back, so they won't see me and probably won't recognize me.

In the evening, two weeks from Christmas and three days from my last paper.

I went to their tutorial, I sat at the back as planned. I knew they wouldn't see me because I gat my face fully disguise.

I was wearing a cap covering half of my face and a sun shade to make my identity secured.

I seriously know I was only being childish.

I didn't bother to move from where i Was .

I just brought out my thirty two mega pixel android and I recorded everything they were doing. I decided to watch it when I get home.

So after a long shouting, the tutorial came to an end. I was about to leave when I took notice of a girl around the brainies. I sat down gently and was so eager to find out who she was.

With the way she was hopping around them, I began to wonder whether she was one of them girlfriend.

'Oh what a stupid thought'.

The brainies would never date any girl, at least not now.

They brought the rules why break them or perhaps she needed help in physical chemistry also, maybe they were teaching her. 

I left that place and drove straight home.

My mind was still not at rest, I don't know why but it was kind of unusual. 

I don't usually care about the brainies affairs but why was this so different and so I decided to wave it off.

When I got home, danny was already in his apartment with his girlfriend.

I went to meet them because Melissa had gone home since she was done with her exams.

As I approach danny apartment, a foul and an offensive smell circulated in my body disrupting my system.

'I know that smell' I thought So with one spirit I knocked his door but he hesitated for a while. 

I then knocked again but this time there was response.

"Who is that?"

His voice was thick and husky as he coughed loudly that i could hear from outside

"It Joe" I said

"Hey, BigBad Joe"

he said and I could hear the rustling on his door

"come in"

he continued I went in but what I saw was beyond my imagination.

I knew it, that foul smell. So Danny smoke?. I couldn't believe my eyes, his girl friend was beside him puffing out smoke from her mouth.

I was so shocked.

"Do you mind?"

He said pointing at me a stick of cigarette.

I couldn't believe my ears, he was actually offering me a cigarette.

He was the same person that made me start drinking, he had said

"BigBad Joe lighten your mood with a cup of Brandy".

When I drank it, my mood was actually lightened but it was bad.

I don't know why I always fall for his trap.

Am not his homeboy, so am definitely not falling for this today, Never! His charm won't Work on me this time.

"Thanks bro"

I said

"I just got back from a tutorial so I just came to check up on you. I never knew you were busy"

So immediately I turned and walk away from his apartment and went into mine.

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. I sat down on my bed thinking of the whole situation, it was a total mess, I just couldn't believe it.

The messiah my life needs have not arrived. I don't know what was taking the messiah so long. I began to flash back my life since I left the brainies.

It has been a mess, a total mess. 

I thought I was enjoying not knowing I was suffering myself. I just don't understand the situation anymore. So I sat on my bed and brought out my android. I then played the video I recorded earlier. I began to watch it, I saw that particular girl clinching on to them.

I had never seen her before, with the way she was doing, she must be brilliant or maybe I was replaced by her.

'That is absurd' 

I thought The brainies won't give any girl a chance not to talk of her joining the group. I was so determined to find out who she was to them.

My last paper was so successful, immediately I was through.

I went home and began to pack my luggage, ready and so eager to meet my lovely family. Since the incident with Danny, I have been avoiding him.

When I saw him coming to my apartment, I tried to hide but couldn't because he had seen me drove into the compound.

"Hey, BigBad Joe"

he said but I was not ready for any chat.

Even though I drink alcohol I still consider myself as a bad child but I won't be involved with a smoker, I won't smoke.

I detest it so much.

"What is wrong Joe?"

He continued

"you avoiding me?"

"Not at all, have been busy lately. Mostly preparing for the last paper"

I said

"You can't be serious" he said laughing, guess he couldn't believe I had buckle up

"you were reading?"


I answered simply.

The whole conversation was already getting me so frustrated, I was already getting tired of it "am traveling, I have a long trip ahead of me"

"Where to?"

He asked

"Where else? Home of course"

"You are going home?"

He asked me in disbelief but I merely nodded

"I thought we spend some few weeks together before you finally bail"

"Not this time" I said as I went to stack my clothes into my bag

"my parent called me for a get together party, I was told to be home before tomorrow"

I lied "Alright my regards then"


I said but he tried to help Me with some stuff which I refused

"don't worry I got it"

I put my luggage at the back sit of my car and I drove out of the compound not even saying saying a good bye. I was already sick of the whole friendship thing with Danny, but I just don't know how to cut ties.

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