My Encounter With Kate - Episode 24

The Cost of Impatience

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The sky was bright and the room was full, I emptied my box and rearranged my files.

The room governor gave an announcement that all should contribute towards the cleaning of the hostel. The announcement came with disagreement, some supported some opposed, I made sure all  my documents were intact and placed it deep in my traveling bag, I was having difficulties with focusing on my task, I had a feeling I was ommiting something vital. 

There were so much complain of stealing, it was Indeed rampant, I had to make sure I monitored who entered my corner. When the chaos was over, I hurriedly reached out for my bucket,  It was thirty minutes left for mass to commence.

When I was done dressing, I walked briskly to the chapel, on reaching halfway, I realized my offertory wasn't inside my bible, I quickly dashed back to the hostel.

I ransacked my belongings, it wasn't there, I couldn't find any note, I lent a sum from Biodun, by the time I had organized myself and wiped my sweaty face, it was already  8:15 pm.

I was still determined to attend mass but Biodun convinced me to stay back and attend the pentecostal service and he promised it was going to be a lifetime experience, I explained to him that I had a date with Kate and that was what mattered to me the most, after so much persuasion, I was still quite adamant to oblige to his plea not until he suggested a wonderful idea that was a win-win situation......

The pentecostal worship chapel was farther than  the catholics, when I walked past the catholic chapel, I was tempted to take a swerve, but it was too late , the mass had started over an hour.

The atmosphere of the church was electrifying, it was three times bigger than that of the catholic, I was welcomed by a smiling usher that indicated where I should seat.

The worship was intense, I felt new, a typical environment filled with the presence of God,  at a point I felt guilty, most especially when I had  imagined  the atrocity that  i will secretly do to Kate.

The columns were divided  between staffs and corp members, the roof of the church was very high as as time passed, people were trooping in, I sighted my platoon officer.

When the pastor that was invited for the day mounted the stage, he was exceptional and one couldn't doubt his authenticity, his claims were powerful and he prophesized over the lives of the congregation, he preached on power and his utterance were powerful, at a point I couldn't seat, I stood because his message was awesome, he encouraged us to evangelize during our service and not  to be afraid.

The intriguing moment was when he uttered "Anyone one against you rising shall die even if it is  your mother", it was a controversial response some murmured, some laughed, some giggled and some were mute . 

A girl nearby gave a surprised look, also with me, our eyes met and we laughed it off, she looked friendly and all through the service, we stared at each other and communicated when there was need to, I couldn't take my eyes off her.   

I sighted Uddy,  She was a member of  the choir that mounted the stage, her face was bright and she was esctaic, she swayed to the rhythm of the music, her voice was melodious, I admired her talent, I planned on  telling her after the service how much I admired her . I also sighted Kunle Felix, he was among the technical crew, he was involved in sound moderation.

The service was impactful, the pastor message was centered around holiness and favour, he also emphasized that we shouldn't be  discourage about serving in Kogi state that God has a reason for bringing us to the state.

When the invited pastor concluded the sermon, the congregation was overwhelmed and he received a loud standing ovation, I felt a new freshness, I knew I had received something from heaven. 

The Camp coordinator  advised that we should be filled with the holy spirit and spread the gospel in our various place of primary assignment

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. She instantly testified that she felt the power within her after the pastor touched her, she prayed for us and gave announcement for the process that was going to be involved the next day.

When the closing prayer was made, i bade farewell to the lady that I watched close by, I then went to the stage to greet Kunle, Uddy was busy so I didn't bother to see her, i kept the praise till when we will see  during the evening  parade. 

I and Biodun was on our way back to the hostel

Me: " I really enjoy this service, it was awesome"

Biodun: "All thanks to me"

Me: ** Sighs ** "I have a date with Kate and I don't want to call her, she is still in the church"

Biodun:  " So what are you going to do? Will you enter the chapel to join them?"

Me: "I will wait for her nearby, I am sure they will end mass soon"

Biodun: "Alright, see you in the hostel"

I sat under a nearby almond tree that faced the direction of the chapel, i was attentive, looking at every passerby I was bored but I endured, I knew that was my only chance of expressing my love for Kate, the sun was intense but I was willing to bear the cost.

I was a little distracted, I was admiring the rocks which pinnacle reached the top of the skies.

 The sound of my name brought  back my attention, it was Uddy and her face was bright, she was approaching my direction with some group of friends....

Me: "Happy Sunday Uddy"

Uddy: "Same dear" ** hugs** "What are you doing seated all alone under this hot sun"

Me: ** smiles ** " I am waiting for Kate, I have a date with her and I promise to attend mass but I couldn't make it........"

Uddy: "Hope she is aware?"

Me: "of course"

Uddy: " I suggest you go to the hostel and return when the mass is over, that should be better"

Me: "I am fine, I will just endure"

Uddy: "Alright, till evening"

Me: " wanna use this opportunity to appreciate you, I love  the way you sang,  you were awesome"

Uddy: " Thanks, bye"

Me: "Uwc"

I continued my waiting, I couldn't hear much from the sound coming from the chapel, when I got tired of waiting, I heeded to Uddy's advise and headed for the hostel.

The room was half full and was looking neater than usual, the people that were hired to clean the room did an excellent job, I explained the situation to Biodun and he was silent, he didn't give any opinion, he just scoffed and a friend that listening agreed with him.

I regretted involving Biodun, it should have been Kunle. I knew the mass had ended when  a roommate entering the room with a loaf of bread in his hand, I enquired and he confirmed the end of mass. I reached for my clothes and sped to the Kitchen hoping meet Kate.

When I got to the kitchen i searched quickly, Kate wasn't there, I checked its environs, she wasn't.  I described her to few, they had no idea, when I dialed her number multiple times, it was switched off. I was exhausted from asking too many questions and I regretted that I couldn't endure longer before going to the hostel.

I had no clue on what to do, I felt Kate will perceive me as a liar an insincere person that isn't true to his words.

. .

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