Lydia's heart - Episode 36

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Stanley jerked his car to a halt as he saw the car he trailed earlier enter into a giant gate. They had his Lydia but he felt helpless as he saw the gun.

He knew Kammy, his former boss; anything he sets his mind on never survives it; he peeped through the gate nervously as they burst the car tyre parked in the compound. He continued pacing up and down until he summoned courage to go in.

At the door he paused and decides to alert Lydia, maybe as a mother she knows what to do, tears rolled down his eyes as he remembered how his mother gambled to save him when he was down with a terrible sickness by donating her kidney yet that b*tch of a man that called himself his father pushed him under Kammy.

He heaved and searched Lydia(n)’s Facebook account hoping to see the mothers number but unfortunately he found nothing, he scrolled down to her number and called her phone hoping she picks up; luckily Lydia picked the phone immediately having been worried of her daughter whereabouts.

Stanley hesitated before giving her the address of where they were, Lydia related the incident to her friends haphazardly before rushing to her car.

Stanley walked fearfully further, inside the compound and met the dead security man, anger swelled inside of him; duing his days with Kammy he resented the way he kills people during operation . He thought he has changed for good when he saw him at the party.

He gritted his teeth and decided to turn this to a revenge mission, he texted his gangs who are ever ready to his bidings

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. He smiled satisfied that he got Kammy cornered, having switch on his GPS, he pocketed his phone and stood up from the dead body. Raising his face, he saw a gun pointed to his face by Mercy; they so much hated each other especially when he took over to be Kammy’s favorite.

“Answer me young man” kammy thundered and slapped Stanley

Stanley held his cheek in anger, he wanted to react rudely but calmed down when he saw Chris struggling with the sleeping girls which can be judged from the way he was carrying them that they are plus hundred heavy.

He decided to keep Kammy and his gang occupied buying Chris more time; he bowed “I am sorry sir, I saw you very busy and I trailed you hoping to help”

Mercy hit him with the butt of a gun, very mad but Kammy held him back; he limped closer to Stanley and pat his shoulder, he puffed smoke to the air

“I know you will come back son, you and your father are always greedy for more”

He paused and smiled; “I saw the way you looked at that girl at the party, now to save her just be obedient and do whatever I say”

Mercy groaned inwardly in anger “Boss no just call me if anything go wrong”

“Nothing will go wrong” Stanley spits at him, uneasy that his gang is taking long to come

Kammy bent and whispered to Mercy “relax, I gaht you; I know he really loves that gal …... so lets just make him kill her, that will be a lifetime pain”

Mercy smiled satisfied and relaxed

“Get up boy”

Stanley got up relieved that he convinced them and happy that Chris succeeded with carrying the girls

“now go and wait at the gate looking out for any intruder while we handle things inside” Kammy ordered and limped inside with the help of dagger

“Only the big boys gaht to clean things inside while the small boys watch the gate” Mercy said with a smirk

Stanley flipped him his middle finger before sprinkling outside immediately he left hoping to find Lydia and the strange man.

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