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Henry came rushing in with a limp Avery. I was immediately concerned by her bleeding side. "Legolas tried to kill her." He said. Avery was dropped on the dining table which soon started to soak up in her own blood. It had to be a photo kinetic blast. I immediately ran into my room to get towels and a disinfectant. We had no first aid kit since we didnt need them but Avery's injury got me worried . She might die. I rushed out to apply whatever I had gathered. My sight caught Matilda holding a sword to Henry's throat. "What in the name..." I trailed off. She didn't seem sweet this time, she looked like someone with a mission, one to exterminate us. "Rogues!" Matilda snarled, her voice sending tremors down my spine. I was undecided. Matilda was a threat now but I could not bring myself to do the unimaginable. She was my other after all. "Matilda, whatever you were told was a lie." I said, hoping to convince her. I began to walk slowly to her but she stiffened and loosened her grip on Henry then pointed the weapon to me. Henry would have attacked her but a ball of light threatened to blast him if he made any slight movement. "You can read my mind Matilda" I continued, getting closer to her. I could feel her searching my mind for answers

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. She finally let her guard down and placed the sword back inside her jacket. "So Legolas is the rogue here." She asked, brushing another tendril of hair out of habit than necessity. "Yes." Avery groaned again, holding on to her stomach. I rushed to her with the towels. Pouring an entire bottle of disinfectant into a towel, I dabbed it on the wound. Avery winced when I did this. The open wound was blackening. "It's a psionic blast. It will only heal like a human would. The best you can do is dress it." Matilda said then reached out to a towel, ripping it out. "Alcohol!" She ordered. I immediately rushed to a liquor I had on the table. She added a little to the wound and covered it with the towels while Avery screamed, her eyes now glowing red. "Are you alright?" Henry said to Avery, putting his palm over her head to check her temperature. She would be cold man! Avery became still and could move a little bit, becoming more relaxed. Done helping, Matilda walked out. I took it upon myself to follow her. "Matilda wait!" I called out when she was almost out of the house. Her sparkling emerald eyes met mine when she turned. "You are such a pervert." Damn the mindlink. "Well, I think you know just how I feel about you." I said, moving close to her, she smelt of vanilla, sweet and delicate. She put her thin arms on her waist turning me on more. "Mr Damian, Lust is different from love." "Really?" I drooled. Her lips were literally begging to be locked in mine. "Can you guess what I want now?" I teased. Her throats tightened and she withdrawrd from my reach. "I don't...think..." She tried to protest. Our tongues synced and Lord! Something in me sparked. I could feel her low groans begging me to do more than that. I could taste her and i wanted more. Her lips sent tremors down my spine each time they came in contact with mine then I stopped, disappointing both of us. "Was that lust miss Matilda?" I teased further. She let out a sheepish grin, her cheeks red. "I have to go." She said, changing the subject. "I will make you mine, Matilda." I yelled so the whole world would know. She didn't turn back but I knew she heard.


The library was the only place filled with the history of everyone's heritage in Athenrim but I doubted there would be one for faebloods. There was only one way to be sure so I visited. Matilda was not on seat. In her place was a young man in his early thirties wearing a Harry Potter glasses and had a book buried to his face. "Hello sir, I'm looking for Matilda?" The man dropped the book back to the table right in front of him a little to loud and peered into my face. "Well you can see she's not on seat. What do you want?" He spat Spasm ran through my vein. I slammed my hands hard on the table making the man's glasses move. "Where is she?" "She went- to-o-o visi-i-t som-e-e-one." He stammered back, readjusting his glasses. "Do you need anything else?" The man added, now with an unnatural friendliness. I ran a hand over my hair thinking of what could help me? I frankly did not know if this man was faeblood or a regular but I could always ask for a family tree or anything that had to do with Athenrim's history. The name sounded ancient so it surely had to be there. "Yes! A book on family trees of the early families that resided in Athenrim." "Well, there are a ton of books for those. Any particular name you want to research on." The man queried, still acting nice while his fingers tapped the hard keys on the computer's keyboard. I recalled my mother's family name and told the man, fervently praying that the name would be there. I was so close to the truth and it would break me to not get anywhere. "Ravaii..." The man mumbled while his illuminated face glanced up and down the screen. He suddenly stopped scrolling and looked up to meet mine. "The fable of nature's blessed." The man finally said."it had an account of tales of the Ravaii family. Perhaps you can find something there that helps you." I nodded in appreciation and the man stood up to lead me to where I would find the book. The book contained stories. How disappointing i thought. All I could see were tales of mythical creatures. I slapped myself for being too stupid. It was a hidden message. I could only read a meagre part of it that was written in old English. Interpreting it to what I could understand it said something on fairies witches and other creatures. There were drawn pictures and I could make out a tree with a skull in it. The drawn fairies seemed to be worshipping the tree. This was getting nowhere I sighed. I wanted family names or something that could tell me more on Ravaii. Then Matilda approached me. "Stan said you were looking for me. anything I can help you with." "Ravaii!" I blurted out. "Never heard of it." She aknowledged but this only got me exacerbated. "I don't understand any of this." I fumed."why would I have a mother whose line is nowhere to be found but there's a whole book with their written works." Matilda grabbed the book from my tight hands and took a look. "By night they striked. It took them all. Orvinus took all. It was locked by the nature borns. Sealed shut from the world along with the darkness. Orvinus will rise again freed by the ones who imprisoned it, Ravaii." She read. "You know the language." I exclaimed. Matilda nodded. "It's ancient trekili but this is no poem. It looks like a book of prophesy for your family line." Not surprising. What bothered me was that my family would free a darkness. Was that what my father was afraid of? I knew the truth but I wanted to hear it from the horses mouth. "Thanks, Matilda."


I was at home with my mother since Avery was doing better. My mind was preoccupied with what the faebloods would do now. What lies would they bring to their people? It was certain the vampires would be deemed rogues again and all because of that Legolas. My wolf begged for release just thinking of me. The difficult creature. I had to be thankful to it though. It had saved Avery earlier this afternoon. It made wonder what tryst it had with her. "We are going out."my mother said interrupting my thoughts. "Where to?" I had to ask. "There has been recent sighting of a feral wolf. We are going hunting." "English?" I pleaded. "There might be a werewolf at the county. We are going to check it out." "And if we find it?" "We claim it." My mother was a difficult person to sway so I got dressed. Putting on a loose t-shirt with the inscription, PC and a black denim jeans. We strode out. Weve been walking for hours with no trace of any beast not even a raccoon. I complained to my mom but she dismissed me, very keen to find the ghosted wolf. We walked up a small hill that was a little bit far from the town itself. The hilltop was a little breezy for comforts and the gust that followed threatened to throw me off it if it wished. "What are we doing here?" I yelled to my mother since the winds were acting as the only thing I could hear. "Try your alpha call, it would bring it to us." "And you want me to yell to the heavens to call a "supposed" werewolf?". mocked. My mother's look told me everything.

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. I was very self conscious then. Would I really growl like animal just to call another? It felt demeaning. "I don't think I..." A ear piercing scream escaped my lips. It was animalistic. I held my injured leg examining the damage my mother had done to them. "Only for a scream!" I growled. My mother ignored me keeping her ears open for anything out of the ordinary. "See Mom, nothing." Immediately those word slipped my mouth, I heard something. It wasn't that loud but I was certain it was a growl. There was another werewolf and it heeded my call. (till tomorrow)

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