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Austin manage to stand on his feet.

He looked at the Lisa who was crying in pain.

She had become so sweaty- she knew death was already at her door.

Her plan had failed- she had failed.

She had failed her people- her failure had endanger entire coven, her daughter : so she wept.

Austin held her neck tightly as if he wants to choke her.

He moved her inches from Kol; he then raised his eyebrow- and all that was written there was pity.

"Why? Melissa why did you do it?"

Austin screamed

"You have lost the right to call me that a long time ago"

Lisa said, smiling in pain.

"Mel- even though I had other plans... But you know I won't hurt you
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. Never!"

"Deceiving me- even in my last moment. Like you did thirty five years ago: deceiving and playing an innocent teenage girl"

"No! I didn't play you. I was only protecting you from my father. So I had to do that to keep to safe"

Melissa, an innocent teenage girl that fell in love with a vampire old enough to be her ancestor.

She met Austin at the bar she use to work part time after school hours. She fell for his good looks and charms.

Unknown to her that he was a vampire.

They dated for three years before Gerrard, Austin father found discovered the relationship.

Gerrard left Austin to date whosoever he wants- not until he discovered that Lisa was a northern witch.

So he tried to kill her- but Austin rescued her.

Austin knew he had to cut ties with her to keep her safe from his father wrath.

So he took her to the mountains and compelled her to forget about him and any memories they had shared.

But unknown to Austin, the northern witch have great resistance against compellation.

His compelling didn't work and she cried that after everything they have shared.

Austin tried to compel her to forget about him.

"Enough of the love talk"

Kol said interrupting them

"time for some judgement"

"Grandpa- please"

Austin pleaded

"spare her- she could be imprisoned like you did to Elaine"

"So Elaine is truly alive"

Lisa said silently Kol thirst for blood hasn't quench

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. He wanted something more- witches blood, lycans blood, or even humans blood. So he couldn't resist the smell of the blood flowing through Lisa.

Immediately, he engaged. Sucking her dry as she clutch for her life.

Austin stood still- he couldn't do anything.

This judgement was from his grandpa: and it supersede his.

When kol was done with Lisa, he dropped her lifeless body and howled like a mad dog.

He then turned to Austin with blood still swimming down his mouth.

"Your lover brought this upon herself"

. .

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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