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The mood was a sad one- the witches were mourning. Its been a week since the death of Lisa and the witches that died with her. Lisa was the seventeenth leader of the coven that had died trying to fight the vampires and reclaiming the city back. It was the fifth day of her burial rites. The witches had incinerate her body and had use half of her ash for a concocted spell.

Austin had brought her body and the rest of the witches to the sacred ground. He knew it would be easier for her to be found that way
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. He stood metre away from the scared ground and watched the witches cried- He saw her daughter, Freya, crying and screaming. Austin felt pity for her- she was the only lady he had loved so dearly. She was different: the way she smiles was great, the freckle at the right side of her cheek makes him giggle. He had fallen in love with her..... But now that she is gone- its all in the past. The remaining ask of Lisa was kept in a jar and placed in a tomb at the cemetery.

Austin was there although the five days of the burial rite. He had watched from afar- he was emotionally down. Amy was Lisa second in command. She stepped up to perform the burial rite. Witches form all cardinals of the world were also present. The witches are morning not just the passing of a coven leader but also- a northern witch

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. The northern witch are the strongest of all cardinal witches and their ability to resist compelling was a great ability they only possess among the witches. So on the fifth day, unification spell was casted. A spell for unifying her soul with the ancestor. Her soul was accepted and her spirit flew in the sky.

"The burial rite is over. A great sister had unite with the ancestor. Her soul is now resting with the ancestor"

Amy said

"I would like to avenge my mother death- to destroy the vampires and reclaim what was rightfully ours"

Freya said in anger "We all understand your pain and anguish- the vampires ain't an easy opponent to defeat. They are stronger everyday" Mistress of the south said Leah held Freya hand. She gave her a consolation look- she wasn't the only one that had lost someone, she had lost a sister- her companion- her guidance in time of trouble.

"I support Freya. The witches have to step up- we shouldn't be scared of the vampires. They were ones beneath us- and we can make them beneath us again"

Leah said Amy gave Leah a disgusting look. Leah should have known better- the vampires ain't an easy opponent. Since they had usurp the city, they have been so unstoppable. They had been so difficult to control- their branches had spread everywhere and their root has gone beyond the city alone.

"Leah- you of all people should know this. The vampires ain't an opponent you can fight without a strategy"

Amy protested

"But we can't just sit and watch them treat us like a slaves- we can't keep hiding in fear- am tired of all this"

Leah screamed

"-same mistake Lisa made that brought her downfall"

The word had gone out before Leah could control himself. She shouldn't have said such- At least not at her sister burial rite but her anger was her weakness. She had let it out before she could think otherwise. Everyone gave her a disgusting look, Freya let loose her grip. Leah was given a scornful look. It was like she is the weed among them- the unwanted one. The only one against the ancestor legacy..... The spy!

"We should let every issue slide and elect a new leader"

mistress of the east said

"Yes, it is time for a new coven leader....

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. Without a leader, a coven can't progress" 

a witch said

"I will recommend Amy- she already know the in and out of things" another witch echoed

"I support that too-"

It was like the witches had come to a conclusion. They are all in support of Amy taking over. Leah stood among the numerous being the only odd one. She also had her plans- a plan to make the witches firm. She was sick and tired of the legacy the witches follows. The legacy that hasn't been of favour to the witches- the legacy that had made them so powerless.

"I thought the ancestor choose whosoever the next leader will be?"

Leah protested

"Since majority wants Amy - then our voices are the ancestor voice" a witch said "Our voice??? Am sorry! Who is our?" Leah asked in discontent "We- the coven witches"

Leah forced a disgusting smile... She just couldn't help it. No wonder the witches hasn't progressed, No wonder the witches are still second to the vampires. The witches are bunch of different people with different mind set. Their thoughts- view- plans- are all different. There ain't love among them- the witches are just set of selfish and self-centered people who claims all they do are for the betterment of the coven.

"Am interested in being a coven leader"

Leah finally spit out

"You? Leah- the evil witch"

the mistress of the south protested

"Evil witch!" Leah guffawed

"let the ancestor decide our fate" "Since Amy already as an opponent, we leave it to the hands of the ancestors" a witch said "Then let the preparation begin"

Amy said

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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