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The witches did there magic as usually and the unbind all form of magic surrounding the basement. Seven coffin laid helplessly with dust covering them. One of them were Kol's.

"And why is there seven coffin?"

Lisa asked

"That was the family bed"

Austin said, sarcastically

"Family bed? I thought Kol had only your father"

"Oops, the Olsen family is far more bigger than that- Kol had four children, but my father happens to be the youngest"

"Where are the rest?"

"Scattered all over the world"

Austin said with a grin Lisa suddenly realized that killing only Kol would end the vampire race anywhere they were.

She feared that the other children of kol might have raised an army of vampires. She knew the war against the vampires couldn't be stopped but she just couldn't give up trying.

"This is kol coffin"

Austin said, drawing Lisa attention to a black dusty coffin.

"So the devil is in here"

Lisa pointed out


kol said as he tries to open the coffin

"The shit as been spelled"

he added after several attempts.

Lisa stepped up to the task, she held hand with the two remaining witches and they began to cast a spell on the coffin.

Soon after some minutes, the coffin opened.

Austin peeped into the coffin to see kol body: whose face was bluish
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. He removed the dagger embedded into kol chest, he then cut his palm with the dagger and placed his hand above kol head to let the blood drip into his dry lips.

"He should be awake by now"

a witch said

"Yea, he should but his body as been bind- so I need you guys to unbind it"

Lisa signalled the witches, her plan had just began.

So the witches joined hands and then began to cast a spell of destruction.

The witches are edges closer to their great plan and it was Lisa heart was filled with joy that she could finally revenge the deaths of her ancestors.

Austin wasn't aware of what was happening but he sensed a foul play.

He knew something was wrong with the whole spell.

"Why is he not awake?"

Austin screamed, but there was no response.

Trusting a witch was a wrong idea but he also had other plans.

They are both arch rivals; and you can't make a witch your permanent friend.

It seems the witches were one step ahead of Austin.

He had only planned this overnight but the witches had this planned for century.

Different witches with different ideas of destroying the vampires- with each ideas documented and passed down from generation to generation.

So this wasn't a battle of one- this is a battle against the whole witches factions: living or dead.

"Sca va lo tis kun-"

The spell sent Austin flying.

He didn't have the slightest idea that the witches had such a great plan- a plan that surpass his

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. Soon other witches had started appearing like a ghost.

It was now a battle of the handicap: He was already outnumbered.

The witches gathered around kol coffin and they started the destruction spell again.

Austin began to feel his soul departing him.

It was like he would die in a minute. He tried so hard to gain his feet but he just couldn't.

The more he tried to fight it, the more gone he was.

"Lo to bra kun ves ksacei zvzcyi"

The witches pronounced a blazing spell.

The spell that burnt kol coffin- Austin watched in distress and he cursed himself silently. He had brought this upon himself- upon the vampires he ever sire- Upon every night creatures the Olsen had reborn.

He became so scared for the very first time in his life: so scared that his foolishness had brought the doom of the vamps. Suddenly to everyone amusement, a humming sound came amidst the fire that burn like hell. Kol stood up and stepped out of the fire.

"Have been to hell and am back"

he said with a monstrous voice. Immediately he attacked to witches at the same time, before the witches could utter a word: he had snapped their necks.

He pounced on any witches that tries to escape, he suck them dry like a thirsty devil.

"The witches blood still taste sweet as ever"

he said with a smirk It was like the witches spell had no effect on him.

His dried fangs had been restored and he was just so unstoppable.

Lisa tried to snap her fingers- but before she could, he had caught her hand.

Kol twisted her arm and he broke it.

Lisa cried in pain but Kol wasn't moved.

She screamed at her loudest pitch, she didn't know what went wrong- her spell had failed her.

She was now facing the most deadliest creature in the world- Kol.

He gave her a look that sent a signal to her head that this was her last moment: the messenger of death had caught up with her.

Kol opened his mouth wide, with his fangs showing both signs of hunger and thirst.

"Please grandpa"

Austin pleaded Kol paused and gave Austin and awkward look

"Still as weak as your father" kol said frowning

. .

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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  • Hannie aNadie picture
    Hannie aNadie
    How is it possible that kol survived this
  • olasupo isaac picture
    olasupo isaac
    the only thing keeping kol asleep was the dagger embedded into his chest. The witches were only an instrument to clear any form of magical spell in that building and in the casket of kol. so since they had been so successful in clearing those path and opening the casket
  • olasupo isaac picture
    olasupo isaac
    the only thing keeping kol asleep was the dagger embedded into his chest. The witches were only an instrument to clear any form of magical spell in that building and in the casket of kol. so since they had been so successful in clearing those path and opening the casket, Kol needed just a taste of blood to be awake
  • Oyebode Funke Bolanle picture
    Oyebode Funke Bolanle
    Love this More knowledge
  • olasupo isaac picture
    olasupo isaac
    thanks funke
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