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I sat down on my chair thinking of  how best it is to get out of my mom’s web without exposing myself. I entered into the game because my mom says that was the only way we can survive without my father after the sudden break up which I thought that I literally caused.

Okay lets go back a little

*many years back*

I looked at my mom as she came back from her numerous jobs wearing one short gown which I later learnt is called lingerie. She dumped herself looking very tired, I waited a little while before approaching her

“Mom, you have not given me the money you promised for plaiting my hair”

She eyed me and relaxed more on her chair; we have been on logger head since I refused doing her biding . She has been persuading me to join her moving business which I refused with the excuse that I am still a student, now I have graduated from secondary school last year and she has been insisting I join her or she will disown me.

I know she might not give me the money I am requesting but I just want to remind her to know if she has changed her mind but with what I am seeing now the money is not forth coming

I went and sat down beside her and snuggled closer; I always do that after we have a heated argument, I call that our reconciliation mood and she always fall to that. She seemed not to notice me at first but the more she saw that I am not ready to move an inch until she answers me made her turn and allowed me use her hand to encircle my self

We stayed like that for 45 minutes with none of us talking before she dipped her hand inside her small pinky purse, brought out wads of one thousand naira notes and dropped it on my laps

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. Oh had it been I am a prophetess I would have known that was a big time trap.

I took the money happily and jumped for joy; I thanked her profusely and called my friend Benita who promised to help me choose the reigning hair style.  “thank you Mom, you are the best” she smiled as she accepts my thanks showing her big gap teeth and dimple which I believe I inherited from her “spend the money as you like and don’t forget to buy a new set of dress because we have birthday party to go to tonight” the birthday party thrilled me soo much that I ran out of the house with ideas of what I am going to wear to the party.

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. As a small girl I love birthday parties so much cus my dad never forgets to celebrate it for us; had it been I knew the outcome of that birthday party I wouldn’t have looked forward to it with that enthusiasm

Outside the gate I met Benita looking all dashing, she is a girl of my age and the only close friend I have at that time; I refer to her as my bestie cus we practically do everything together but guess what; she has always been my crush in dressing (please don’t tell her before she starts doing shakara), she has this sense of dressing that makes head turn; for me I thought that is all life is about

She smiled on seeing me and hugged me, did I tell you that she is very beautiful; yea Benita is very pretty with a killer shape. Although she dresses all that sexy she is my back bone on my refusal in joining my mom gang, her parents are rich and she provides me with anything I need but sometimes I feel safe collecting from my mom.

Remembering Benita now, tears flowed down my cheeks; I killed her. Yea don’t be surprised I did not practically kill her but I caused her death; when my mom found out she knows about the game she ordered her to be killed. She came visiting me that day when she was served with the poisoned food; I was so powerless because my mom planted a secret camera in my room watching me from her room to know if I will do anything silly. Had it been Benita looked at me very well or studied my expression she would have noticed my uneasiness but no, mom caught her at dead end by cooking her favorite food; Ukwa (bread fruit). Benita likes Ukwa to a fault especially one cooked by my Mom and we killed her.

“Babe check this one out, it will definitely fit you” I looked at the expensive weavon she was showing me and I pout my mouth “No I want one like your own” she smiled at me “I know you will say this but look it’s the same thing with my own, the only difference is color; I am fair and you are…” “Chocolate” I chirped in, I hate the fact that we are not the same color and she always say I am dark not admitting that there is anything like chocolate color “Ok mah, you are chocolate; that’s why same color won’t go” “No, I like your own color too”

“Okay and same color it will be” the hair stylist states to end the argument and we all laughed.  I sat down and she starts doing her wonders on my hair

“Look at me girl” I turned and saw her doing her snap chat, she loves snap chat; I gave out my best smile shaking my head to her music until the hair stylist reprimanded me to keep my head in place. We laughed again and that’s one thing I love about my friend, we laugh at any slightest chance

From the hair salon we drove down to a very expensive boutique; reading the label of one of the cloth at the boutique made me shout. She dropped the cloth she was holding, rushed to my side and closed my mouth before I could shout more “why are you shouting” she ask and I show her the dress I am holding

She gave me the questioning and I shoved the cloth to her face “how can I buy one single gown like this twenty thousand naira” I ask looking at the gown with astound look

“sweet heart, you are at one of the expensive boutique in town where you can get all the beautiful cloth you need; besides you asked where I get my cloths and I showed you, spend your money joor” she cat walked and started selecting the cloths herself flinging them at me “go inside and test them” she says pushing me inside the changing room

**** “Awwwnnn, you look so beautiful darling; you are truly my daughter” my mom says on entering the room where Benita was dressing me up for the party

“thank you dear for making her look so beautiful” she thanks Benita and hugs her.  I just smiled looking at them

“So all ready now” she asks “Yes” we chorus at the same time

“Are you going with us” My mom asks Benita

“Yes mah”

 “No no no dear, you don’t have to stress yourself; you can go back to your parents’ house and rest for tonight”

 “No mah, I want to go”

“Ok then, no problem” my mom says, gave us both a peck and exists the room. I know my mom and from the way she sounded I know she is not happy that Benita is coming with us but I made her promise to come with me which she practically accepted because of our friendship and she made up a lie to her parents why she is not comic back that night.

She asked why I wanted her to come along and I made up reason that I just don’t want to her to miss the gist but I alone know deep down me why I want her to come with me; with her by my side I always make the right decision so I need her by my side at the party incase my mom comes up with anything funny

She held my hand and smiles as we enter my mom’s car driving down to the party; only if I knew the danger I was exposing her to, I wouldn’t have allowed her come with me that night


“Mah, you have been sitting down here all day and haven’t attended to all the files that made you come down here” I heard Tristy say through the telecom cus I locked my door immediately I entered my office, I need no interruptions but work calls now I have to go. “I am still Beatrice” I assure myself as I clean the tears on my face; maybe tomorrow we start from where we stopped


And here my pen stops; tomorrow we start again #winks#


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