Ichabod - Episode 3

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“Lord please even if I die, keep my baby safe please, please, please.”

Those were the prayers I found myself repeating over and over again even when I felt the brightness of the headlamps so close in my eyelids, I shut my eyes tight. This was the end of everything, I could tell it was just a matter of second before it crashed into us but all of a sudden, I heard a shrieking noise and I shut my ears while still holding Tracy close . It wasn’t a crashing noise at all, instead, it was like someone pulling perhaps the brake of....

I looked up and to amazement, the trailer was slowing down even though the tip was already touching the front of my car, I couldn’t see what was happening but, I realized the door of the trailer was opened and whoever was inside was pulling the brake somehow...

Oh my god! Oh my god!

Without thinking, I grabbed Tracy in my arms, opened the door and climbed out of the car and began to run further back, away from the sight.

“Mummy...” Tracy stirred in my arms where I sat hurdled in a corner far away, where I looked at what was happening.

“Oh my darling. You are okay, you are awake...” I cried for joy, hugging her closer but she was too confused

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. Still I sat on the tarred road, watching the trailer which was no longer moving butwas now a few inches away from my car. The door was still opened but while watching, I realized someone climbed out of it. I couldn’t really see because it was dark and the lights from my car wasn’t towards that direction. Instead, I saw the silhouette of a man standing and looking at us.

For some reason, my mind kept beating rapidly as I watched him. Could he be driver? Why was he not talking? He could at least apologise or...the sound of siren behind me interrupted my thoughts. Police cars and an ambulance were approaching. I heaved a sigh of relief and stood up, holding Tracy by the hand. Momentarily, I glanced towards the figure again but to my surprise, he was gone.

“Madam, are you okay?”  Said an inspector, rushing towards me. I nodded as the rest went towards the scene.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, the trailer..i don’t know what happened to the driver, he was just standing there and my brakes failed but I am fine.”

“You said you saw the driver?”

I nodded and pointed towards where he had stood. “Yes, he was just standing there few seconds again.” I explained.

“Okay.” The inspectore replied and talked into his walkie-talkie.

“Come with me madam.” Said another inspector, a woman this time.

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. She carried Tracy in her arms and together we walked to one of their cars.

After I got settled in the car with my daughter with me, the other inspector came closer.

“Thought you said you saw the driver some seconds ago?”

I nodded.

“Well, was he wearing a uniform?”
I frowned, “I don’t know, it was too dark. Why? Did you see him?”

“We found a man in the other seat beside the driver, he looked like the driver as it is stated here.” The inspector said, bringing out a wallet which had an ID card. “Think he had a seizure of some kind, he has foams all over his mind and that was why he lost control of the truck. He is still unconscious. You sure you saw someone there?”

I frowned, what was the meaning of this. “Yea, I did. I think he actually pulled the brakes to give my daughter and I a chance to escape.”

“Well, there is no one there and there was no way any sane man would have climbed into a moving trailer that was about to crash. Plus, I just called the company, the man left the company alone and no one was with him.”

I was quiet. This didn’t make any sense. While I wondered, I saw the medics carrying a stretcher and on it was the driver, he had the uniform on and he was unconscious just like I just heard. Still, who was the man that had saved us? How did he get into a moving truck and why did he leave so suddenly without a word?




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