Firesparks - Episode 12

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Sara's p.o.v

"How long is she gonna be asleep"I heard a voice said.
"She should wake up anytime."
I slowly opened my eyes taking everything in.
"Mom am I in the hospital"i asked weakly ...blinking my eyes.
"Yes fainted...I was so worried..."mom started.
The door burst open and the doctor walked in.
"Who are you to the patient?" I looked up curiously.
"Her mom"mom replied.
"Can I have a word with you?"he asks.
" you mean outside?"Mom got up and followed him and shut the door behind her. What does he want to say that he Can't say in front of me???? I was so curious...I looked at my drip and happily it was finished and the nurse had removed it . I walked slowly and pressed my head against the door.
"Is this the first time?"The doctor asked.
"No she has been complaining of headaches but I thought it was normal..."mom said.
"Headaches.. normal"He laughed and continued.."Like I said it's only gonna get worse..."I didn't hear the rest he said because he said it in a silent wisper. 
"I will try my best"Mom said.
"I know we can't risk it.."The doctor said and I heard footsteps.
I immediately rushed to the bed and pretended sleep so she would not...Know I sort of overheard thier conversation.
I could feel mom's gaze on me as she used her hands to rub my head muttering
"My poor... poor..

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. child."
Something is wrong? Wish I had heard what the doctor told Mom...argggh!!!!!


*Feremy's p.o.v*
"Can you at least tell me his name?"I asked Aisha who I had managed to calm and was staring at the wall. "I didn't see him... all I knew was that he...forced himself on me...i tried screaming but...but .."Aisha breathed. "It's okay....I promise I'm gonna found whoever did this to you and I'm gonna make sure he pays!!!"I screamed. She mumbled and whimpered. Drawing her close to me I lay her head on my lap. "It's okay..Aisha.. it's okay.. please eat something your mom is worried"I pleaded. "I'm not eating anything..."She said. I groaned picked up the spoon and forcefully spooned rice into it. she tried vomiting it.
"If you think about it"I threatened and she nodded chewing weakly. I observed Aisha... she's become weaker and looks Bonny. She was never fat before a little bit on the skinny side and present situation didn't help matters.
"Aisha"I swore to myself. "The moment I find the bastard that did this to you...I'll ruin him!!!!!"

Aisha's p.o.v
I looked at Feremy and literally rolled my eyes.

Read " The Dreamer " by the same author ( Lo is )

. it's boring playing r*pe. I want to tell him... already he's the one ..Fred says I have to act like a victim for a while... it's boring... it WAS boring till Feremy was begging me to eat and feeding me... he let me rest on his lap.....Remy I promise to make you fall in love with me and Everything will be just perfect.....I coughed and he said
"what Happened"
"No appetite"I mumbled.
"You better finish the food"he warned.
"I think I'm thirsty"I croaked.
"Here's water open up"He says.
I open up and he pours the water in my mouth
#Totally worth it (grins)

***Mecca's p.o.v
*the past*

"Mecca!!"I heard a scream waking me up from sleep and I stare at Juliet.
"What..."I groaned.
"Stop sleeping for once and look out the window"She winks.
"I want to sleep" I mumbled
"Just look out the window.. then you can sleep"she says happily.
 I get up and look out the window... walking up to the front door...was a man...hey... that's not any man it's HOT STUFF!!!!
I've had a crush on him for like a while...
"Arghhh...."I screamed."I look so terrible what should I wear.. he's walking up to the front door."I screamed
"ok now that you have seen ..go and sleep"Juliet says sacarcastically...
"sleeeppp!!! are you kidding me right now..."I say and run downstairs.
I waited at the door... he should just knock already...
I puut my head listening
is he gonna knock? Ever? anytime soon ..I slip and fall right into the hands of shocked Hot stuff who was about knocking by the way.

Sara's mom is hiding something...
Aisha's plot seems to draw Remy to her
Mecca's recounting her past to find her daughter
this story will only get nicer.

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  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Sarah, get well soon , Aisha , you did a wonderful job but it wouldn't last
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    Lo is
    Abi o Dolapo
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