Firesparks - Episode 14

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Sara's p.o.v
"Who's there...I'll be out in a minute"I called from the bathroom using a towel to rinse my hair.
I looked at my hair in the mirror....well it's baddd...but I'm not going to comb it.
I opened the door.
"Dayne...what the hell are you doing here"I groaned.
He chuckled and entered.
"I didn't tell you to come inside ... what's up with you"I screamed.
He sat on my bed crossing his legs.
"But I did"He winked.
"Disgusting...where did you learn how to wink....get out!!!"I screamed.
" bearr"He smiled.
"I will scream...."I threatned.
"Go ahead"he says.
I'm chewing my lip... . thinking of a plan....
should I kick him out ... and scream....
should I just compromise......
"Sara"He Calls softly.
it'I coming...again the migraine.
"Dayne please get out..."I begged holding my head.
"I wouldn't fall for this trick of yours pretending to be sick"He sneered.
More pictures and I feel like passing out.
it's all dark and the pictures are blurry.
"Mom..."I screamed... falling head was pounding... 
"Sara"He said rushing to me and held my hands.
"Get your hands off me"I screamed.
"Mommy..."I cried.
She rushed in holding a tray of onion.
"Jesus........Christ!!!!"She screamed looking at my condition on the floor.
"Get my purse phone"She screamed dropping the phone on the floor.
"Where?"Dayne screamed.
"My room"She screamed
Dayne rushed outside...
"mom"I said in between gasps.....
"I'm scared of dying.....I don't want to die"I breathed.
"Nothing will happen to you baby...

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. where is this boy"Mom screamed.
"Mommy I'm seeing a he's... he's"I muttered crying...
"Nothing will happen to you... where Is this boy...."Mom screamed.
"Mommy I love you"I muttered.
"No....Sara"She screamed....
My eyes were slowly closing....I saw Dayne hand her the phone before i was covered in darkness...

***Feremy's p.o.v
"Aisha"I screamed holding her..."are you okay??"
"I can explain"She screamed.
"Explain what"I asked.
She looked around and gave a nervous giggle.
"I was in the bathroom"she smiled.
"It's ok....Now eat...."I said giving her a spoon.
"Remy ..I think I remember something... about the rapist...he....he...had a ..
big scar on his left chest.."She cried.
Is Aisha kidding or what....I have a scar on my left chest... it's a long story... remind me to tell you later...
"Remy ..I'm scared..what if he comes back..."She screamed running into my Arms.
"Nothing will happen.. I'm here for you"I said holding her..
"Feremy...i love you"She breathed.
"Aisha...I will protect you"I said looking into her eyes and wiped those tears...
"Now that I bestie hasn't eaten"
"Noo"She pouted.
"Awww... c'mon"I begged.
"Na......"she said running away.
"If I catch you... you're dead meat"I said pursuing her.
"come and get meeeee"She screamed.
I ran after her and finally caught her... giving her tickles that made her scream.
"It's enough...I'm going to die...."She screamed laughing.
"Are you gonna stop... whining and eat your food"I asked raising my brows.
"Yess"She giggled.
I'm so happy...I could bring Joy to her face and Aisha ...I promise if I get the fool that did this to you..... I'll ruin him

*Asha's p.o.v*
Oh my gosh..I was so scared when Remy burst in but Fred somehow managed to hide.
I have to pretend and I'm so happy when he gave me tickles.

Read " The Dreamer " by the same author ( Lo is )

. you're already falling for me...I promise to make you fall in love with me and Sara will be nothing but the past"

**Mecca's p.o.v*
I kept on getting more gifts from Hot stuff.., actually his name is Houston.
He came to my class and actually asked Me out on dates. I was in love.......with him but one of my friends Eunice felt like it was just so soon to fall in she be careful...I ignored her .. because she was jealous of me but one day after classes. She came to confront me as  usual.
"Meee....ccca"She hailed.
I ignored her and continued heaping the books on my bag.
"Is it not you I'm talking to okwiaaa"she hissed.
"Eunice...see if you came to say nonsense about my guy then please....not today biko...Ejoor"I said continuing with what was doing.
"So it has come to this"She breathed.
I ignored her and continued packing it.
"Is it not you....I'm talking to"She said standing in front of me and taking the book from my hands.
"What is wrong with you"I screamed.
"That guy that you're following about is a player...he has played me before"She said.
"Eunice I can't believe it...."I started.
"Asinnn"She cut in
"So you can be this jealous....I thought you are my best friend but you want to ruin my relationship now...I swear you better get out of here.... before I loose my temper"I screamed.
"Mecca..listen.... he's a womanizer"She said.
I had.. enough...I raised my hands to Eunice...I slapped of my best friends.
"I have had enough nonsense....if you say anything about my guy again then I will ruin you...I...Mecca will destroy you"I screamed.
"You slapped me... Mecca you slapped me"she said holding her cheeks crying.
"Get out"I hissed.
"You will regret it"She said crying and walked away.

"I don't understand how does this Eunice ... connect with the child". Micheal said.
"Just listen to the story..... where was...I that was how...I lost Eunice but that was not the only thing that came crashing down......."

Three more episodes and the heat in this story is set...
who else is excited

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