Fell In Love With A Bad Boy - Episode 26

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Tasha's p.o.v



"Missed me...baby?"she asks.

"I thought you were supposed to stay for another four months..."I smiled.

"I was missing you so I decided to come back"She smiled.

"Soooooo what have you been up to?"

"Nothing much"I said.

"Harsh ..no excitement?"

"Nope.... been studying"I giggled avoiding her eyes

"Really... . Then explain this darn video of yours that's gone viral"she screamed flinging an iPad on the chair




***Bradon's p.o.v

"I'm so going to win you"I yelled at Alec as we both played with our PS4

"You're so... going down"He pressed hard.

"And.... finish"I smirk.

"Darn!"He flinged his control.

"Why do you always win"

"Because I'm the boss"I smirk.

A phone beeped.

"Something is trending...I have an eyes for such things"He got up to press his phone.

"Good luck woman!"I smirked eating a bowl of popcorn.

"Guy..."He said.

"Girl"I tease.

"I thought you said Tasha was your babe"He ask.

"One and only"I smirk.

"If that's the case then why is she kissing Bradford in this video?"he asks.

"Gimme that"i snatch the phone from his hands and watched....mouth open.

"See"Alec said.

I got up scratching my head...I was hurt. It was obvious that it was an accident but she didn't trust me enough...Tasha we have to speak....



***Sally's p.o.v

"Dad"i called immediately I entered the house and threw my Jacket carelessly on the floor.

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All episodes of this story can be found here >> https://www.ebonystory.com/story/fell-in-love-with-a-bad-boy

. The maids were hovering around..with so much activities

"What's going on?"I called one of them.

"Why the rush?"

"Your twin brother is coming from America and your Dad said we should create a grand welcome"She replied.

"Ok...Go"I said and she ran away.

I walked to the fridge and drowned a glass of Juice.

It's Good that big bro is coming back...he loves me I'm his favorite and he's probably brought enough for me.

I walked to my room...I still have a life mission to ruin Tasha when i saw a paper lying on the bed.

It's probably from one of my notebooks...I crumple it and throw it in the trash can.... and rested my head on the bed.

I don't why... but I suddenly got up and opened the paper

In ink the message read

"I know what you did years ago.....

I will expose you"

it suddenly felt hard breathing.

"No!Noo...nooo no one can find out"I screamed falling down.....



***Bradford's p.o.v

"Guy you literally....carried her in her arms... and you... actually entered a fire...you!"I laughed.

"The crazy things we do for love"He sighed.

"Let me guess....you haven't told her..."I asked.

"Tell her...Ami is so quiet and I'm shy"He said

"Man... you've got it bad"I laughed.

"And her best friend Tasha is also beautiful"He rolled his eyes.

"hey!hey don't go there"I warned.

"I saw the way you looked at Her... Bradford"He said.

"Hey...that was a pity look"i said.

"I hope for you that's it's true...he sneered.



But she's really beautiful....


"I Know"Peeps said.

Did I just say that out ..my face blushed into color red.



****Rebecca's p.o.v

"I can't believe that after everything I did to raise you...Tasha....you do this to me"I screamed.

"Mommmy...."She cried.

"Don't you dare... mom..me from now on you don't leave this house unless you're going to school and I will be watching you...I want you to avoid those guys"I warned.


"Keep quiet... and go to your room... young lady... you're grounded"I hissed.

She mounted up the stairs crying ..

I'm doing everything for your own good baby...




The devil is Tasha's mom

Did u see tat coming??

meanwhile what's up with Bradford and seems like Sally is getting a taste of her own medicine..

Who's excited Billy is returning from


Stay tuned


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