Fell In Love With A Bad Boy - Episode 25

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Tasha's p.o.v


"Ami ...I was so scared... thought I would loose you"I screamed.

"I thought... I would loose you"She hugged me.

"You are so foolish...you ran back for me ..."I chuckled.

"I love you Natasha..I couldn't afford to see you hurt..

tho...I almost retreated but that's not the point."She laughed.

"And who's the handsome dude ... that carried you in his arms"I winked.

"it's peeps...."She broke down.

"So you even know his name...Hmm....hmmn"I drawled.

"Stop it!"She yelled.

Oh my gosh...

Read " Firesparks " by the same author ( Lo is )

. Did Ami just blush.... remind me to treat that latter.

"The school just caught fire"She sighed.

"This is no incidence"I said.

"You...mean...mean... someone accidentally set your room...on fire?"She asked.

"Exactly"I said.

"Then it's....Sally!"

"Sally!"We said together.

"I can't believe she tried to kill you..."Ami said.

"I can....she will do anything to ruin Me"I smiled.

"So what do we do"She asked.

"Give her a taste of what revenge feels like..."I grinned.

"you can't"Ami said pulling my hand.

"It's dangerous.... it's fire....

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. you don't play with fire"She shrieked.

"Then I'm ready to quench the fire with my rising waves in  torrents"


"Am I the only one noticing the peeps guy keeps staring at you.

"Stop it"She blushed and a huge smile... appeared ....




****Sally's p.o.v

"I need new plan a new idea...." I asked Mackenzie.

"Take it easy ...you are being worked up for nothing"She said.

"Shut the fuck up and think of a new plan...."I screamed.

"You'd better"A voice reverted through the hallway.

I turned to look at Tasha looking at me eye to eye.

"You think...I wouldn't find out ..that you caused that fire. ..you...tried to burn .me"Her eyes gleamed.

"Way to go for stating the obvious"I grinned.

"I've been quiet....But not any longer....I will teach you a lesson....that you will never forget "She said.

"Bring it on...Tasha"I smiled.

"Ah...oh.....The Bradford....you love so much.... I....will... Take Him away from you just wait and see!!"She snapped her finger and walked away.

"Get back in here....I do the walking away.....such arrogance!!!"I fumed.

"Ha...classic!"Mackenzie grinned.



****Nita's p.o.v

I watched.....as the unsuspecting daughter entered into the house...after everything your mom...did to me ..Sally ...I will ruin you....but. ..I... just need to wait for the right time.

patience!!! Patience!!! Patience!!



****Tasha's p.o.v

It's been long day....after the fire and confronting Sally...I just want to sleep...I opened the door and the light was off.

"Who leaves the light....off...at this time"I groaned.

I on the light  switch only to see someone swirling on the chair.....

and she turned smiling.

I dropped my bag in shock.





I'm loving this....Tasha has promised to steal Bradford but can she keep her promise

stay tuned!!!

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