DEMON'S FATE ( BOOK 2) - Episode 29

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Grey woke up early today, he looked at Ariel who was still fast asleep by his side,

he could not sleep because he had a lot of things running through his mind

The "war" against the demon's is really a disturbing issue for him,

he sigh softly as he kissed Ariel's forehead before he stood up from the bed and head outside the bedroom 

He made his way to his mothers room and knock softly on her door 

Grey?  Anna  asked 

"Yes mom" 

Come in, Anna said after few seconds 

Grey enter the room and shut the door behind him 

Good morning mom, Grey said as he moved closer to his mother and sat next to her 

Good morning son, Anna replied with a smile 

Were you sleeping? Grey asked 

Not really, Anna said 

Grey nodded his head and remain quiet 

What is it son? Anna asked 

I'm thinking about the war, Grey said 

Anna nodded her head in understanding

What about the war? Anna asked 

I'm worried about Ariel, I don't want her to get hurt 

I understand your concern son, but you just have to trust her abilities

But mom.....

Just trust her abilities, Anna repeated again 

"Okay" Grey whispered 

It's still quiet early son, go back to bed

Okay mom, Grey said as he kissed her cheek and left the room 

When Grey entered the room he saw Ariel seated on the bed with her back rested on the headboard 

Ariel turned immediately she heard the door clicked open 

Hey, Grey said as he moved to the bed and sat next to Ariel 

Where did you go? Ariel asked quietly

I went to see my mother, Grey said 

Are you alright? Ariel asked 

"Yes" Grey said 

Ariel looked at him, 

Are you sure? She asked 

You were tossing around last night 

Did you even sleep? Ariel asked as she cupped his face

A little, Grey answer 

You look really tired, Ariel said 

Let's go back to sleep, we will have a talk later, Ariel said 

Grey nodded his head and lay back on the bed and wrap his hand around Ariel,

it did not take time for him to drift off to sleep, but he was really tired 

Ariel placed a kiss on his forehead before she drift off to sleep also.


Ariel opened her eyes slowly, she glance at her side and she was glad her soulmate was still sleeping 

She made an attempt to sit up straight but Grey held her tightly

Ariel smiled and relax at the arms of her soulmate waiting for him to get up 

An hour later, Grey opened his eyes to Ariel staring at him 

Don't you know it's creeping watching someone sleep, Grey murmured 

It's creeping, but I can tell you love it when I watch you sleep 

No I don't 

"Yes you do" Ariel said with a chuckle 

Grey lean in and seal their lips 

Good morning, he said as he parted their lips 

Good morning, Ariel said 

Do you want to talk now? Ariel asked 

No, Grey said, later he added 

Okay, Ariel said, let's go have our bath 

Okay, Grey said as he stood up from the bed and pulled Ariel along with him to the bathroom and shut the door behind them 

They took their shower and head downstairs immediately

I will go join my mother in the kitchen, Ariel said 

Okay, Grey answered as he sat down on the couch 


Few minutes later, breakfast was served and the entire family eat in silence, after breakfast they all head to the living room 

Ariel sat next to Grey she was about saying something to him before her father cleared his throat making everybody turn to look at him 

The war is drawing close and we need to be prepare 

Grey tensed a little when Raguel mentioned "war" 

Ariel look at him with a little frown 

Are you alright? She ask using their mind link 
"No" Grey said, finally admitting to Ariel that he is not alright

Tell me what's the problem, Ariel said 

Its just......

Are you two listening? Raguel asked 

Ariel and Grey immediately turn to look at Raguel 

"Sorry" they both said in unison 

It's fine, Raguel said, but I need your full attention he added 

We will need to set out for training, Raguel said making everyone nod 

Okay then, everybody pick what you need and lets go, Elena said 


Ariel pulled Grey upstairs and shut the door behind them 

"Talk to me" she said 

What's bothering you, she added 

"The war" Grey said quietely

Have you change your mind about fighting the demon's, Ariel asked 

No, that's not it, Grey said 

Then what is it? Ariel asked 

Grey moved closer and pull Ariel into a hug

Are you worried about me? She asked 

Yes, Grey admitted 

I'm also worried about to you Grey, Ariel said 

Grey pulled back a little and look at Ariel 

"Why" Grey asked 

The same reason why you are worried about me, she said as she lean down and kiss him softly 

Everything will be fine, Grey 

We will be fine, she added 

Grey nodded his head 

Let's go downstairs, Ariel said after picking what she need from her room 

When they go there the entire family where in the living room 

Let's go, Raguel said flashing his wings and leading the way out of the house 


They all arrive at the field few minutes later

Alright people we are here, Raguel said 

Ariel come over here, he added

Ariel quickly left Grey' s sides and went to meet with her father 

Show me what you got, Raguel said 

Sure, Ariel said grinning widely 

She took her stance to fight and attack her father, 

She threw a punch at her father which he dodge but that did not stop Ariel from keeping attack until she finally caught her father off guard and a punch landed on his father 


Dad are you alright? Ariel said looking at his face 

Yes, that's a very stong punch, Raguel said with a slight chuckle 

Will you continue to stand there and watch her or you are going to train, Michael said to Grey 

Grey turned quickly when he heard his voice 

She is good, isn't she? Michael asked 

Yes, really good, Grey admitted 

Come on, train with me, Michael said 

Okay, Grey said as he glance at Ariel once before he followed Michael 


They train for hours before everybody got exhausted

Let's go home, Elena said, we will come back here tomorrow for more training 

Alright, let's leave, Raguel said 

They all flashed their wings and left the field and head home

Ariel and Grey left immediately for their room and head straight for the bathroom 

Grey pinned Ariel against the door 

Grey, what are you doing? Ariel asked 

You did well today, Grey whispered softly to her ears 

Ariel shivered a little 

I'm really impressed he added 

Thanks I guess, Ariel said softly 

"Kiss me" Grey whispered 

Ariel did not hesitate in sealing their lips together 

Grey kiss her hard, and grip unto her tightly, they made out for few minutes before they turn on the shower and have their bath

They both left the bathroom and lay on their bed 

I'm hungry, but I'm really tired, I can't go downstairs Ariel said 

I will get the food here for you, Grey said standing up, He left the bedroom and went downstairs 

Where is Ariel? Elena asked 

She is upstairs, she is tired so I came downstairs to bring her food 

Okay, Elena said 

She later handed Grey a tray of food and Grey left immediately for the bedroom 

He dropped the tray of food on the table he smiled when he saw Ariel was already sleeping 

Hey wake up, he said 

Give me a minute, Ariel murmured 

No, wake up the food will get cold, Grey said shaking her a little harder 

I'm up, Ariel said as she opened her eye's slowly

Grey feed her the food and he also eat a little before he turned the plate back to the kitchen 

When he came back Ariel was fast asleep, he wrap his hands around her and drift off to sleep.

. .

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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