Believe - Episode 18


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Backstage of Ace Studios, the venue for the mathematics Olympiad.

“Congratulations Ayo,” Oreoluwa said and extended a hand for a shake as Ayo walked in.

She hugged him instead and said, “Thanks for the sweet words, Ore. I will never forget.”

“Oh! So sweet,” Perfect said as she walked past them to the stage. It was her turn in the senior category semifinals.

“Good luck,” Ayo and Oreoluwa said after her . She waved at them without turning back.

“Oreoluwa,” Damilola called.

“Yes.” Oreoluwa turned to identify the voice that was calling him.

“Nice speech out there.” She extended her left hand and hurriedly changed it to her right. “I’m sorry. I’m a left-hander.”

He took the hand gladly. “What do they say about left-handers?”

“They are usually very brilliant.” Ayo chipped in. She joined in the conversation to avoid the stares from other students in the room.

“Yes,” Oreoluwa agreed. “You were also brilliant out there.”

“Thanks.” She faced Ayo. “I look forward to competing against you again in the finals.”

“Me too.” Ayo shrugged.

“So sad you won’t be participating,” she said, looking directly at Oreoluwa.

“I’m glad because I’m sure next time you won’t be lucky to win against her.”


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. We shall see then,” Damilola responded. “But remember I am a student of BHS and for the record none of your student has won in the junior category.”

“There’s a first time to everything.” Oreoluwa said.

“Also, I have the highest number of questions answered in the 60 seconds of fame,” Damilola said proudly.

“17 questions?” Oreoluwa asked nonchalantly and Damilola nodded her head.

Ayo was getting bored by their conversation and couldn’t wait to leave the room to see Funmi. She turned and her eyes met with someone she has been longing to see for a while now.



Both girls ran and embraced each other.

“It’s been how many years now? 4 years! I’ve so much missed you. You were great out there today. Those 45 seconds were … “

“I wonder why I always make friends with talkative.” Ayo sighed.

“You were the talkative one.” Both Anu and Ayo said at the same time.

“Oh! I knew you would say that. You’re still very predictable.” They laughed.

Funmi entered the room with the intention of being the first to congratulate Ayo but was disappointed when she saw her laughing wholeheartedly with someone else.

“Oh! Funmi,” Ayo called as Funmi was about to leave the room. “Come, let me introduce you to my friend. My lovely best friend.”

Funmi looked at Ayo surprisingly. ‘What about Bukky,’ she thought as she walked towards them.

“Funmi, this is Anuoluwa.” She faced Anu. “Anu, this is Funmi my friend. She really assisted me in winning today?”

“Nice to meet you,” Anu said. “And thank you.”

“My pleasure.” She smiled.

Ayo dragged Funmi into her warm embrace and only released her after the latter said she was choking which was obviously a lie. “Thank you.”

“It’s nothing.” She noticed her stay is overdue. “See you later. Let me speak with Ore.”

“Okay.” Ayo agreed.

“By the way,” Anu said. “I already met a friend of yours. She claimed to be your best friend which means you didn’t keep your promise.” She nagged.

“I promised to remain your friend forever not best friend.” Ayo reminded. “As for Bukky, what did she say?”

“Just wandering how much you told her about me.” She crossed her arms and seemed not to be smiling anymore.

“I’m sure she already told you all I told her since you met her already.”

“Not exactly with her mouth. But I noticed it.”

“I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s okay.” She touched Ayo on the shoulder lightly. “I have to go now. We would talk some other time.”

“Why the hurry?”

“My role model is up on stage competing. I need to see her win and learn more from her.”

“A student from your school?”

“No, from yours.”

Ayo was confused. ‘My school? Is she referring to Nightingale? How did…’

“Hey!” Anu waved a hand in front of Ayo’s eye to gain her attention. “Senior Perfect from your school.”

“Okay, you know her?” Ayo asked and quickly added, “Of course you would.”

‘Still sharp-minded and brilliant as always,’ Anu thought. She scribbled some numbers on a piece of paper.

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. “Here is my phone number. You should call me?”

Ayo collected the note from her and kept it safe in her breast pocket. “Make sure you qualify for the finals.” she yelled after Anu.

“Of course I would. Just tell your friend, Funmi to go easy on me.”

Ayo laughed. ‘Still hilarious as ever.’ The smile soon turn into curiosity when she heard something someone said behind her. ‘…Ayo from the bottom of my heart.’ Though, she didn’t hear the beginning but she heard the last part very clearly and she knew it was Funmi’s voice. She looked around and saw Funmi sitting on a bench with Ore standing in front of her.


What a turn of events. What's going on like this? 

I want to know what you think of Ayo and Anu brief meeting.

Anu knows Perfect? So...

Till tomorrow fans. Love you all. Don't forget to like, rate and comment. Thanks


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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Isn't Funmi being hypocrite? Was she not hating on Ayo? Why is she behaving like she loves her? Anyway, nice episode, thumbs up dear
    You would know more in the next update
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