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It all began when she lost her father to death. She lost all hope and feared that she might not cope. Her beloved mother has her own worries to care less about a ten year old whom she struggled hard to send to a standard private school after the demise of her husband.
Ayomide finds herself in a class full of dullards in her new school and a new best friend who cared less whether she scored high or low marks. She almost accepted the fact that students in JSS 1 B are dullards . She was however disappointed when she scored low in the mid term test which made her to have a rethink.
"Its unlike me. In this manner I'm putting my mother to shame, putting her money to waste. Why would I repay her this way. I used to be the best in Lizben. What happened?. I'm disappointed in my own self..."
Was she able to find the light at the end of the tunnel. How was she able to hope again? Was her friend of any help? Was it her mother that rekindled the flame? All is not lost yet as there still remains a glimpse.
"What is wrong with you?", Bukola demanded from her best friend
"I  failed", Ayomide responded
"Mtcheew" , Bukola hissed so did everyone in this class. "Is that why you're beating yourself up?" , She tried to pacify her friend
"You  don't understand", Ayomide started 'I used to among the top 3 students in my primary school days"
Its obvious her friend didn't help, then who was it? Was it her mother. No! It can't be, her mother wasn't even aware she scored low in a test. Who was it that helped 10 year old Ayomide. Find out in this interesting and breath taking story as you get to read about various characters like care-free Bukola, Hopeful Ayomide, Brilliant Bayo, Proud Emmanuel and much more.

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    • Hope - Introduction

    • HOPE It all began when she lost her father to death. She lost all hope and feared that she might not cope. Her beloved mother has her own worries to care less about a ten ye...
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    • Hope - Episode 1

    • “Ayo! Ayo!! Ayo!!!” A furious but caring mother called from the kitchen. She kept calling until she couldn't hold it anymore. Now muttering to herself &ldquo...
      • Views (2,596)
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    • Hope - Episode 2

    • It was Ayo's first day as a secondary school student in Nightingale Academy. She remembered the first day she was there. It was just three weeks ago during the summer coaching,...
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    • Hope - Episode 3

    • “Hey! You there, can you please tell us the meaning of Nightingale”, the principal’s voice echoed in Ayomide’s mind. She could hear someone talking but she ...
      • Views (2,390)
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    • Hope - Episode 4

    • After that moment of triumph, the vice principal, Mrs. Smith, read out the school’s rules and regulations from the school's handbook among which are; lateness and lazines...
      • Views (2,253)
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    • Hope - Episode 5

    • “Who is Ayomide Cole?” Bayo asked as soon as he entered JSS 1B classroom. Ayomide became scared instantly. She couldn't even raise her head up as she remembered get...
      • Views (2,114)
      • Comments (3)
    • Hope - Episode 6

    • It was about 2 PM before Mrs. Cole got to work that day. Her boss Mr. Peter Badmus was not happy about it. Though he was aware she went to her daughter's school and also he per...
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    • Hope - Episode 7

    • Ayomide couldn’t wait for school to be over. To her, the time was getting slower by the minute. She knew her mates were talking about her and she could not wait to get out of...
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    • Hope - Episode 8

    • When Bayo got home, he became restless. He couldn't help but think about the events of the day. From when he pardoned a junior student to when he was told to call the same stud...
      • Views (1,707)
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    • Hope - Episode 9

    • Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!  This was the sound Ayo heard from her sleep. She stood up reluctantly and realized she had slept off without even reading the book with her. Be...
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    • Hope - Episode 10

    • It was about 7 O'clock in the evening before Bukky left for her house. Ayo was lonely once again. She was hungry and didn't know what to eat. She silently prayed her mom co...
      • Views (1,796)
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    • Hope - Episode 11

    • It is a Monday morning in Nightingale Academy, they had just completed their Midterm test the week before and the principal was not impressed with the performance of some of the st...
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    • Hope - Episode 12

    • Ayomide was not always like this in her primary school days. She used to be one of the best in her class but now she seems to be the worst in her school. She has no one to blame bu...
      • Views (1,644)
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    • Hope - Episode 13

    • After the midterm test, the students of JS 1B changed entirely academically. They make less noise also. They now behaved themselves and listen attentively in class when a teacher i...
      • Views (1,641)
      • Comments (5)
    • Hope - Episode 14

    • Finally, the day has come for the mathematics competition in Nightingale Academy. Of all the 6 participating students, only Ayomide was visibly nervous. She had no idea why. Maybe,...
      • Views (1,763)
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    • Hope - Episode 15

    • At the end of the first stage in the quiz competition, Daniel Chisom was disqualified. As for Adura and Ayo, they went into a tiebreak to know whom will progress to the second stag...
      • Views (1,743)
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    • Hope - Episode 16

    • The next stage began on an interesting note. All four contestants left answered the first 5 questions correctly. None wanted to loose to other. “What do you think abou...
      • Views (1,755)
      • Comments (4)
    • Hope - Episode 17

    • “Correct”, the quiz master said after Emmanuel provided the answer to his question. “Your turn, contestant two. Find the amount on 5000 when it is compounded for ...
      • Views (1,751)
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    • Hope - Episode 18

    • The week after the competition, Examination started in Nightingale Academy. The students were placed in two separate large halls. Each hall with a total of 200 seats and each seats...
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    • Hope - Episode 19

    • Two years later, Ayo was now in JS 3, Emmanuel in SS 2 while Bayo had already graduated from Nightingale Academy having passed his S.S.C.E in flying colours. The school had just re...
      • Views (1,648)
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    • Hope - Episode 20

    • That same day in SS 2 Science. Emmanuel walked in on Seun and Ramon discussing about him. “Has my friend started boasting on winning the Math Olympiad?” S...
      • Views (1,796)
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    • Hope - Episode 21

    • It’s been more than a year now since Mr. Badmus proposed marriage to Esther, Mrs. Cole of which she gladly accepted. After all, it is all she every wanted. She is in love wit...
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    • Hope - Episode 22

    • At exactly 7:53 on a Saturday morning, 9 students and 2 teachers arrived at the Ultimate Examination Centre (TUEC). TUEC is the venue for the Mathematics Olympiad qualification exa...
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    • Hope - Episode 23

    • The following Monday morning in Nightingale Academy was a very exciting one. It all started when the principal said he has good news during the morning devotion held in the assembl...
      • Views (1,612)
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    • Hope - Episode 24

    • That same day after the school bus dropped Ayo in front of their house. She ran inside the house with glee to share the good news with her parents. She has been thinking of home si...
      • Views (1,731)
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