This is a sequel to Hope, an educatice novel about Ayomide Cole as she strives to be the best in her school after the demise of father.

Ayo hoped to be the best in her school and she accomplished that. Now, she needs to believe she's the best mathematician there is in heart city if she's going to win the quiz competition tagged "Mathematics Olympaid."

Obstacles awaits her in fulfilling this. Betrayal from friends, backbiting, criticism, doubt, uncertainty, fear, disillusion . How was she able to come out of all this? Did she eventually become the best mathematician in heart city?

Find out in this interesting and educative novel with new characters to spice it up. Enjoy.

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    • Believe - Introduction

    • It’s already towards the end of July, 2018. Students and teachers of secondary schools within Heart city anticipate the beginning of the Mathematics Olympiad TV Quiz show whi...
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    • Believe - Episode 1

    • For over seven years, Olympic Foods Inc. and Ace TV has been involved in the sponsorship of mathematics competition between secondary schools in Heart city. Their objectives have r...
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    • Believe - Episode 2

    • “Welcome to another exciting season of Olympiad, your favourite mathematics TV quiz show for secondary schools in Heart city,” the quiz master anchoring the competition...
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    • Believe - Episode 3

    • “Ladies and gentlemen,” the quiz master began to say. “There we have our contestants in the junior category. They are about to go through two rounds.” He pa...
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    • Believe - Episode 4

    • “Oops!” Funmi sighed. “I would have skinned her alive if she had got that first question wrong.” Funmi was seated among her school mates at the le...
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    • Believe - Episode 5

    • “I now know why she’s smiling and using her fingers to stroke her cheeks,” Adura said. “Why?” Perfect demanded. “She’s...
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    • Believe - Episode 6

    • “That Anu is really fast,” Funmi remarked just seconds after Anu’s 60 seconds of fame ended. “I doubt if Ayomide could reach that score.” &l...
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    • Believe - Episode 7

    • “I feel for her,” Emmanuel said sadly. “Me too,” Perfect agreed beside him. “What do you think, Perfect?” “I...
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    • Believe - Episode 8

    • Back at home. On Monday evening after Saturday’s quiz show. “Hey, Ayo!” Bukky called out. “Did you notice how that girl kept looking at you?&rdquo...
      • Views (441)
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    • Believe - Episode 9

    • Four years ago in December 2013, Lizben schools had just vacated for the first term of the 2013/2014 academic session. “AY, has your dad arrived?” a girl stan...
      • Views (573)
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    • Believe - Episode 10

    • How time flies? It’s already the 6th preliminary stage of the Mathematics Olympiad. Aside Ayo who qualified for the semifinal, Perfect had also qualified in the senior catego...
      • Views (426)
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    • Believe - Episode 11

    • And so I decided to shift the chapter "hyprocrite" forward - Bukky's encounter with Anu. Meanwhile, let's continue to ride in Ayo's shoes as school resumes ba...
      • Views (581)
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    • Believe - Episode 12

    • Second week of resumption. In school, during break. “Ayo,” Bukky called. She was leaning on the window frame of Ayo's classroom. “Yes, what is i...
      • Views (731)
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    • Believe - Episode 13

    • It’s Monday morning, the third week since resumption. The school bus had just dropped Ayo off at school. As soon as she alighted from the bus, a familiar voice call...
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    • Believe - Episode 14

    • “I really liked it as Ore and Ayo are placed together,” Funmi said as they settled in their seats ready to witness the first semifinal stage of the mathematics Olympiad...
      • Views (480)
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    • Believe - Episode 15

    • “Audience, what do you think?” the quiz master began, after the first round ended. “It’s been an interesting and amazing first round.” He faced the co...
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    • Believe - Episode 16

    • Ayo listened as the quiz master told Damilola that she had qualified and Francis, disqualified. She and Lateefah were the only ones left and she isn’t so sure if she was fast...
      • Views (516)
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    • Believe - Episode 17

    • “Wow! Unbelievable,” the quiz master said. Ayo’s Olympiad 60 seconds of fame had just ended. “Those last 45 seconds were awesome.” He heaved a sigh of...
      • Views (438)
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    • Believe - Episode 18

    • Backstage of Ace Studios, the venue for the mathematics Olympiad. “Congratulations Ayo,” Oreoluwa said and extended a hand for a shake as Ayo walked in. ...
      • Views (425)
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    • Believe - Episode 19

    • After Funmi left Ayo and Anu, she walked up to Oreoluwa. She didn’t actually want to speak with him but said so, so she could leave Ayo and her friend to talk. But here she w...
      • Views (582)
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    • Believe - Episode 20

    • After Oreoluwa left them, Funmi looked at Ayo and began, “At first, I helped you because I wanted to but when you won the annual math quiz ahead of me.” She looked down...
      • Views (538)
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    • Believe - Episode 21

    • The following day was a Sunday. Ayo was alone in the study room in their home. She and her family had just returned from church service. Her mom was resting as her pregnancy is now...
      • Views (315)
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    • Believe - Episode 22

    • Ayo arrived at Bukky’s house minutes after the call with Anu. She hesitated before she pressed the doorbell at the front gate. Bukky came to open the gate and was both surpri...
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    • Believe - Episode 23

    • It’s Saturday evening, a week after Ayo and Bukky misunderstanding. Ayo along with Funmi and Oreoluwa just arrived at the Heart city shopping mall, where Anu had promised to ...
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    • Believe - Episode 24

    • On Monday morning, SS 1 Commercial. “She never told me what the counselor said after,” Promise said. She had just told Bukky how she got the scar on her face....
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    • Believe - Episode 25

    • After Bukky left Promise in the class with her last statement. Promise had predicted she went to SS 1 Science classroom and went in search of Bukky when she didn’t see her re...
      • Views (263)
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    • Believe - Episode 26

    • “It’s another weekend and another exciting episode of the mathematics Olympiad TV quiz show,” the quiz master began that sunny afternoon in the Ace studios. The s...
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    • Believe - Episode 27

    • Backstage “So, you’re saying it isn’t your fault that you always want to win against Ayo?” Funmi asked in disbelieve. She finds it hard to believe...
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    • Believe - Episode 28

    • By the time, Anu and Funmi got back to the audience seats, Ayo had already told the rest of the group all Anu told her. The same thing, Anu had told Funmi and Oreoluwa. Bukky would...
      • Views (345)
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