Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 48

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Ciara's POV
Tears were balancing on my eyes, two months ago I would have been happy to sleep away from that mean man..

But tonight I felt loneliness creeping in...Yes I was a wife on paper but why did I feel like I deserved more...

I wanted to be appreciated, loved not treated like trash.

"Sophie, can I sleep in your room???" I whispered the moment I opened the bedroom's door...

She was seated by her dressing mirror doing a night face routine...

"Your arm is bleeding, what happened???" She ran to me...

"It's nothing, I slipped and fell..."

She gave me a suspicious look and took hold of my arm, "He pushed you, didn't he????"

"No, he respects me..." Did I mean that or did I just say that to console myself???Does he respect me???

Just as we were talking, we heard a knock at the door...For a moment, I thought he had come to ask for me...

Ciara focus, why are you growing a soft spot for him??? He ruined your life, you should hate him...

"Who is it???" Sophie asked...

"It's Caro, sir Jordan has sent me..."

I was surprised and curious at the same time..
When Sophie opened the door, Caro handed her a first aid kit...

"It's for Mrs Marcias...He said you hurt your arm..."

So he still cared after all...I found myself smiling like a little girl, my heart skipping a beat. What was happening to me???

"He does respect you after all..." Sophie commented the moment she shut the door...
"I told you..."

Sophie nursed my wound and after some minutes I was no longer in pain...

"Ciara, can I ask you a personal question???"

I knew what she wanted to ask and if I had the power I would erase her memory from everything she has ever heard about me...

"Yes???" it was more of a question...

"Who do you love Jordan or Jaxon???"
I knew it...It's like I had read her mind...

"Why are you asking that???" I tried avoiding the question. But seriously I didn't know anymore what I felt...

"Because they both love you alot...Jordan loves you in his own way, Jaxon also loves you in his own way...The question is who do you love????"

Honestly I didn't have the answer to that because I also don't know...

"I don't know..." I whispered..

She furrowed her eyebrows and took my hand,"Just close your eyes and the first person that comes to your mind, is the one you love..."

"That's madness, a myth..."
"Just do it, it won't hurt..." She was insistent...

I closed my eyes and Jordan came to my mind...The scene of him taking care of me the night of the concert played in a slow motion in my mind...

I quickly opened my eyes panting...No, I can't be in love with him...He is a mean arrogant man..I guess my head is just tired and since I spend alot of time with him, that's why he was the first thing that came in mind..

But was I willing to tell Sophie that???Of course not...

"So, who did you see????"

"My father, the first person I saw was my father...So he is the one I love..." I rejoiced but she just shook her head...

"You honey, are a hopeless case..."

She stood up from the bed, went to wash the black mask from her face in the bathroom and came back looking all flawless...

"I forgot to tell you, our plan worked...Clara dumped that good for nothing Victor..." She said, rubbing soothingly some night cream on her face...

"Are you going to get back to him???"

"Of cos not, he is a jerkass and I don't want such kind of people in my life...I meant to ask who is this Ariana, Jaxon is claiming to be the girlfriend?? She looks b*tchy to me, I didn't like her one bit..."

"That makes the two of us.." I rolled my eyes..I hated her for been Jaxon's girlfriend, full stop!!! I don't care if she is mother Teresa, Pope to me she will always be the girl to snatches my Jaxon away..

Seriously Ciara, who do you love??? Is it Jaxon or not Jaxon???Because you can't actually be in love with Jordan..He ain't your type..

"Hey where did you fly to???" Sophie snapped her fingers on my face, pulling back to reality.

"Nothing, I am just sleepy..." I faked a yawn...

"Already??? I wanted to gossip more as I show you some photos of this guy crushing on me..."

Did she say a guy??? Now we talking...

"Does he have abs??? Is he cute??? Does he own a bike??? Is he a CEO??? Does he look cute when he smiles???" I asked excitedly and Sophie just raised her eyebrow with a smile...

"What??? Did I say something wrong???"

"No, you just described Jordan..That means when you closed your eyes, he is the first person that came into your mind..." She teased...

"No, he didn't..." I tried to lie but the embarrassed look on my face sold me out...

"Let me even sleep, I can't deal with you..." I got my legs inside the duvet and covered my face with a pillow.

"Missy, you may try to ignore it but you love Jordan..." She grabbed the pillow from my face...
"I hate you..." I tried grabbing it from her but she threw it on the floor..
"I love you too Ciara..."

Just when we were ready to get comfortable in bed, we heard another knock...

"Who could that be???" I asked...

"There is only one way to find out..." Sophie got out of bed and surprisingly it was granny..

"Hello granny???" She beamed...

"Don't granny me, why is a married woman sleeping in your room???"

We both remained silent...

"Ciara, get out of that bed and go back to your room..." Granny ordered with a straight face..

"Ciara, I said go back to your room..."She butted in...

Arguing with her was meaningless since it felt like she wanted to hear nothing about why I was in that room in the first place...

"Okay granny..."

I dragged my feet out of the room, feeling awkward about going back to my room...I know Jordan will tease me till eternity...

Maybe I should sleep in the terrace??? No, that is also my room and all I have to do is act bold..

I slowly turned the door knob and when I got in Jordan was busy going through some papers...

"I thought you weren't sleeping here tonight???" He asked, his eyes stuck on the papers..

I wish I went to the terrace...Be bold Ciara, don't let him get to you...

"This is my room right???"

Jordan's POV
I felt lonely sleeping without Ciara beside me and so I called Granny to help me out..

The room felt different without her...

Granny is always against married women not sleeping on their matrimonial bed and I used that to my advantage...

As Ciara walked inside the room, my heart jumped up and down in excitement..I wanted to take her in my arms and show her how sorry I was for earlier...

Yes, I am still mad at her but she didn't deserve it...

"Can you get your papers on your side of the bed??? I want to sleep..."

"And which bed are you talking about??? People give orders on their beds and as far as I can remember I own this bed.."

She rolled her eyes and folded her arms,"Where do you expect me to sleep???"

"On the couch....There.." I threw a pillow at her and surprisingly she threw it back at me..

"I am sleeping on this bed and if you don't feel like sleeping next to me, you can as well go and sleep on the terrace..." She walked on the side of her bed and threw the papers on my face," I bet you have an office somewhere in this house..

And the old Ciara was back...I was just teasing her, I knew she wouldn't accept to sleep on the couch..

She savoured into the duvet and turned the other side...

I was tempted to move closer, wrap my arm around her waist and trail kisses down her collarbone ..

"Don't complain, if anything happens tonight..."

Sweet heavens, why did I blurt so loud???

She didn't reply, she just pulled the duvet over her head and I just smiled over her silliness...

It was quarter past one and she was there sleeping peacefully...I tiptoed to her side and stared at her sleepy face..

"Why are you so beautiful???" I whispered, feeling her skin...

"I love peanut too..."She said and took hold of my hand...If that wasn't enough, she turned to my side still holding my hand...

"What is this???" I whispered to myself...Everytime I tried to draw it away, she held it even tighter so I had no choice but to wake her up...

"Ciara???" I shook her but she didn't even flinch...
"Ciara???" I shook her again more vigorously this time...

"What???" She snapped on my face that I was speechless for a moment..

"You are holding my hand..."

"Which hand???" She hadn't realised that she was holding...I pointed at it and the second it dawned to her, she swallowed her words..

"Why am I holding your hand???" She threw it away ..
"I should be asking you, I was going to the bathroom and boom you grabbed it and started ranting how much you love me..."

She placed her hand over her mouth and quickly ran to the bathroom...

"Do you love me???" I asked when I got into the bathroom..Was there ever a chance that she would fall in love with me???

"Leave me alone...." She ordered..

"It's a simple question..."
"Jordan, just go and sleep..." She opened the faucet and rinsed her face...Maybe to her and to me it seemed like a joke but inside me I really wanted her to say yes...

"Just answer me!!!." I twirled her around to face me...
"What's wrong with you???Just leave me alone..."

"I won't.."

"Why do you care??? You said I am your wife on paper.. Whatever I feel is none of your business.."

She pushed me back and since the floor was still slippery I slipped and fell...

There she was laughing hilariously as I groaned in pain..What kind of a wife was she???

In rage, I swiped her feet and she fell on top of me kissing me accidentally...Like a fool in love,  my arms encircled around her waist and gave her a punishing kiss...

Her whole body froze..At first she didn't kissed me back but I smothered her lips with demanding mastering...

Her lips were divine, warm and sweet. The moment I tasted them, I felt like I had been starving all along..

My anger for her instantly shattered. I was ragged with desire...

My hands suddenly begun pulling up her top when she pulled back from the kiss...

"I am sorry...." She stood up  and ran out of the bathroom..I was left there feeling my lips, a new spirals of ecstasy through my body...

i am sorry for the suspense...Just when I thought I was recovering I got worse...sickness will not be my portion. Thanks for being patient with me..Love you all

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    Binta Zakari
    So sorry, get well soon. Yes, may your ink never dry.
  • Binta Zakari picture
    Binta Zakari
    So sorry, get well soon. Yes, may your ink never dry.
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    Mavis Siaw
    Sorry dear, hope you are doing well now
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    Destiny Benson
    Thank God you are ok, how have missed n yarn for this story but thank God you are back safe n sound so don't keep us waiting again keep posting n God will bless you
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    Sorry dear. May you get well soon. You haven't lost your creativity. Good job Fideh
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    Blessing Opeyemi
    The Lord is your strength.. Sorry babe.
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    Get well soon and tnx for the update
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    hahaha this is insane...Ciara and Jordan are something else...crazy and funny let's hope u r back for good dear fideh
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    Welcome back dear have been are healed,Ciara and Jordan most love each other ooo weda they like it or they like it
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