Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 25

Chapter 25

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Ciara's POV
Jaxon had mentioned that whenever he felt hurt or lonely he went to his music studio...

I walked to his music studio and there he was raking his fingers through his hair as  he walked around the room like an enraged tiger.

"Jaxon, why did you not do what we had agreed on???" I questioned walking towards him but the deadly glare he sent me stopped me in my tracks..

"Are you being serious right now???? You are engaged to my brother..."

"It's not what you think Jaxon..." I took uncertain steps towards him, "It's you I love..."

"You love me?? you were using me to get to my brother..." His shoulder was heaved with emotions..

"Trust me Jaxon I love you..." I tried taking his hands but he pulled back like he was allergic to me...

"I don't want to see you again..." He turned his back at me..

The sorrow inside of me was like a knife in my rib... It was hurting to see him look at me with eyes holding total anger . I wanted to explain everything to him and maybe he would understand and help me out this misery.

"I can explain everything you want to know. I had no choice but to do as he wanted..." Tears begun dripping from my eyes...

"All I want is you to look at me..." I twisted him around and noticed he was also crying..
"I thought we would have a thing together but you broke me

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. You and Tabby are the same. Heartless cold manipulative b-tches..."

I cupped his face, "I love you so much and am nothing like Tabby.."

"Nothing like her???" He snapped and held me by the arms, "You betrayed me. You used me. All along you and my brother were dating and here you were making me believe that you loved me" He shook me so hard that I begun feeling dizzy...

"Trust me I didn't know about the proposal. I thought you would be the one on that stage on one knee..."

"How was I supposed to know what he had planned???" He pushed me back that I almost fell on my butt...

"I don't want to see you...Don't ever look for me or anything. After the album launch we are done..." There was rawness of pain in his voice...

"Don't..." His eyes were narrowed, rigid and cold..

You know who was unlucky??? This girl. The guy who I loved slipped through my fingers because  I was busy thinking about the welfare of my family. I wish I was a little selfish. Dad disowned me, why did I have to care about him???

He was okay by himself. He was the man of the family, it's his duty to protect his family...

"Where is the love that you felt for me some hours ago???" I know it was a silly question, I blew up but I needed to know.

I wrapped my arms around his chest from behind and sobbed unceasingly on his back. He didn't push me away but held my hands so tight.
"Why did you do it???"

"I love you Jaxon. I love you so much. I did this because your brother...."
"What in the world is going on here???"Jordan yelled in the middle of my confession...

I walked away from Jaxon's back, blood drained from my face. I smelt trouble.... Jaxon turned around to look at his now angry brother and smiled, "WhatsApp Jordan???"

"Jaxon what are you doing with my future wife??? Hold on, are you two an item??? Did I hear her tell you she loves you???"

"Just tell her to leave me alone..." He wiped his tears away and walked out on us.

"Jaxon wait????" I tried going after him but Jordan blocked my way..

"Where do you think you are going Missy???" He held me by the arm..
"I am going after the man I love so much..."

"Do you hear yourself??? That's my brother you are talking about. He doesn't want you." He barked..
"Yes, I love him and he loves me..."
"Are you crazy??"
"Yes in love...Jaxon!!! Jaxon!!!" I started shouting but lucky him the room was sound proof...

I tried shaking my arm off his grip but all in vain.
"Listen you manipulative greedy fool, I won't let you use my brother to get back at me..You are going to stop acting like a teenager in love and go back to the party acting like an engaged happy girl..."

"What if I don't????"

He slowly let goes of my arm and takes a step back...

"I will ruin you and your family. I will take that land, burn everything in it and build a grand hotel..." He sounded as arrogant as he could be..

"Don't you get bored with the same threats??? I don't care about anything..."
"Begin to care young girl," He placed his hand on my neck, "If you do anything that will embarrass me, I will kill you. You won't ruin my plans..." He started strangling me...

"I can't breathe Jordan..." I struggled to talk but it didn't matter to him..
"I want you to go back there and act all happy.

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. Do you get me???" He ordered and I shook my head...

I had never seen him so mad and terrifying...It felt like the devil himself..
How was I going to survive with a monster for two years???

He freed me from his grip  and I knelt gasping for air.

"You are a monster Jordan, you want me to marry you but keep this in mind I will make your life a living hell that you will regret ever taking me with you down this road.." I threatened rubbing my neck...

"Now listen to me," He lifted my chin up, "We are getting married tomorrow first thing in the morning. I won't take my chances with you...Stand up we have paparazzis and guests to please..."

"Even if you marry me right now and then, my heart will always belong to Jaxon Marcias..." We were now nose to nose..
"I don't care whether you love Donald Trump himself, you are going to be my wife..."

"Can you hear yourself??? I am in love with your brother..."I emphasized since it seemed he didn't understand what I meant.
"Stand up from the floor and let's get back to the party..." He lifted me by the arm...

"I hate you..."
"My love, am glad we are on the same page..."

Jordan was driving me crazy and I didn't know what to do. For Christ sake I was in love with his brother but he didn't care. He didn't seem bothered. Who is not bothered seeing his wife to be in love with his brother??? This guy is weird..

I took a deep breath, practiced my smile and intertwined our hands. When we got back at the party the paparazzis and celebrity reporters ran towards us..
"Ciara, how are you feeling about this???"
"Jordan do you think she is the one???"
"Where did you two meet???"

"Calm down fellows...Yes i know she is the one since I feel in love with her from the moment I saw her...She is a very amazing woman and I wish to spend the rest of my life with her...." How could he lie without glitching????

"Ciara, were you two dating when you were still with David???"
"Is he the reason you are working with Jaxon Marcias???
"When is the wedding???"

I stood there silently unable to fake the I am a happy engaged girl until he squeezed my hand so tight..
"No, David and I have been separated for a while..I worked with Jaxon because my work speaks for itself..and we are never getting married.."

If looks could kill then I would have been died by now from Jordan's glare..
"I was kidding," I faked a laugh and everyone sighed with relief, "We will be getting married in two weeks..."

"Will you leave him at the aisle too???" I saw Jordan gritting his teeth and knew I had to give a wise response...
"Of course not. I love him and I would be so happy to walk down the aisle with him..." If only I could stand him up...

After that people begun congratulating us on our engagement...
"Welcome to the family, sister in-law..." Sophie hugged me...Oooh yeah, I now had to see her everyday of my miserable two years...
"Ciara is going be my sister in law..." Mason was all syked up whereas his twin was there trying to act how happy he was for us but his red eyes betrayed him..
"I am happy for you guys but I need to go..."

"Are you not performing????" Sophie asked...
"I have a sore throat, I will just go to my room..."
"Do you need some medicine???" I could help but blurt out. Yes I cared for him..
"No, I will be fine..."

"Girlfriend or should I call you Mrs Marcias???" Kendi said all excited you would have thought she was the one who got engaged.
"Ciara will do..."
"We are happy for you, can we take a picture of your ring???It looks expensive.."
Lilian stated as her and Vicky jumped up and down excitedly looking at it.

They took pics of my ring and some selfies with me to post on the Instagram...Everything was happening at a supersonic speed. I looked everywhere for Sebastian or Brian but there was no sight of him...

"Well, I can say you played this game pretty well???" Chloe whispered behind me.. Just what I needed to vent my anger into..
"Sister in-law???" I turned around acting all girly and hugged her," I am happy to see you..."

"You kiss one brother and marry the other. I need some lessons girl..."
"Just keep this in mind, I am getting married to the eldest Marcias son and so I will always have  more power than you..Watch your back love..." I pecked her cheek walked to were Jordan was standing with some friends...

"Love I am so tired,can you drive me home???"I placed my hand around his arm..

"Whohhhuu!!!!She is already missing you..." One of his friends teased him.
"We are just crazy in love..." He tried kissing me but I pulled back.
"Baby we can't parade our bedroom matters."
He wasn't gonna show off to his friends with some fake love bullsh-t...
"Okay love, let's get you home..."

We acted all loving and sweet but the moment we got in the car he was all cold and angry again.
"Get enough sleep, tomorrow we are getting married???"
"But I thought it was in two weeks time???"
"I make the rules...And I say what will be done and when..."

Okay, do you think the wedding will happen tomorrow???Let's find out

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  • Gift Maduakor picture
    Gift Maduakor
    this marriage is gonna be awesome... kikiki.. next episode honi
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    patience Nifemi
    Jordan is really crazy why forcing her into marrying u
  • Rukayat Anofi picture
    Rukayat Anofi
    Please kindly drop more episodes tonight
  • Jennifer Aboagyewaa picture
    Jennifer Aboagyewaa
    I hope not and Jordan come to his senses and realize his younger brother is genuinely into Clara.
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    Jaxon is Hurting and His Stupid Elder Bro is The Cause And Is Filrting around.I Wish I Could Murder Him And I Hope The marriage Does Not Take Place.(so Angry And Frustrated)Next Pls.
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    Pls Drop Two More Episode Pls Am Begging you.
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Young Royalty first thing in the morning
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Jennifer let's hope in the future
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    Fideh Mwangi
    @Gift tomorrow morning
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    Fideh Mwangi
    @Rukayat soon my love
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Bloody bastard!!! I'm angry self don't know who to vent it on
  • Eunice Iyanu picture
    Eunice Iyanu
    I'm seriously waiting for the wedding. Well done@Fideh Mwangi
  • Abimbo Aji picture
    Abimbo Aji
    Wonderful story can't wait for the next episode
  • Mercy Osariemen picture
    Mercy Osariemen
    I don't know who to be angry at, Ciara shud have told Jaxon a long tym ago. Anyways I guess Fideh knows Wat she's doing. Keep it up, love d suspense though
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    I am just angry ?
  • Divine Amrachi picture
    Divine Amrachi
    I can't read all this episodes....I can't die of heart break.... I HATE JORDAN...HE IS SO DAMN CHILDISH...HE THINKS HE IS COMMANDING RESPECT... RUBBISH!!!!...Fideh good piece but gosh..m heart can't stand the suspense
  • Ezimorah Onyinye picture
    Ezimorah Onyinye
    Why are my angry ? I just need to slap ciara
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