Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 23

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Ciara's POV
I rolled on the bed and covered myself properly with the duvet to try attract sleep but nothing.

Jordan and his stupid threats kept reappearing on my eyes...

When did I get here??? Was I going to allow him to control my life like a remote???

No, I wasn't willing to let him step on me like a carpet. I needed a plan.. . Nobody messes with Ciara Kimani...

"Dear, I brought your favourite. Cocoa and cookies..." Jane smiled...
"I am not hungry..." I turned over the other side...

"You think not eating is going to put everything in order. You need energy to come up with a master plan. I also don't want you marrying Jordan..."

I sat upright, "I feel defeated, helpless. We are talking about my father's land. He loves that land even more than his children and wife..."

"That's funny..." She started laughing and I gave her a deadly glare that made her cover her mouth..
"Sorry love but are you gonna let him step on you like a carpet??? Take this bullsh-t by the horns and show him he messed up with the wrong cookie..."

Jane would make a good motivational speaker...

"It's 8am and the party is at 7pm...Think baby, think....Were is the unbeatable Ciara??? Right now I prefer the grumpy Ciara than this crying baby..." She retorted.

Jane always knew the words to say at the right moment and she just gave me a plan.

I jumped out of bed, rinsed my face, brushed my teeth, changed into a pair of jeans and a regular jeans...

"Are you not taking a shower???"

"I don't smell..." I shrugged smelling my armpits.
They neither were fresh nor stinky. They were ordinary..

"And your hair???" She asked when she saw me hold my head at a shaggy bun.
"What about it???"
"Your wig????Your hair looks forced into a bun...And you look funny..." She chuckled.

"Screw you..." I ran out out of the house...

Jaxon had told me about a meeting he was having at Tankara resort with one of his sponsors and that's where I was heading

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. I needed his help to get out of this mess..

I ran inside the resort past the security. In seconds they were  behind me like I was a terrorist.

"Don't move!!!"

I looked around for Jaxon in the silent restaurant  and spotted him at a corner looking busy. People had started throwing me dirty looks but I didn't care..Yeah, For a moment I regretted my actions but I had no choice.

"Madam, you have to get out of here now..." The guard ordered taking me by the arm.
"I won't..." I bit his hand and begun running to where Jaxon was. I guess I even dropped a plate from a certain table... I was more of a maze runner running between tables..

By now the number of security guards after me had increased. For a moment I felt like I was a national threat...

Finally I arrived at his table and there he was looking all shocked... I know I was dramatic but what is life without a little drama???
"Jaxon can we talk???"
"Madam, you need to come with us..." Two of them held me by the arms but Jaxon stopped them.

"Ciara???? What are you doing here??? Leave her alone, i know her...." He ordered and they nodded...
"What are you doing here???" He placed his hands on my arms....
"Help you, I need help..." I was panting heavily...

"A minute..." I nodded and he  explained something to the people on the table and turned back to me.
Damn!!!I was restless.

"Let's go up to a private room on the second floor at Mr Hamaki's office..." He held my hand and walked me to the elevator...

In the elevator, there was a tensed atmosphere. He looked a little pissed whereas I tried to come up with a believable story in my mind.

"We are here...." He said in a bored tone..
"I am sorry but I think it was wrong timing...." I refused to get out of the elevator.

"Are you kidding me??? the fact that you almost humiliated yourself it's evident it's urgent..." For once since I knew him he raised his voice at me..

Why are you acting all stubborn Ciara???? Swallow your pride, he is the only person who can free you from this misery...

I got out of the elevator sulking and followed him to whatever place he was taking me...

"What's wrong???" He asked in a more calmer voice.
"Nothing, It was a wrong idea for me to come here..."
"What's wrong???" He cupped my face...

"You yelled at me and that hurt me..."Tears were at the corner of my eyes..
"I didn't mean to, I am just under pressure with the sponsor about my album launch..."

"You know I am here for you right???"
He nodded and drew me in for a hug,"I know my love so what's wrong??"

A sudden cold fear took over me. I didn't want to come between brothers. I didn't want to be the cause why there would be a conflict between the Marcias brothers. I wasn't that heartless...

He pulled me back, "Something looks different with you today???" He scanned me from head to toe...
"I don't have my wig..." I said embarrassingly and he smiled, "Yeah, I always thought you had a long hair. But you still look good."

Now that made me laugh...My hair could act like a steel wool, that's how bad it was.

"Don't lie on my face," I chuckled and he joined in the laughter, "It a little funny especially the bun.."

"Anyway," He got his straight face on, "What made you act like a maze runner???"

"I want us to make our relationship official." I stammered looking down.
"What happened???"
"You said you love me. Are you going back at your word??? Are you not willing to make me your girlfriend???.What about the promises???" I was about to get a panic attack..
"Did you read my mind???" He smiled.

"I knew it. You don't love me. Were you using me??? Yes, you used me. I can't believe this..." My eyes were glassy with tears and he just stood there smiling  his hands shoved in his pockets as I made a fool out of myself.

But he knew what I needed, a kiss to send me to shut mode.
"I wanted to surprise you tonight..."

"What???" I was stunned....
"Yeah, I can't stay away from you anymore. I want the whole world to know you are the future Mrs Marcias..."

"Really, I knew it my love. Don't mind the earlier me, I guess sometimes I get possessed.." Did he buy it???
"You mean crazy right??" I nodded looking away and he smiled,"I just love you the way you are..."

"Yes Jaxon, I will be waiting for you to make the announcement.

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. You don't know how happy you have made me..." I begun plastering kisses all over his face.

"I couldn't hold my emotions together. I want to hold your hand in public. Kiss you under the stars without any worry. Shout to the heavens above, how much I love you..." I sounded more of a poet than a girl in love,"Jaxon Marcias I wanna be the face you see first when you wake up and the last thing you see before you sleep..."

"Your wish will come true tonight...I would love to stay and chitchat more but I need to go back to the meeting. I love you so much my love..." He rubbed his lips on mine before we shared a passionate kiss..

Thanks heavens I brushed, I almost didn't....

"Is there anything else???"
"No, You can get going. I know my way out ..."

When he left, I jumped up and down excitedly singing I don't know what lyrics. Shaking my bum...

I can't wait to see Jordan's face tonight. When he finds out Jaxon and I are dating, he will back off and stop threatening me.

It's a win win situation... I always knew I was smart...

When I walked out of the resort, I felt like stucking my tongue out at the security guards and shout, "On your faces dudes.."

But I had humiliated myself enough for the bloggers to create a story....

I couldn't wait for Jane and I to take over tonight's party with a bang. I was going to officially be Jaxon's girlfriend.

On your faces David and Jordan...A bunch of losers..

It's getting hotter and juicier my people. Jaxon's plans to introduce Ciara as his girlfriend to the world tonight whereas his brother plans to propose??? This is going to be fun....

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  • Gift Maduakor picture
    Gift Maduakor
    gan gan... suspense is too muçh.. next please
  • Ojulari Adebowale picture
    Ojulari Adebowale
    Hmmmm oyah who gonna win this league..... I can't wait for the next episode
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Gift new episodes tomorrow
  • Loveth Dennis picture
    Loveth Dennis
    Hmn can't wait
  • Nana Esaaba picture
    Nana Esaaba
    Can't wait either and de suspense is great
  • Hellen Opeyemi picture
    Hellen Opeyemi
    As in,am just jumping up and down in my room after reading this.. Next please
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    Tomorrow will take away your suspense
  • Cutedreamer picture
    I pray Jordan doesn't beat Jaxon to it
  • Jennifer Aboagyewaa picture
    Jennifer Aboagyewaa
    I am in on the drama. Bam!!
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    What of if Jordan beat Jaxon then Jaxon will feel betrayed so Ciara is suppose to tell Jaxon na.. Fuck that 'I don't want to cause fight two brothers' who cares wen the Senior want to destroy your life
  • Shirley Demi picture
    Shirley Demi
    Well d story is attitude meets arrogance abt her and Jordan
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Ayomide ??????
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Ayomide hahahaha
  • Amina Onaghise picture
    Amina Onaghise
    now.... let the Saga begin..
  • Ruth Onyemauwa picture
    Ruth Onyemauwa
    I Love you Fidel,....please dont allow jordan to win,he doesn't deserve her..
  • Maame Konadu Fredua picture
    Maame Konadu Fredua
    With the title one would probably think ciara and Jordan would end up together
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    @Maame hahaha
  • patience Nifemi picture
    patience Nifemi
    hmm so two brothers are about to proposed to ciara this one na real gone oo
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    I will jaxen will announce first. How ever twit goes the two brothers will end up enemies
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    This is gonna be a party to remember,I pity Sophie coz her party is gonna be ruined!
  • Happy Godfirst picture
    Happy Godfirst
    I pray that jaxon will first introduce ciara before the stupid Jordan will come up with his
  • Michael winful picture
    Michael winful
    It's really going to be a nite to rember with all the dramer & paparassi. I just can't wait to see what will happen.
  • Godson picture
    Please don't let this drama end up here,, I'm desperate to seeing drama on the screen, this is the kind of movie I like to see
  • Fatty picture
    The party sure gonna make news
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