Addicted - Episode 2


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Hey greg,; she purred as she entered my office......she was putting on a short red dress.....showing her massive br*ast, red high heels and red lipstick.....she hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheeks....leaving a red mark on my tan cheeks. 

hey susan; i said...eyeing her seductively.


ok, ok...lemme recap..coz y"all must be kinda confused.


my name is GREGORY ROBBINSONS..... i am a badass CEO....I am mean, cruel, and extremely hot...yes i am hot...argue with your keypad.

I spent almost half of my life in abroad....i met  susan when I was 21...that was 7years ago when I first came to nigeria....she captivated me with her s*xiness...she has this plump lips, olive skin, s*xy eyes, and mmassive b*obs....just enough for me to drool. I have never felt this way with all the girls I slept with abroad....she's a monster in bed...s*xually appealing...makes me want her more....just her voice makes me get hard on.....i was gonna marry her...but she left me for my father's friend, Mr PHILLIPS......i was heartbroken....but i couldn't stop thinking about to keep things in check....she promised to divorce her husband....but for the meantime...we decided to keep our relationship a secret.


back to the present.

she winked at me while she slowly takes off her gown.....i was speechless....this woman was gonna be the death of me. she wore a red hot lingerie underneath her gown,,,i shivered at the sight before me.....she cleared my table while keeping an eyecontact with me......then she lied down like a snack ...ready to be devoured.....I couldn't resist any longer....I pulled down my pants to have a taste of the s*x goddess......don't as me about it was rough and juicy.


After the s*x, she was about leaving when I grabbed her arm.....

Its been 2years promised me that you were gonna divorce him within are more than 18months late susan....i am still waiting for you honey,....I don't wanna keep us a secret anymore....I wanna marry you susan...please.


she laughed evily and turned to me.....oh poor greg....I am doing this for us baby...he has been diagnosed of cancer...he has a little time to live....after he's gone...we will both acquire his wealth together.


I forcefully took her hands from my can a woman be so wicked?,.....I cant do that..I cant take another man's wealth with mine....that will be unfair to his children,.....susan this unfair..I have more than enough to feed our generations to come.


My decision is final greg....I can't leave till he dies...the man gets richer every minute.

Then I have no choice than to put an end to this relationship; I said softly.

She scoffed; you can't do without tasting me greg......and with that...she stormed out and slammed the door.


What have gotten myself into?.....I need to come up with a plan ......if not i'd be the one begging this woman back.....I need to get distracted with another relationship.....but who can that be?

Who will be the perfect woman for this?



My people, how una dey....can we all see where this is going?

next episode coming soon.

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love u

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  • Logan Kludge picture
    Logan Kludge
    I av read a story love like this at wattpad, the man will enter into agreement with his secretary to act as girlfriend
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    The secretary is his only option....Susan seems to be a treacherous woman,actually SHE is the cancer eating up Mr Phillips,....Greg better start sleeping with one eye open!
  • Nkinzi jane picture
    Nkinzi jane
    nice story but @logan kludge... I have also read a story like this on this chapter.. it's almost the same as the one I read.. really similar
  • Harriet picture
    @logan and jane......this is a work of my imagination not another author's story............thanks
  • Magzilyn picture
  • Samagidi Victor picture
    Samagidi Victor
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