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There is something about kel...i cant just lay a finger on it...this minute, she's all quiet and all about the contract...the next minute, she's s*xy and all about giving me boners and ditching me after. I know she feels something for least, we've kissed very well in public and none oof it feels like fake....i don't think i am the only one getting butterflies in the stomach when we kiss.....but i am not sure....shit! this is frustrating.

I am at work now...but i can't think of anything except her....i cant even get her outta my head....

wait! this what charles is always talking about?

i was different with susan.....everything was about her body,.....but kelsey....she's, she's f*cking different....

yea! i trip for her body 100%.....who wouldn't?

But i dont want her body....i want her....

scratch that...i need this woman before i go insane.


Leaving me with a boner this morning wasnt a great idea kel......

I smirked!.....i am so going to tease you that you will beg me feel the inside of you....

I am gonna make you want me kel

I'll make you get wet without even kissing you.

I rounded up my work....and called her to come to my office.

she came and we went out for lunch together.....we ate and talked as if nothing happened in the morning....

she was eyeing me suspiciously but i covered every suspection with a smile.....

After a while, we headed home......

she went to her bedroom and i went to mine...

I called my butler to give the maids one week off...including him.....

I also called my PA that kelsey and  I won't be around for a week...

seeing that no one was around......i freshened up with an antiseptic gentle bath gel.....

I didn't dry my body when i came outta the bathroom.....i wore a grey sweatpant, creamed my curly hair to make it more shiny and took some strawberries from my mini fridge and put them in a paper plate.......then i headed for the room opposite mine(kelsey's room).

i knocked....and i heard her tiny but s*xy voice "come in".


I smiled then entered.... shocked was an understatement when she saw me......

greg....what are you doing here?; she asked

oh babydoll!.....have you forgotten that this is my house....and i am your that means you're mine...for lets say......9months and 2weeks now; i said with a wink.

she gulped; this is a bad idea greg....the contract sai-

i cut her off...i love bad ideas kel....bad ideas are the best...

I just  came to return the was nice of you to give me icecream in the morning; i winked.

greg i just...

Before she could speak...i placed the strawberry on her lips......i squeezed it and the pink juice stained her lips and dropped on her chest......

oops....i guess i'd just help you clean this; i said seductively...

she was nervous and speechless.....and i knew that me being shirtless is making matters worse.

i bent and licked her chest slowly...she released a soft moan and i smiled before moving to her lips.....

i licked her lower lips slowly and i knew she was trying to resist.......ignoring the electric sparks ....i proceeded to lick it with more intesity....this time, she couldn't she pulled me to her and kissed me....

Instead of kissing her back....i pulled away..plastering a fake shocked expression on my face.

I just wanted to help you clean your lips kel....if you wanted a could have asked....

With that...i winked and stormed out of her room....leaving her shocked!




I couldn't sleep......i was hungry last night but i couldn't go to the kitchen to prepare something for myself,....after yesterday's encounter....i didn't wanna see greg again...i cant even look at him....i grabbed my phone and i saw a message from him....saying 'we both won't be going to the office for a week'....

great! just great!

he wants to taunt me for a whole motherf*cking week?

What a jerk!

I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up....

I got back to my room and i got a message from Mr Peter, the butler.....that he and the other workers were given a week off by greg.....that i should take care.


God! this is gonna be one hell of week.

Since i wasn't going to work....and i can't hide from the devil for good 7days.....i need to come up with a paln to taunt him.

the last time i went to the gym room....i saw a dancing pole there....i actually learnt pole dancing back in high school.....i was one of the best then.....and i know i still have my charms......

i wore a white transparent cotton jumper and a black bumpshort, i did my nude makeup and i walked barefooted to the gymroom with my speaker...making sure that gregory was nowhere in sight.





I woke up to the sound of a loud pop music...

I groaned......who the fuck is disturbing my sleep.....putting my boxershort on....i stormed outta my room to check where the sound was coming from....tracing it, i found out that it was coming from the gym room...i opened the door...and i couldn't believe the sight before me.

there she was strip dancing on the pole....gracefully and s*xily.....this woman is gonna be the end of me....

her eyes met mine and she smirked...

she held the pole and started twerking....shaking her ass to the rhythm of the song...

why did i come here in the first place?

i tried to move, i couldn't

i tried to say something, i couldn't

i even tried to think of something disgusting in order to stop my dick from nodding....but the thought of her just overwhelmed me....


i did what needed to be done....

i walked towards her, pulled her waist to me.....

the smashed my lips on hers....

i am making love to you this morning kel...i swear.




konji is a bastard

i so much love greg and kelsey.....

the next episode will be strictly 18+...lets be guided

rate, like comment guys.

i love you.






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