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Last night was the best night of my life, i woke up seeing the most beautiful woman sleeping like a baby......snoring softly.....her head was on my chest and hand, well...was on my abs,....this woman seems to like my abs very much....she didn't take her hands off it all through the night....even while she was sleeping.

i carefully relaced my chest with a piilow....and my abs with more up, brushed my teeth, put on one of my gray sweatpants and headed to the kitchen. i was about preparing oancakes when my phone rang in my pocket.

it was my mum.

hi mum; i said cheerfully.

hello beautiful was your night?

it was amazing mum...and yours? was ok....your father and i were thinking if you and kel could spent a few days with us, starting from tomorrow at the beach least to get to know her well.....and to plan your engagement party.


what! engagement party?

but we have only been dating for two months mum; and i have not even proposed yet.....


proposal or not, both are having your engagement party on friday and that's final...make sure she invites her parents....i'll see guys tomorrow.

She hung up.

Part of me was happy coz i was ready to go any length with kelsey...but part of me was scared...what if she rejects my proposal....

I can't let this ruin my mood....i plugged my earpiece and started listening to my migos album while i prepare breakfast for my babydoll.




My head was laying on something soft...and my hand was on something soft as well.....i remember greg's chest and abs hard as a rock...not soft like a pillow....wait! what?...a pillow?.....i opened my eyes and saw that it was a pillow....

Did he leave already?...was the sex that bad?

Jeez! he's gonna dump me...i panicked....i went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth...took one of his tshirts and put it on....i didn't bother to wear any underwear since it was stopping at my mid thigh.


I felt my stomach growl as i percieved the smell of strawberry pancakes....

Hmm!..are the cooks back from their one week leave?

Wait!...did i sleep for one week....

After the event of last night...i won't be surprised if i truly slept for a


I made my way to the kitchen and i saw his back....his tan huge athletic sexy back muscles contracting as he was cooking gracefully....

I wrapped my tiny hands around his waist and i heard him chuckle.....

He turned around and kissed my forehead before kissing me on the lips.

good morning babydoll

morning baby; i replied.


He dished our breakfast ...while we dug in.

We are going to my beach house tomorrow..

Oh; i said, while stuffing pancakes in my mouth.

Yes!....but we have today all to we'll go shopping, watch movies.....cook dinner together,....and maybe i'll get to eat you for dessert.

I blushed red as he said that.

My parents are throwing a party on saturday....they asked me to tell you to invite your parents....

I don't think you have anything to worry about since this is no more a contract; he winked.

I smiled and nodded.....

But something tells me that something big is waiting for me at that party....and its either for the worst or the best.



Who is following me to the beach house o?

Let us pack our bags...we are following them?

i just love greg and kel.

like rate and comment guys.

love you

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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