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Empty and void

That was how life was until God said
"Let there be light!!"

My life was darkness... itty...pitch dark

You know the saying you'll only miss the light when it's burning low.....

I realized that....
Too late and unlike the night there were no stars as substitute!!!

It was a dark night..... rain drops fell and the crickets chirped a song of pain.

 I sat in the car looking out at the dark trees and forming horror pictures, I reclined in my seat.

Dad was driving and mom was crying.

I would really miss home
and when I tried to look back and take a glimpse I realized darkness had taken everything away from me.

"Dad I want to go home"I cry.

"It's no longer our home.. . we're going to our new home"Dad smiles.

"No...Daddy...I miss my friends"I said

"I believe you'll make new friends there"He said.

"No I'm tired of leaving when I've made new friends...I want to go home"I scream.

"Nica listen to your Dad"Mom croaked.

"No!"I said before I could think and I held the steering wheel.

"Monica what are you doing!"Dad breaths.

"Either you let me drive or take us home!"I said.

"Nica listen to your father"Mom says.

I refuse and Dad tries to stir it..

The inevitable happened so soon....I didn't expect it in that span of time.

The car summersaults and hits a tree.

Dad dies on the spot.

"Dad!"I screamed shaking him vigorously my white dress covered in blood.

"Daddy I'm  sorry... wake up...please...."I scream.

Dad does not reply and when I hold his hands it drops back.

"Nica"Mom says in such a weak voice and I crawled to her sobbing.

"Don't blame yourself I and daddy will always love..."She says weakly and stops...
her eyes close.

"Mom!"I scream shaking her trying to wake her up.

"Don't leave me alone you and daddy can't die!!!"I scream.

"Mommy...Daddy...I'm sorry..

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. let's go to our new house... please"I cry...

I manage to get out of the car limping my leg is fractured.

I cry in the rain... sobbing my heart out when I heard a whistle.

"Someone is coming..."I mutter and manage to hide behind a tree.

A young boy my age walks to the car and stops.
He takes a look at mom and dad and shakes his head

"Ayee they're dead"

His hair is so full he has to shake his hair to avoid it from reaching his eyes.

I take a look at him and then I know my darkness..is over and I've gotten my substitute light.

"I can see you... come out"He says.

I crawled to him crying.

"You are very hurt are those your parents on the car?"He says and I nod.

"I will go and get help"He says.

"No.. you won't come back"I scream.

"I will get my mom"He says and putting his hands in his pocket brings out a necklace.

"What's that?"I ask.

"It's my mom's I will come back for it"He says.

"please don't go"I cry.

"I promise"He holds his chest.

"If you go you promise to return?"I ask

"I promise"He said his hands on his chest and runs out.

I sit on top the car shivering...

I put the necklace on and shivers..

I start feeling power drain out and while I slowly drained out.. the rain beating against my skin
I thought of his long hair..
and his promise..


But I didn't Know that this event was the beginning of series to come..........

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