Tears Of Summayah - Episode 56

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Two months later. 

Jennifer was feeling sick, her mother advised her to use the pregnancy test kit since it was all symptoms of pregnancy. She used as it was instructed and it came out all positive. They had a smile plastered on their faces because this was a great opportunity for them to force Jamiu in getting married to her. She quickly took her phone to call him while her mother did the same to call Mrs Aminat to give her the good news of their children . Jamiu picked it up almost immediately. 

Jamiu:What's up darling. 

Jennifer:I am good, guess what? 

Jamiu:I am bad at stuffs like this, just tell me. 

Jennifer:Can you believe this, oh my goodness Jamiu.

Jamiu:I will never be able to understand girls, just tell me already na. 

Jennifer:I. Am. Pregnant. We. Are. Going. To. Be. Parents. 

Jamiu:Wh...What do you mean? 

Jennifer:What do you mean by what do i mean? 

Jamiu:How.Can.You.Be.Pregnant. We didn't plan for this right? You know i use protection everytime, how can you be pregnant? 

Jennifer:We both had been intimate with each other, what do you mean by we didn't plan for this. We both know that i loved you to have agreed to have s*x with you, i came all the way from Sokoto to Abuja most times to satisfy your s*xual desires so that you won't go out to do it with other girls

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. We both loved it and it also quenches my desire and now you say we didn't plan for this. There are lots of time you didn't use it just because we can't wait to satisfy ourselves, can't you remember?. Well it has happened and if you have not planned before, you better start preparing. 

Jamiu:We would find a solution, okay? You have been a great girlfriend to me and i cant ditch you like that, i was just surprised to know that you are pregnant. I will come home soon. 

Jennifer:Better because i can't even wait to have you all to myself. If possible tonight, i am not myself anymore, we both need you. 


Jennifer:My baby off course... 

Jamiu:I can't wait to be by your side too darling. Be save and extend my greetings to aunty, i will be back home soon, in sha Allah. 

Jennifer:(She smiled filling fulfilled) Bye, sweetheart. 

Jamiu:I will call you back, take a lot of rest. (He hung up) 

(Jennifer turned to her mother, she was still trying her number which wasn't going through. She tried again and luckily she picked it up.) 

Mrs Aminat:Salam Alaikum.

Yusrah:Walaykum salaam. 

Mrs Aminat:How is my daughter doing? 

Yusrah:So,she is the only one you can ask of and not me. 

Mrs Aminat:Sorry dear. How are you both? 

Yusrah:We are good and you? 

Mrs Aminat:Alhamdulilah. What made you call me early in the morning. Hope all is well? 

Yusrah:It's nothing serious, our children are going to be parents very soon, we need to start preparing for the wedding before anything else. 

Mrs Aminat:Jennifer is actually pregnant? 

Yusrah:Yes, we are going to be grandparents very soon. 

Mrs Aminat:Subhanallah, we have to keep it a secret from everyone else. You know how people talk and i don't want my beloved amarya to be stressed out by unnecessary questions. 

Yusrah:That is why i called so that we can start preparing the wedding and all other ceremonies. It must be lit, first we are friends becoming families. 

Mrs Aminat:Alhamdulilah, I am so excited. Tell her to come to Jamiu's house since she has the keys, we would meet there in sha Allah when i am done in the shop. I can't wait to see her and please don't stress her in any way. 

Yusrah:Okay, i will. 

(She hanged up the call, moved closer to her daughter with a big grin on her face. She hugged her, there and then Jennifer knew it was a good news. She wasn't scared of what the outcome would be because they were all by her side.) 

Yusrah:I am so happy for you my dear, we finally got what you wanted. I told you, didn't i? 

Jennifer:You did and i can't be successful with my plans if you didn't support me. You have always been the best and i can't wish or pray for a better mother than what i have gotten. Thank you so much, right now i have Jamiu and his mother loves me wholeheartedly, no body can separate us and if anyone ever tries to do that i will make sure i eliminate them out of my way. 

Yusrah:I will never allow that to happen, think positively from now on. Everything is now in our favour. Before i forget, she told me to convey the message to you that you should go to Jamiu's house since you have the keys, she would meet you there when she is done with her sales. 

Jennifer:Okay, i will go get ready. Bye mum. 

Yusrah:Make sure you are careful and act responsibly. 

Jennifer:Okay mum, i will. 

She quickly dressed up and left for his house. After 20 minutes, she was at the door, she opened and made herself comfortable. She went into his room since she was getting bored and his mother would only be there in the evening. She decided to watch a movie, she was lucky that the electricity was restored. She searched through the set of films, she glanced through them and settled on watching pornography. It was normal for the both of them to watch before going into Zina. 

According to them, it was something that sparks their s*x life and desires. Jennifer missed him more as she watched the movie and she needed someone right away, Jamiu isn't the only guy she sleeps with, she had another boyfriend that replaces jamiu when he is in school, he has been his girlfriend before jamiu and Jennifer reconciled. It is no big deal for her to be dating two guys, she called him immediately and he told her he would be there very soon. She texted the address to him, in no time he was standing at the door knocking. She happily opened the door for him forgetting Mrs Aminat might arrive at any time. 

Jennifer:Baby.(She hugged him tightly) 

Kaleed:What's up. 

Jennifer:I'm good. 

Khaleed:Have you done what i asked you to do or you are still adamant? 

Jennifer:I told you i can't abort the baby, i had to lie to my mum that i didn't know why i was sick. She confirmed it that i am pregnant, the other guy will have to suffer for it. He accepted it, all i need now is for you to accept me because i can't wait anymore. We can have fun anytime, you are all mine. 

Khaleed:I see, well i don't want to be a father and i am happy you got to give the title to someone else. I am all yours too baby. (He glanced at the TV screen and he was wowed) You are going to be hot tonight, I Swear to... 

Jennifer:(She kissed his lips) Don't say any other thing, i am running out of patience. 

Khaleed:I can't wait too, you are an expert. 

Jennifer:You taught me well. 

(They couldn't hold on anymore, khaleed later carried her into Jamiu's bedroom half naked. They were already engrossed in their shameful act when Mrs Aminat entered the living room seeing it all scattered and the door open. She thought Jennifer has been harmed but she sensed something was off, a guy's shoe, trousers and a lady's underwear was seen on the floor. She was already thinking of the possibilities of what is happening but she brushed it off. She proceeded into the room and she caught them in the act, she screamed loudly. Jennifer stood up quickly, he pulled her back to his body.)

Mrs Aminat:What is all this rubbish i am seeing. Jennifer, how dare you betray me like this? (She tried to slap her but khaleed held her hand before pushing her and she landed on the floor with a thud.She winced in pain) 

Khaleed:Why is this woman destroying our perfect moment. 

Jennifer:Ohh, she is the mother of that dumb boy i am actually planning to get married to. 

Khaleed:I see. (They kissed each other) Why is she ruining our moments. 

Mrs Aminat:I have to tell my son all this, right this moment. 

(Jennifer stood up as Mrs Aminat tried to leave the room. She started crying to cause a distraction for her before dealing with her, she had promised herself to take away anyone that wants to separate her.) 

Jennifer:Mother, please forgive me. This is a mistake.

Mrs Aminat:You call this a mistake when it is obvious you two are in your right senses. (She was about to walk through the door when Jennifer dragged her on the leg, she signalled khaleed to come help her.) Let me go right now! 

Jennifer:Mother, i am sorry. I can't let go right now because you will ruin all that i have planned for. You will stop me from marrying the love of my life, i won't allow that. (She said mockingly) If i kill you right here, nobody will ever suspect me. 

Mrs Aminat:I can't believe this, you are already insane. 

Jennifer:Yes, I am. I successfully eliminated Summayah out of his life, yours will be a lot easier. You can't ruin my plans. (Khaleed dragged her into the bathroom as she struggled on his hold. They filled the bucket with water before dipping her head into it, she struggled but they overpowered her and it made her very week. They removed her head, she successfully slipped out of their hands to run for her dear life when they hit on the head and her back with a metal severally. She fell to the ground waiting for her own death, before closing her eyes she regret everything she has done till today. She hoped her creator could forgive her for her cruelty.) 

Jennifer:What should we do now? I think she is still breathing. 

Khaleed:Let's kill her completely or rush her to the hospital. 

Jennifer:If i decide to kill her, i will be questioned. We need to take her to the hospital. 

Khaleed:She will expose us if she recovers. 

Jennifer:I will plan on what to do next. 

Khaleed:My car is packed outside. 

(They dressed up and carried her straight to his car, he drove off to the hospital. She was rushed into the operating suite, Jennifer called Jamiu to tell him the news. She also called her mother.) 

Jennifer:Hello, Ja...Jamiu. (She faked her tears) 

Jamiu:Hello, what happened to you. Are you alright? 

Jennifer:I am not. Actually your mother...

Jamiu:What happened to my mother?


Jamiu:Just tell me what the problem is, where is she? 

Jennifer:She...we were together when some guy barged in, they requested for some money and she tried to fight with them. They hit her on the head with a rod or something. 

Jamiu:They didn't hurt you? 

Jennifer:I...I was in the bathroom so they didn't see me at all. They left with some of her money and i quickly rushed out. Thankfully i saw a guy that decided to help me, we brought her to the hospital but she is bleeding so much. I pray nothing happens to mother, you have to come back as soon as possible. 

Jamiu:Oh no, just stay calm. Everything will be okay. I will be in sokoto very early in the morning since it is already late, please don't be scared okay? Take care. 

Jennifer:I...I...hope so. I will call my mother too so she will stay with me and she can talk to the doctors if they need anything. 

Jamiu:Thank you. (He hanged up)

(She smiled to herself for a well done job, all she hoped for is to hear from the doctors say that she is dead. All her troubles will be gone too, she quickly told her mother what happened and she told her she will be there very soon. Jennifer went back to Jamiu's house to take away any evidence that can go against her, she made sure the house was lacking any evidence before going back to the hospital. Her mother was already there and she explained what happened to Mrs Aminat, Yusrah thanked Khaleed for helping her daughter to the hospital.) 

Yusrah:Thank you so much son, there are still good people that help. If it was another person they would have just ignored my daughter. 

Khaleed:It's nothing ma, i am happy to help. I have to go now. 

Yusrah:Okay, take care. (She turned to Jennifer) Excort him to his car. 

Jennifer:Yes mum. 

(She quickly walked out of the hospital with khaleed, they both laughed when they were out of sight.)

Jennifer:Thank you so much dear, i pray the woman never gets to see any day light after today. 

Khaleed:Amin love, she ruined our moments. I will see you very soon. (He hugged her before entering his car.) 


(She watched as he drove off and he was out of view, she went back to the hospital planning on how to cry on the day Mrs Aminat will be buried. Well her mother taught her many ways and she will be using one of her skills that day.)

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  • ibrahimjamilah22@gmail.com picture
    First to comment ,,,yeeeeeeyyy now the truth will soon prevail since Mrs aminat knows Jennifer well now and our dear summaiyah shall be set free,,,,
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    The evil that men do lives with them but I hope she survives because I want all of them to pay for what that innocent girl went through. Nice one
  • Zarawu Iddris picture
    Zarawu Iddris
    Gradually gradually the truth is coming out...thank God
  • Olasumbo Ayodeji picture
    Olasumbo Ayodeji
    Payback for Mrs Aminat.....Karma is a bitch
  • Grace Oluohu picture
    Grace Oluohu
    Mrs Animation is reaping what she has sown but I pray she doesn't die but suffer more than that
  • Preciousgift Oganya picture
    Preciousgift Oganya
    She can't die yet ooo... The truth has to come out for all of them to know. Nobody is dying until they've all suffered and known the truth
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    This is just d beginning,, they will never know peace for wat dey did to Summayah.... The truth shall surely prevail. More episode pls
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    Jenifer,your cup will soon fill and I wonder what will happen then
  • chijay picture
    Truely, mrs Aminat is reaping wht she sowed, but she can't die now. There is more to reap. Pls keep it coming.
  • Amina Onaghise picture
    Amina Onaghise
    am not sad about this at all. she deserves everything she got, such a wicked mother. I hope she stays alive and tells the truth.
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    This was not how I expected her to find out who Jennifer truly is. But it servers her right, though she was deceived at first but she was so quick to judge summaya. I pray she survives and confess her own part.
  • Timi picture
    @ Ucheoma Rufus Can you tell me how you imagined her to find out?
  • Young Stella Maries picture
    Young Stella Maries
    Good for Mrs Aminat,you're gradually reaping what you sow,as for you Jennifer you will suffer
  • Busairi olabisi picture
    Busairi olabisi
    Keep on dear But don't delay
  • Adefugabi oluwayemisi picture
    Adefugabi oluwayemisi
    Kudos sis but the tension you put us is very high.kindly reduce it NY uploading more episodes. Thanks
  • Idris Taiwo picture
    Idris Taiwo
    Nice one
  • Abdulsalam Aisha picture
    Abdulsalam Aisha
    Indeed pay back time for the wicked ones
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