Tears Of Summayah - Episode 45

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Summayah was sleeping when Dr Maryam entered, she noticed how restless Summayah was even in her sleep. Beads of sweat has form on her head and she was mumbling about something. Dr Maryam knew it was her usual "Nightmare", she called out to her gently.

Dr Maryam: Summayah, wake up. 

Summayah: Just leave me alone, don't take my baby away from me. Jennifer...

Dr Maryam: (She lift her head, sat down before placing it on her lap.) Shushh, wake up . Nobody is here to take your child away from you. Just open your eyes and you would see how save your baby is. 

Summayah: (She opened her eyes and looked at the whole room but couldn't see any sign of a baby) Where...is...she? I told...you...she...took...her...away. She...ran...away...with...my...baby. 

Dr Maryam: Come back to your senses. 

Summayah: I...have...to...look...for...her. (She tried to stand up but Dr Maryam held her hand.) She...is...going...to...hurt...my...baby. 

Dr Maryam: Your baby is here with us. 

Summayah: Where is she? 

Dr Maryam: (She put her hand on her stomach) In there. 

Summayah: (She remembered it was not even nine months and everything dawned on her. She wrapped her hands on her stomach protectively.) She...is...still...in...there? 

Dr Maryam: (Smiling) Off course Summayah, your baby is perfectly okay

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. You should not let this people you dream of everytime affect your health, it is high time you forget about their existence. I know they have hurt you so much, it is a wound that cannot heal easily but think about the safety of your unborn child. You have the right to be happy and those people you dream of everytime are somewhere enjoying their lives, they already forget that you exist or you shared a bond together.

Summayah: (Trembling) I also want to be happy. I want to be like every teenage girl out there. I want to be free, i left them but i still suffer. They have tortured me that i can't get rest, those memories still hunt me. Why am i blamed for every little thing that happened, was is it because i am a girl? I was punished for the crime i didn't commit, physically, s-xually and verbal abuse. Why can't i be happy all my life? 

Dr Maryam: Shush, we are all here for you. We are ready to help and make you feel happy. Trust me, we would love to listen to everything you have to say. 

Summayah: Thank you for everything you have done for me. I also want to hold my baby very soon.

Dr Maryam: In sha Allah dear, that is the joy of every expecting women. That day would be a day of joy for you when you hold your little baby in your own very hands. You would forget all the pain you've gone through. May He make it very easy for you.

Summayah: (She hid her face in her palm) Amin. 

Dr Maryam: So, Summayah_you are going for ultrasound today.

Summayah: Ultrasound? What is it used for?

Dr Maryam: Ultrasound (also called sonogram) is a prenatal test offered to most pregnant women. It uses sound waves to show a picture of your baby in the uterus (womb). Ultrasound helps me to check on your baby’s health and development.

Summayah: I...i...don't...want...it. 

Dr Maryam: Why?

Summayah: I know how painful it is going to be, i don't want injections again.

Dr Maryam: (She laughed out loud) Summayah, it doesn't involve any injections. It is painless. 

Summayah: (Her face lit up) Really?

Dr Maryam: Yes, I will apply a warm water-based gel to the area of the body being studied. The gel will help the transducer make secure contact with the body and eliminate air pockets between the transducer and the skin that can block the sound waves from passing into your body. 

Summayah: Wow.

Dr Maryam: Ultrasound can be a special part of pregnancy—it’s the first time you get to “see” your baby! Depending on when it’s done and your baby’s position, you may be able to see his hands, legs and other body parts. 

Summayah: I am ready to do it, i want to see my baby move.

Dr Maryam: Calm down, i know even if it requires injections, you would have done it for your child's sake. You would have endured the pain, just to see how your baby is doing in there. That's why you will be a great mother to your child because you have stayed strong only for her. 

Summayah: Lol, you are already calling her with "Her".

Dr Maryam: Remember, you also used "Her".

Summayah: Very true, i would have endured anything for me to see her. Alhamdulilah, i don't need one. (She smiled) 

Dr Maryam: You are also going home today.

Summayah: Yes, i am very excited and nervous at the same time. 

Dr Maryam: Why?

Summayah: I am meeting a new set of people and environment too. 

Dr Maryam: You are not going to your parents?

Summayah: I don't have one, bro uthman is giving me a space in his house and i would love to meet his daughter. I will have someone to play and talk with. 

Dr Maryam: That is great. 

Summayah: I pray they love me...

Dr Maryam: Off course, they would. His family members are very friendly.

Summayah: Really?

Dr Maryam: Especially his mother, she treats people with respect. You will be fine.

Summayah: If that's the case, i am happy to be part of the family.

Dr Maryam: I just wish i could be part of his small family too. (She thought out loudly, audible for Summayah to hear.)

Summayah: You also want to be part of the family?

Dr Maryam: Uhmm, i...i... (She stammered)

Summayah: (Raising her eyebrow)Oh oh, now i understand. You have a soft spot for bro uthman? 

Dr Maryam: Shushh, that's not true, i...was...just...trying...to...say...hmm. 

Summayah: (She laughed) See how your face says it all, so tell me about it now. 

Dr Maryam: It's nothing. (She faceplamed)

Summayah: There is no need for you to be shy, you can tell me. Trust me, it is going to be our little secret. 

Dr Maryam: Are you sure? 

Summayah: Yes, there is not a crime to like someone. It is the way you handle it that matters. 

Dr Maryam: When i told my sister about it, she just laughed like it was something that isn't pleasant. She said it is nonsense and i should just marry someone else because he was once a married man and he has a daughter. 

Summayah: She should have spoken nicely to you. 

Dr Maryam: She doesn't hide her feelings and i am used to all of that. I guess she is just concerned about me, like first love never dies. She said that i may not be loved or i will always be his second choice. 

Summayah: Sis, everything is going to work out well in sha Allah. Just pray to Allah, if you are destined to be together. Nobody can stop you. I see you love him genuinely, i will also talk to him about it. 

Dr Maryam: No, you can't. 

Summayah: Why?

Dr Maryam: It will be embarrassing for me. 

Summayah: I won't tell him about your feelings for him. Only recommendation and advice him to get married. How about that? 

Dr Maryam: Thank you. 

Summayah: I don't know if he would be upset but i will try my best to talk to him. 

Dr Maryam: I will also pray to Allah to make it easy for you. Just convince him and... (She heard someone knocking) Who is there. 

Uthman: It is me, can i come in? 

Dr Maryam: (She quickly stood up from her seat) Ye...yes, come in. 

Summayah: (She smiled to herself watching Dr Maryam stammering, she whispered to her) Take it easy.

Uthman: I can see you are chit chatting, so tell me about it.

Summayah: We were actually talking about... 

Dr Maryam: It...is...nothing...serious. (She quickly cut in) Summayah, get ready for your ultrasound. 

Uthman: Tell me that something that is not serious.

Dr Maryam: Uhmm...

Summayah: It is something related to females, you still want to know? 

Uthman: Have you forgotten i am a doctor too? 

Summayah: I know, we were talking about ultrasound. I didn't know what it means and she was explaining. 

Uthman: Ohk, i got you the wheelchair. (He wheeled it closer to her.) 

Summayah: Thank you so much. I can finally go out to feel the breeze after so many days. 

Uthman: I will see you in the evening after your ultrasound so that we can pack your things before heading home. 

Summayah: Okay. I will be ready by then. 


It was 5pm when Dr Maryam came back for Summayah, she placed her on the wheel chair_and wheeled her out gently before closing the door. 

Summayah: Dr Maryam.

Dr Maryam: Yes?

Summayah: Are you sure it is not painful at all? 

Dr Maryam: I wouldn't lie to you now, it is painless. 

Summayah: Okay.

(On getting there, she carried Summayah on the bed and she laid back. Since she was wearing a shirt and blouse, it made it easier for Dr Maryam to go ahead.)

Dr Maryam: You have to fold your blouse. 

Summayah: Why?

Dr Maryam: I have to rub a gel on your stomach.

Summayah: Okay(She did as she was told.) 

Dr Maryam: (She applied the gel and placed the transducer on her stomach.) Ready? (She noticed Summayah was closing her eyes) Open your eye and see your baby. 

Summayah: I can't bring myself to look at the screen, i am scared. 

Dr Maryam: You shouldn't be, she is your blood. Look at how your baby is healthy. (She continued with her work)

Summayah: (She opened her eyes and looked at the screen in front of her, a tear slipped out of her eyes and more came as she saw it move) My...child, she...is...mine. 

Dr Maryam: Yes, she is your child as you have said. She is your flesh and blood, look at her tiny hands and legs. She is the one you have saved from dying, the baby you have suffered a lot for. 

Summayah: (She let more tears flow freely__memories of the past flashed back to her.How jamiu had told her to abort the baby and how they have all tortured her for saying the truth. She smiled) Alhamdulilah for Allah's guidance. I would have killed my baby and regret all my life. Even if i did it, they will still torture me for being unfaithful. I just wished he was here for me, by my side and he can just tell me "Don't worry, everything will get better with time" or "We would get through with this no matter what happens." It is just a fantasy, just a fantasy. 

Dr Maryam: Summayah, you should be happy. We are here with you, good term deserves another. Everybody love your good nature.

Summayah: Thank you for the love and care, your heart desires will be granted, in sha Allah. 

Dr Maryam: Ameen dear. 

(In no time, she was done. She placed her on the wheelchair and went back to her ward.) 

Dr Maryam: Take care of yourself and your baby. You should come for regular check up too, well i will explain everything to Dr Uthman. You are just in fourteen weeks, don't even try to do any hard work. I trust him, he is not going to allow you do anything. Make sure you eat a lot of fruit, it helps your baby grow healthy. 

Summayah: Yes ma'am. This is just like giving instructions in school. 

Dr Maryam: Lol, it is an order from me. I will also bring you a gift and i am sure you would love it. 

Summayah: Really? I despise surprises but i would love to see it. 

Dr Maryam: Why?

Summayah: I think too much and i become anxious about it is. I am willing to wait for yours though. 

Dr Maryam: (She moves closer to her, kissed her on the forehead before hugging her.) Take care my dear baby sister.

Summayah: Take care too sissy. Make sure you come visit me. 

Dr Maryam: I will. (She released herself from the hug and moved to the door when uthman came in.) 

Uthman: How was it? 

Dr Maryam: (Lowering her gaze) She is very much okay. I have to go.

Uthman: Bye.(Turning to Summayah) We have to get going right now. 

Summayah: I am not done packing. 

Uthman: Iman did that already.

Summayah: I didn't notice at all. 

(He wheeled her to the parking spot and she got support from him into the car. When he was sure she is comfortable, he folded the wheelchair before placing it in the booth. He drove out of the hospital and off they went home, Summayah who was still scared of what is awaiting her there couldn't stop thinking about his family's reaction when they see her.)

Summayah: Will they accept me? 
What if they throw me out like they all did. 
Where will i go to from here? 
What if they say things about my child or about my upbringing? 
What will i do? 
Am i going to be loved or despised?
Whatever the case may be i would have to accept it, at least he saved my life and that is enough for me. I will be forever grateful.

(Summayah was still in deep thought when the car came to an halt. He gently placed her wheelchair and opened the car for her before giving her support. Getting to the door, he opened and she can see how beautiful the house is. She was very nervous.)

Dr Uthman: Salam Alaikum (He shouted) 

(What he saw next was his mother who was glaring at him, it scared him. Summayah was terrified and she wanted to run as fast as she can.) 

Dr Uthman: Mother, what...

Hadiza: Who is she?

Dr Uthman: She...

Hadiza: Just answer me. (She shouted) 

Summayah: (She wanted to be swallowed by the ground right there at that moment) This is another trap, I am dead. Allah save me from here. (She thought)


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See y'all soon,  in sha Allah.

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  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Doctor Uthman did not tell his mom b4 taking her home? That was not good enough & what if his mom did not accept her? I hope she finds solace there, nice one
  • Timi picture
    @ Favour Abhatue He was too busy but he should have just called her. I pray she does too. Thank you so much for reading.
  • Ndahi Juliana picture
    Ndahi Juliana
    I tot her trials were over. Hope the mother will accept her cos she has suffered a lot. Nice one keep it coming.
  • Amina Onaghise picture
    Amina Onaghise
    thanks Timi. it's getting more interesting. I hope uthman mum accept her and am guessing she is summayahs mum who abandoned her, well time lol tell. next please
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    More interested, I think Dr Uthman make a mistake for not tell her mother before he bring her home. I hope his mother accept summayah bcoz she want to alot. Thank you timi..
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    I just pray and hope Uthman's mother accepts Summayah ooo
  • Oladapo Titilayo Akinola picture
    Oladapo Titilayo Akinola
    How I wish the story continue,it seems Sumayah knows the woman before.
  • Timi picture
    @ Oladapo Titilayo Akinola It will continue :)
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Pls let the episodes keep coming, we love this story and would love to read it everyday, waiting far long for it reduces the excitement and makes it boring. you have such a nice story dear, kudos
  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    Wallahi, it isn't boring and I really really really love this novel. Keep it coming
  • Jimoh Ganiyat picture
    Jimoh Ganiyat
    Please keep it up everyday, hope hadizah accept her
  • Jimoh Ganiyat picture
    Jimoh Ganiyat
    Please keep it up everyday, hope hadizah accept her
  • Crownwealth picture
    I hope her case is not from frying pan into fire..i pray hadizah accepts her o
  • Tochi Enyinnayah picture
    Tochi Enyinnayah
    Haba Timi. U know we love this story. Pls continue oo. I need next episode ooo
  • Alice Alaba picture
    Alice Alaba
    I Pray Dat The Mother Should Accept Her O
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    It's interesting just sv
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Dying of suspense.weldone Babe
  • Julian Kits picture
    Julian Kits
    It becomes more interesting every day thou d long wait makes us lose interest otherwise continue w d good work girl
  • Young Stella Maries picture
    Young Stella Maries
    Dr,you should have let your mom knows about it ooh summayah you will find favour in Jesus name Amen
  • patience Nifemi picture
    patience Nifemi
    thanks for the updated interesting episode
  • Olasumbo Ayodeji picture
    Olasumbo Ayodeji
    I hope dis is not another phase of suffering for Summayah, I'm scared oo
  • Amma picture
    uthman should have informed his mother u can't just bring someone in this condition to your house just like that!!
  • Dooyum Ternenge picture
    Dooyum Ternenge
    May God have mercy on Summayyah.
  • Teema Zarma picture
    Teema Zarma
    We're enjoying it ok
  • Vikiy picture
    its very very interesting but it long wait make us lose interest. keep the good work. i totally love it.
  • ibrahimjamilah22@gmail.com picture
    Suspense filled oo,,,,I don't think Dr uthman's mum will accept her ,,,more episodes please
  • Kelly C. Philp picture
    Kelly C. Philp
    May God help you Summayah
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Lovely story story ,but let sumayah be able to find peace there.
  • Hope Dominic picture
    Hope Dominic
    Please the mum should accept her. The story is interesting. Please be uploading more because as your timing time it will make us lose interest.
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