Not My Crime - Episode 4

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They greeted themselves with each person, having lots of questions to ask. Michael has been on Ella's case for some months now, wanting to make his mark on her life like he's been doing to most of the female artists. Now, here she was, in the arms of another man. And even D already knows about them already? He shook his head and tried to remain calm while looking at the stranger who was busy stroking Ella's weave on.

Unlike Tricia, dinner was a quiet one. They only spoke when spoken to except for the director and the handsome stranger who looked like they had a lot of catching up to do.



I had longed finish my food but Frank was still busy, chatting away with my director instead of eating . I whispered to him that I'll be in our room since I'll be shooting later that night. He pecked my forehead and I excused myself from the group before walking away. 

I was already in front of my room when I heard my name. I turned and it was Michael, taking fast steps to meet up with me. 

"Sorry Mike, I didn't know you were following. What's up?" I asked

He looked at me like he would look at his wife before enveloping me in his arms. It didn't last long though cause I wriggled out of his arms

"I've missed you babe

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. How've you been?"

"I'm fine Mike."

"So tell me why you've been rejecting my calls and not replying any of my messages. And the very moment I'm seeing you, you're wrapped up in the arms of an upcoming actor. Come on Ella, you're bigger than that."

I stifled a laugh

"Mike, he's not an upcomer."

"Then who the hell is he? I was only quiet back there because I saw his rapport with director. I won't accept that next time."

"As? My boyfriend or my husband? That man there is my fiance. I've actually been ignoring you cause I want to tell you to your face Mike. I have a serious relationship going on and I'm happy with it. Stop the whining about you and I getting involved. I'd really appreciate that."

He stared at me like I was loosing my mind before nodding and walking away. He said nothing and I was happy. At least, he'll get out of my case and let me be. I unlocked my room and got in, praying to round up from here within three or four days.



She rejected me. She f**king rejected me. I downed the vodka in my glass and had a refill immediately. I love this girl. I've already pictured her in my future and we looked perfect together. Why would she reject me? Her fiance is handsome, I won't negotiate that but I'm good looking as well. I'm not just an actor but I'm an importer as well so I've got the dough. What else? Why would she reject me? I downed the content of my glass and flung it to the wall. This is not happening to me. It can't be.



I wiped a stray tear and focused on the dancing liquid in my glass. He didn't even say a word to me, not even a hello. He was either talking to director or stroking her hair or pecking her palms or forehead or any stupid part of her body, while I watched them. 

She walked into my life and took everything away; my shine, my spotlight, my name, my fame. I won't let that slide, no. I drank from my glass and I felt the tingling sensation between my legs. It always happens when I'm tipsy. I cried out in frustration. They'll be in their room now, feeling each other's bodies to their feel while I'm here, crying my eyes out. I downed the entire content and stood up, I'm sure Micheal would be free now. While I make plans to make this cute stranger mine, I better hold onto the man who seems interested in me now.



I felt him beside me and I snuggled into him. He stroked my hair and we shared a kiss

"Just sleep alright. Uche said you guys will start in the morning. I know you need enough rest."

"Awwn!" I kissed him and relaxed on his chest

"Thanks baby. I really need that rest."

"I know Bambi. But there's one thing we've not done." He said, sitting up.

"Prayers. I can't forget."

He smiled at me as we both knelt down to say our rituals.


There'd be mistakes in this episode cause I had to type fast. It's not been long I came back from work and decided to drop one for you guys though the encouragements are not coming. Good night y'all.
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