Not My Crime

Not My Crime is a story of Ella, a girl who struggled to make a name in d industry, fell in love and out of love. Don't ask me how. Just stick with me and we'll get there

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    • Not My Crime - Introduction

    • Hello everyone. It's good to finally be able to pen down my own stories here too. I'm a huge fan of so many writers in this platform and am I nervous? Yes I am. But we'...
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    • Not My Crime - Episode 1

    • Ella My PA could be a fool sometimes. I'm almost in Asaba for my next job and she's still in my house looking for the script of the one I just finished somewhere...
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    • Not My Crime - Episode 2

    • Frank I went through all the necessary procedures and gave out a sigh of relief after I stepped out of the airport. Things we do for love. I love my woman and I'm wi...
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    • Not My Crime - Episode 3

    • Ella I threw my arms around him immediately we got into the room and he showered me with kisses. He had called the moment he got to the reception and I'd gone to bri...
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    • Not My Crime - Episode 4

    • They greeted themselves with each person, having lots of questions to ask. Michael has been on Ella's case for some months now, wanting to make his mark on her life like he'...
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    • Not My Crime - Episode 5

    • Ella The rest of my stay was awesome because Frank made it so. I paid no attention to Tricia who was always glaring at me nor Michael who all of a sudden found me irritat...
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    • Not My Crime - Episode 6

    • Michael entered his sitting room, surprised to see Tricia waiting for him. The maid had informed him that a lady was here to see him. His thoughts never went to...
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    • Not My Crime - Episode 7

    • Ella I got into the house just as Lucy was coming out. "Hey, where went you? Where's Kaima?" She asked, looking tired in her work clothes ...
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    • Not My Crime - Episode 8

    • FRANK It was past midnight but I wasn't getting any sleep. I had a presentation to give the board tomorrow and I was not satisfied with what i had in front of...
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    • Not My Crime - Episode 9

    • Two Days Later. Ella and Lucy walked out of the mall carrying shopping bags. It was Lucy's birthday and they wanted to do a little gathering with few friends later th...
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    • Not My Crime - Episode 10

    • Lucy and Kaima got to Mike looking very breathtaking. Lucy was dressed in a silver gown and black heels while Kaima was in a little black dress and silver boots. ...
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