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At the end of the first stage in the quiz competition, Daniel Chisom was disqualified. As for Adura and Ayo, they went into a tiebreak to know whom will progress to the second stage.
“In this tiebreaker round, the first to provide a wrong answer will be disqualified”, the quiz master explained before the start of the round.
At this very moment, every student believed that’s the end for Ayomide Cole except two. Bukky never doubted and Bayo’s faith began to build up . At first, Bayo didn’t expect her to have up to 6 points in the first stage not to mention scoring above Daniel. It was then he totally believed in her and really hoped she wins.
Ayomide was now feeling less tensed as her classmates cheered her on. She believed in herself like never before.
“Contestant two, your question”, the quiz master interrupted her thoughts as he made to read her question. “Find two consecutive numbers such that five times the smaller number added to three times the greater number makes 59. You have 60 seconds to answer”.
After 40 seconds, Ayo was still solving and sweating profusely.
‘Come on! I know you can do it’, Bukky muttered.
“Do you still believe in her? Mrs. Folarin asked a worried Mr

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. Dammy.
Mr. Dammy didn’t answer. He didn’t know if he still does. He knew she can do it, but she’s taking more time than required, hence, the doubt.
“10 seconds left”, the quiz master began the count down. “9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4…”
“7 and 8”, Ayo shouted just before the countdown elapsed.
“Correct”, the quiz master announced without wasting much time.
Ayo’s heart was pounding heavily after she answered the question. She wished in her mind that Adura answers wrongly to her question but her thoughts were wrong. Adura provided the correct answer almost immediately the question was read to her. They both continued providing correct answers to the questions asked for 4 consecutive time. It was Ayo’s turn now, the quiz master read out her question and… 
“42”, Ayo answered after about 50 seconds. Time was always running out on her. It’s obvious she is not fast in solving and hence provide answers late. 
“You are absolutely wrong”, the quiz master said after Ayo. “The correct answer is 15”. He proceeded to Adura, “Your question contestant 6, three-quarter of a number added to two and half of that number gives 13. What is the number?”
36 seconds later, Adura arrived at an answer she wasn’t sure of. She was nervous, her palm sweaty. “4, No! 8”, she faltered. “Please the question again sir”, she pleaded knowing fully well that the time would not be paused.
The quiz master repeated the question but by then she had just 3 seconds left to answer. Out of frustration, she chose 8 as her answer.
“Wrong, the correct answer is 4”.
Adura was furious. She became tensed. Ayo, on the other hand was glad, she comes herself lucky. Irrespective of how both contestants felt, the quiz master read out the question for the next contestant.
“Your question contestant two, if five times a number is subtracted from twice the square of the same number, the result is 63. What is the number?”
“7”, Ayo answered late again.
“Correct”, the quiz master approved. “Your question contestant six… “
Adura’s question was read out and the quiz master awaited her response but none was forthcoming even after 40 seconds. The whole hall was silent. Even the quiz master kept mute.

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. They were all surprised and this made some of them to start loosing faith in her. Nervousness was written all over Adura’s face. Her hands were beginning to shake and she couldn’t solve properly. ‘I can’t loose to a JS 1 student’, she kept saying to herself.
“9… 8…” the quiz master began the countdown. Tears flowed freely on Adura’s cheek but that didn’t stop the countdown as she would have wished. “3… 2… 1 and time up”.
“Do you have an answer?” the quiz master demanded from Adura.
“No sir. I don’t”, she replied to the disappointment of her classmates and class teacher. They didn’t expect that a one-time runner-up would be beaten by a JS 1 student.
“Okay then Ayomide Cole you have qualified for stage 2. Congratulations”.
Ayomide was pleased with what she just heard. On the other hand, she felt sad for Adura as she left the stage in tears. “Thank you sir”, she said at last.

How do you feel about Adura loosing

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