Hatred is overrated - Episode 1

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Josh's POV

Hurry up d*ckhead; my sister yelled from downstairs while I was busy styling my short brown hair. Frustrating Ariel was one of the things I liked doing best, I loved it when she got all worked up coz of me. I combed my hair slowly for about 5minutes before I proceeded to adjust my clothing's. It was a really cold January, not to worry though, I love winter clothes, it made me look like a badass . I wore a black thick round neck, a grey hoodie with the picture of lil Wayne at the front and a black denim jacket, I wore a black skinny jean and a pair of red air Jordan, yeah! Totally badass. I took my backpack from my bag rack(don't you dare call me a girl) and I took my carkeys on my shelf. I made my way slowly(emphasis on slowly) downstairs, Ariel was glaring daggers at me and I just chuckled.

Hey kiddo, miss me?; I teased with a big smile as I ruffled her hair.

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. Well of course, this made her more annoyed. I really loved getting reactions out my little monster of a sister. The fact that my taunting got her all the time made me wanna do it more.

She slapped my hand away from her hair and that earned her a deep chuckle from me

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. I hate you Josh; she whinned as she went into the living room to take her backpack. Bye mom; we yelled simultaneously as my mum was still in her bedroom resting, she had just came back from a night shift, she was a nurse.

Bye babies; she yelled back, and I could hear the tiredness in her voice.

Joshua, please take it easy with easy with selene today, I heard the poor girl just recovered from malaria; she yelled again.

I sighed and rolled my eyes; OK mum.

I turned to look at Ariel and she was already giving me a death glare.

What?; I asked her as we proceeded to our garage.

I don't understand the hatred between you and selene, I have asked her too, so many times, and she said she has no idea why, but she knew you can't stand eachother, and she said you hated her first. This means you are the cause of everything, just tell me why you have always hated her Josh, maybe you guys have this s*xual tension going on. You might even settle it with a heated make out session or even s*x; Ariel ranted.

I glared at her as I unlocked my black Audi, not wanting to say anything about what that bitch did to me, I changed the topic; what the f*ck do you know about s*x Ariel? Have you started having s*x? Who the f*ck is cocksucker sleeping with my sister?; I yelled as I got into my car. She looked at me as if I have grown two horns on my chest; she just huffed and entered the passenger's seat.

Seat belt please; I said in a cool voice as I drove out of the compound.

So out of everything I said; you only held the fact that I mentioned s*x?; she deadpanned clearly irritated by me.

But I wasn't having it, the way she had mentioned s*x angered me. I couldn't imagine my sister having s*x at the age.

She was just 16 for crying out loud.

Listel Ariel, you are not allowed to have a boyfriend until you graduate from the university, and that's final.; I Stated as a matter of fact.

She looked at me and snorted; if I didn't know any better Josh, I'd have considered you a role model for what you just said, but the fact that you dump girls at least one in a week after you have slept with them is an irony, the funniest part is that most of those girls are my age mates and I know most of them have big brothers like you, have you ever considered that?; she asked with a chuckle, it was clear that she was mocking me. 

Her words stung like a bitch, but I couldn't let her win.

We're here; I replier cooly, as if she hadn't been talking to me in the first place. She just huffed and got out of the car to sit at the back seat.

What are you doing? I asked and she smirked. Since I am sitting at the back sear, selene will have no choice than to sit in the passenger's seat, this'd be the most interesting 15 minutes journey to school  ever; she shouted with a glee.


God, are you sure this is my sister?



Hi guys

What do u think about Josh and Ariel

Can you compare Ariel to our sweet Annabelle in hate is a strong word?.

Rate like and comment.

Love u

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