Death's Game - Episode 13

The end?

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I picked myself up from the tarred ground. Did Derick leave me on the floor? I groaned and dusted myself. Something was weird with my surrounding, I couldn't place it yet but it didn't stop me from taking careful steps. I glanced to my sides and that when I noticed concrete walls that stood tall and high like they touched the sky with a small cut out square like a kind of window. Was I still on my planet or was this some trick I thought as my eyes caught a blood red moon . I shivered in fear but kept walking till I heard voices. I stopped abruptly with my back resting on the wall close to a door. At first it sounded like they spoke gibberish then I began to understand.

"We shall bring all of Death to their knees, kill them so we have enough souls to feed on"

"Yes my brothers. We have starved so much feeding on rotten souls of animals. Enough is enough" he roared the crowd cheered. "It is nearly time we unleash the Eremius to the light." Approvals were heard.

"What were they talking about. I moved slowly to the door of the room to peek inside. The place was lite with candles. Hard glass as walls and in the middle stood a cockpit where a man with a white goatee and bald head spoke up.

"I understand, but how do we pass their eyes because once they know, our race will dwindle and I can not accept that"

Oh shit

I had no idea what they spoke about but what caught my eyes were the fangs he spoke with. Nope, not like the vampire sexy two fang setup, this was like a setup of shark tooth placed in a man's mouth.

"yes my Lord but we have a plan." A man with a dark ponytail spoke turning to the crowd as if seeking consent

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. I couldn't make out his face, I could tell the gleam of his teeth under the blood moon which he used to enforce something that looked like a grin.

"Go on Dubs" their lord said stroking his goatee as everyone else in the room murmured their approval. How could so many people have fangs. Another shudder of fear went through me. I wanted to run and scream 'Get away from me evil beast' and then beg shamelessly for them not to drain me, or eat my flesh, or whatever they did with those teeth but like a curious girl I stayed to know the rest.

"Thank you" he bowed to the crowed and his lord "we have a spy on the inside, somebody who hates deaths laws, who wouldn't hate deaths laws. He has been leaking Intel to us and concluded that the best time to strike would be when the students are chosen in the academy at the time of the two moons."

Their lord was in deep thought stroking absent mindedly at his goatee but Dub spoke further. "They will be too busy celebrating the new promoted and their guard will be down but there is also something interesting" This picked everyone's interest including mine. "On that two moon, it is believed that their powers would be lost"

Suddenly the crowed burst into loud chatter and laughter

Really, that was how they choose to laugh? I get the whole conquer the world thing but this was taking it far with the witch on a broom laugh. So old school. I rolled my eyes.

"Who are you" A male voice startled me making me jump away from the door. I spun in fear with eyes closed

"I'm sorry, don't kill me, or eat me, or suck my blood" I stuttered with hands raised in surrender. He laughed and I slowly opened my eyes. He was already walking away.

"We don't eat or suck blood"

"You sure" I said with doubt remembering the gleam of their teeth, he ignored me signaling me to follow. Its not like I trusted him but it was better to fight with one than a whole pack of them.

We got into a room and he closed the door. My body moved to a defensive stance automatically in case he tried doing something inhuman. Well he wasn't human to begin with. He laughed again.

"You are a funny human although you don't smell like one" he paused "and just so you know it's souls"


"We suck souls"

"Oh..." wait i'm still in danger, that is if I still have a soul. I glared at him but he simply ignored me and pulled out his hands

"I'm Pete". I eyed him carefully and took a step to meet him stretching my own hands to clasp with his
"I'm Milianda" we shook.

"What is this place?" This was definitely not where I come from.

"This is Clamlet headquarters" he said proudly. I raised a brow. Was I supposed to know?
"And where is this exactly, are we even still on earth?"

"In a way, yes"
I kept my confused face on, he sighed "it's like a parallel world" I was still confused. "You humans live on your earth, we paranormals live on ours"
Oh, I get it now.

"It's my turn to ask a question" he said eyeing me from head to toe, I shrugged suddenly self conscious

"So how did a soul get here" he asked.

What? How the hell could I be a soul. It was a huge mistake, he needed to look again.
"I cannot be a soul, i'm not dead" I mumbled and looked at him in disbelief but that was when I really noticed his features. Woah!

His body looked tanned like caramel, a golden brown. His eyes a deep shade of grey, his nose firm, lips pink and to crown his hot features, he had long brown dreads that he pulled up. My mouth nearly watered till I glanced at the fangs he called a teeth.
Okay. Back to business.

"How exactly am I" I poked my very poke-able skin "a soul" I sighed "and if I am a soul like you so claim me to be, do I deserve to come to hell or whatever this place is" I waved my hands signifying where ever this place was "where they drain souls" I shouted at the last part. Then a thought hit me. Shit. Maybe this was punishment for the two people I killed or was it four.

Pete looked as confused as I was. He must have thought I had known something. "Well, this is new" he peered up "what was the last thing you remembered?" He collapsed on the seat closest to him and invited me to sit. I did gladly too exhausted from standing and the cold. I couldn't even remember how I got here all I remembered was Derick and the dagger.

"I remembered, my boyfriend and I were being chased by something with clear white eyes, black cloak and hollow mouth" I tried my best to describe it. I still didn't trust him but if there was a way out I was going to use him.

"That shouldn't be possible" he said as his finger twirled a dread. "If you are right" he looked up at me "that will be an Eremuis"

I heard that at their meeting. Is that what they are trying to unleash.
"Eremuis" I tasted the name. Pete nodded.

"They consume everything in their part. How did you escape it?"

"As you can see, I hardly escaped it. It tore at my back. I twisted my body to look at the wound but there was nothing and it didn't hurt. What is happening.

Pete got up in haste rushing over to a stack of books that laid on the floor whispering names to himself "give me a minute"

I decided to look around and there was nothing worth viewing. It was a small room with a small bed in white covers, a wardrobe and a stack of books on the floor. Basically, I will title him a nerd. Boring.

"I have seen it" he called out holding up a black book before flipping the pages like he knew exactly where to read. "It says when the Eremuis inflicts it's prey with a wound their souls are lost to its last place of visit till the soul depletes never to be reborn"

I was in deep shit. That was what I concluded.

"Isn't there away I could be saved. I can't be gone"

"Yeah, yeah i'm not through" he flipped the page and read. "None, can be saved unless already bound by death" his face confused "I do not understand"

I think I do but I wasn't going to tell him that. I shrugged.

"How exactly did you know I was a soul" I diverted the topic "am I blue-ish?" Such a stupid question.
"Not so" he laughed I nearly forgot the fangs they called a teeth. He continued "except for your weird set of teeth, you smell tasty" he just said my teeth were weird, what a shocker plus he added I smelt like cake. All this I interpreted in my own language.

"Um, tasty? How exactly do I smell?" I said with caution.

"I don't know, you don't smell completely human" he came closer and began sniffing.

"What the hell" I jumped back "I don't taste good" I threatened and he laughed again till suddenly he stopped.

"The counsel are out" I heard footsteps too. "Quick hide in there" he pointed towards his wardrobe. I will make sure you aren't found"

I got into the arranged wardrobe and he closed the doors as the door opened.

"Pete my son"


"The meeting has been concluded as you can see and I thought a quality time with my son will be well deserved"

"Sure father, let's head out"

"Wait" what was going on out there.

Read " Eve " by the same author ( Amy Maduka )

. I heard shuffling and footsteps approaching where I hid. "I smell a soul"

"A soul?" Pete chuckled "It must be my new cologne" Pete countered so easily "I thought smelling sweet will do no harm especially for the ladies"
I really needed lying lessons from Pete cause even I would believe him if I wasn't the soul hiding in his wardrobe but then again the word 'sweet' sent an uncomfortable shiver through me and the word 'cologne for the ladies' made me want to giggle. till I heard the door close behind them.

After making sure no one was in the room I opened the dresser doors, peeked out before releasing my body from the confines of the wardrobe and as much as I would have liked to stay in this safe place called Pete's room I knew I couldn't stay for long after all Pete had bought me time. So I found my way out of the door and into long corridor. At least I have to start somewhere. I sighed and began running, hoping my feet would take me away from this place, back into Derick's arms.

I spotted two turnings, left and right and I choose left, I had never been so unlucky. Three buff men holding a staff spotted me from a distance and with teeth gleaming they ran towards me. I spun on my heels and went the other direction but four more guards greeted me. I guess I was lucky when I found three but now it was evident I was done for. How could I escape the two approaching parties from the left and right with a wall at my front and back. I had no where to go,I was going to die and I knew it but it didn't stop me from alerting the hive of the soul sucking people.

I was doomed after all.
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