Death's Game - Episode 12


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Previously on deaths game

"Shit" nope that wasn't human. It was like a cloaked fog, black with white clear eyes floating on air. Then it screeched with razor sharp teeth in a hollow mouth.

"F**k it. Run Mil"

Derick didn't have to say it twice. We were one with the wind.


The glowing moon or the flicker of the street lights didn't aid the race for our lives initially and It almost became apparent that our eyes were adjusting to the night . Go super power. 

We ran with all our might, something we never did cutting corners as the THING chased.

"What the hell is that?" I whizzed "Death didn't warn us about that". This was too weird because the closer it got to us the more nature affected us. For example our godly stamina returned to our human like stamina, the weather affected our already cold skin.

I looked towards my back to tempted to stop myself and the THING had it mouth wide open still chasing us. Well more of like gliding towards us.

"How would I know!" Derick exclaimed pulling me by the hand.

"Since when did you not know things" I shouted watching the path we took as we ran.

"Since now" he shouted back. This wasn't an angry conversation

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. This was what you called full blown suprise crowned with stress. Where was death when you needed him?  I cant believe I just used 'needed' and 'Death' together .

Run faster pawns. 

He came to save us. Death came to save us, I sighed in relief 

I'm so... I processed the information clearly somehow. Wait... what?

This situation. Right here. Creates panick.

The almighty death was telling us to run. Something wasn't right. I turned to Derick briefly about to explain the situation but it didn't seem necessary, he was as shocked as I was. 

"Shit" we both cursed.

Can't we kill it? I paniced at the thought of that hollow mouth. It could swallow me whole.

There is a specific dagger that most be used.

Then again isn't this your game? I just had to ask.

Although this is entertaining, I certainly do not want to see my pawns die by another creatures creativity.

How reassuring. (Note my sarcasm)

Just make the dagger appear. He stung my head. I winced a little.

Don't be stupid, as you can see am in your heads
I swear I could tell death was rolling his eyes.

'Where is the dagger' I heard Dericks voice too close for comfort. I wasn't complaining but since when did we talk telepathically. I was too exhausted to be too shocked.

That is the question. I rolled my eyes as he praised Derick and received another sting. The dagger should be at the cemetery downtown.

I looked back again peering into those white hollow eyes that pulled me in causing me to stop. My feet rooted firmly on the ground and from my side eye I could tell Derick had  pulled into an abrupt stop.

"What are you doing Mil, don't stop" Derick groaned.
I can't move. That was what I wanted to say but all I could do was stand, look into its eyes and wait for it to consume me.
I felt so useless. I didn't like it but I couldn't do anything about it.

Pull her away. Deaths voice rang in my head as well as Dericks because he grabbed me by the arm into his chest but the THING had lashed out with claws that dripped green slime.

Derick acted immediately falling to his back with me on top him. I rolled off him fast and attempted to pull Derick up

"Get up, get up" I chanted but immediately Derick stood the claws rushed foward.

"Watch out" I shouted even when he stood close to me. My heart was racing fast. Derick spun on the air away from it and I ran forward ready to dash away with him but the creature was also fast and calculating. It swung his other claws towards a landing Derick and my body acted of its own accord. I wrapped my arms on Dericks waist before he completely landed and pulled helplessly since this 'THING' acted like a vacuum sucking at our powers. Nevertheless I pulled desperately manuvering him away from the THING earning a scrape of his claws on my back. I winced a little.

"Are you OK?" Derick asked but we were running again. I just nodded and ran at his pace. "We need to get to the cemetery"

"I agree"

We cut out the corner and was back on the road. People taking a walk some kissing, smoking, drinking without batting an eye at the THING that followed us but giving us mocking stares.

"They can't see it" Derick said my thoughts.

"And it doesn't seem to be interested in them" I added. "Plus they probably think we are crazy" I sighed

"You know, this is the time I wish you were chasing me, telling me you would catch me as red hearts floated in the air, illuminating pure love" I said dryly.

Derick plunged into laughter. He nearly fell.

"You watch to much cartoons that another reason I love you"
I chuckled then again I wanted to slap myself for not being serious. We were under attack and we were laughing. I guess we make the best out of the horrid situation we fall into. A smile tugged my lips as I focused on the road.

It wasn't long I spotted the beat up gate entwined with dead trees. "The cemetery" I sighed in relief.

"So where is the dagger" no answer
"Hello Death, you there?" We were getting really close to the gate.

I don't know.

What? I stopped abruptly.

So we are going to die. I screamed in my head you dare not sting me, this is your fault. Silence. So now you are not talking. I groaned and looked back. It was close.
Derick grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the cemetery and as he dragged my unmoving body.

My eyes went to work roaming every single item I could find, even the dry bone beneath my feet. Then something glistened at the corner of my eyes.

I pulled free from Derick's hold and spun to catch another glimpse, I couldn't find the source but I could feel it. Feel the peace and warmth that massaged my bones. In that moment I didn't care if I died. I relaxed.

"Can't you feel it" I sighed in satisfaction.

"Feel what?"
Why was he so jumpy. "I don't know" I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Do you know where it's coming from?" He asked again this time stern.
Then it occurred to me. It was pulling me in, singing to me.

I turned slightly to the side, jumped a tomb stone, began humming then my body swayed to the unknown beat. My head dipped back like I welcomed kisses then spun foward greeting my chest. My body buzzed with rythm. My hips swayed seductively as I walked towards an angel statue like I had found what I wanted and mocked the figure. I was scared for myself and when I laid eyes on Derick, he looked dazed drinking in my body as well as my movements. She smirked. She was back. She trailed her fingers from the chest of the angel statue down to were a sword sheath rested between both hands as it's wings enveloped the body. I thought it was a dagger?

Suddenly she broke the sheath and in her hand was the dagger. The dagger shone under the moonlight. It was beautiful, it looked complete in my hands adored with precious red stone on its hilt and engraving of something that looked like fire and a strange symbol I understood. 'Play with fire' . It was mine but before I could do anything about it Derick grabbed the dagger and ducked. I had forgotten my surrounding. It felt like I had found my precious tool and he just took it. I wanted to scream and so did she but I held it back and watched Derick fight the THING. Each step was graceful. I had never seen him fight. He ran towards it swiping its cloak as he glided to the floor avoiding the slice of the THINGS claws while it screamed in agony as a burst of light ate away the cloak.

I was proud at the way they both worked. My dagger and Derick. I leaned comfortably on the angel and observed the fight some more.

Read " Eve " by the same author ( Amy Maduka )

. It was almost one sided till Derick lost his footing and called to my attention.

"Back me up here"

"Since when did you need my help" I retorted playfully after managing to suppress her. That 'THING' was becoming troublesome with each blow it took by the dagger. I really need to ask death what the bloody hell the THING was.

'You ready?' Derick spoke telepathically again and like the last time I was in no mood to ask questions. I just let out air and positioned myself at the back of the creature while Derick distracted it.

'Catch' Derick spoke in my mind again and then I caught a glimpse from his eyes when he threw the dagger. I jumped immediately responding to the time Derick threw it and the buzz that rolled of the dagger. It had missed me. I could tell.

I caught it and heat rolled into my entire body. I was excited again and as fast as I could descend I positioned the blade in the air and from the back of the THING I slashed to the end of its robe. It burst in beautiful yellow and blue light leaving nothing but a few sparks and ash.

"You were awesome" Derick's voice brought me down from my high while I panted in ecstasy and ran my fingers on the dagger.

"Yeah, well you_" I couldn't complete the statement, pain erupted in my body like acid eating at my flesh and intestine. I groaned as blood fell from my eyes.

"Mil" Derick cried running towards me but it was too late. I let out an ear piercing scream.
The last thing I heard was Derick's desperate plea's as I fell into darkness.


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