Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine - Episode 5

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"It's a slow day" The other waitress besides me says and I nod slowly sipping the juice from the bottom of my juice box(it's Levi's juice!), it makes that kruu kruu sound that all juice boxes make when you hit the bottom.

I look at it, it's finished already?

"Aren't you going to throw that away? It's being making that sound for a while, I think it's finished"

She says in a whisper and I smile gratefully, a little embarrassed. 

She smiles back and we look back to the hall, I sigh before resting my head on the counter. 

I wish Pamela were here, we would have joked together, this is boring! Soo boring! I wish Levi would walk through the door. 

The door opens and I perk up lifting my head, I'm disappointed when our head waiter Jerry walks through the door. 

"You, it's your turn to do inventory" He says pointing at me. 

"Why? I did it last week, Its not yet my turn" 

"Well, you embarrassed a customer yesterday, I think you more than deserve it, make sure you do it later." He says before walking out

"I'm sorry, it was supposed to be me" The other waitress says and I smile at her. 

"It's OK, I should probably do it now."

I say moving towards the back door.

When I get to the pantry I lean against the door, inventory is hard work and it takes hours, why is my life this? 

I stand straight and I notice one of the shelves in the pantry bent, I walk towards it to notice that it looked... Open? 

Wow, there's a secret door in the pantry? 

(On a side note, how many of us are internally screaming for her not to go in there, raise your hand if you are) 

I walk towards the door and I enter, is there another secret room down there? 

Ohh, do they sell illegal meat like in that Taiwanese movie? 

I step in deeper and I see James, figures, he must be the one who works here. 

I freeze when my eyes take everything in, James is crouched over a kid, not more than 15.

The kid has blood dripping down his nose, his face is swollen in multiple places and his hand is hanging in an awkward position. 

I freeze more when James brings out a gun and clicks it, the sound is loud in the silence, I feel fear saturate my being and I regret ever coming in here. 

I grew in the streets and I know what happens to people who see things that they aren't supposed to. 

He pulls the trigger and I muffle my scream when the body hits the floor, hot spit fills my mouth. 

I slowly take a step back, James is making some calls, talking about clean up, I have to leave before the clean up crew gets here. 

I take another step back and I'm almost out the door, another and finally I'm out. 


I turn around to see Jerry enter the pantry with 2 other guys. 

He looks at the secret door then at me

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. "Did you just enter?" He asks referring to the pantry in general and I nod, heaven knows that I can't form a single sentence right now. 

I just witnessed the the death of a man. 

He nods before walking past me. I don't know what gave me the courage to lie just now. 

I know it's only a matter of time before they find out that I was in there, I have to leave. 

I make my way back out and I walk to the break room and grab my purse and jacket. 

"You are leaving?" The other waitress, I think her name is Sonia asks and I nod. 

"Pamela called, she says she is sick, I already told james" 

"OK, tell her to get well soon" 

I nod and walk towards the exit, I turn to see Jerry talking to Sonia to see her pointing towards my direction. 

Oh sh*t. 

I pick up speed and I run out the back door into the alley.

I begin to run towards the main road and I hear foot steps following me. 

Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!!

I run out and it's just my luck that there is no crowd here for me to blend in with. I pass through another short cut behind a store and I burst out from another street. 

I look behind me to see them closing in on me, I look around desperately, I know that if I get caught I won't survive it. 

I look quickly and I see a car idling on the curb. 

The driver beckons to me and I am skeptical. 

He has a face cap on and I can't really see his face but I know it's a guy due to the amount of muscles he has. But still... 

I turn to look behind me and I see them on me, it's between the devil and the blue sea. 

Oh hell, what other option do I have? 

I run to the car and get in, he does too. 

I turn to him. 

"Please, save me" 



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