The Voice - Episode 27

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Cole blanched with utmost surprise, he was stupefied and dazzled at the man standing before him. Not that the man was appealing in his black detective suit but was rather appalling because he was the least person Cole could ever imagine to be the dreaded killer.

Mr Akinola stood on his feet with a devilish grin on his face, he pocketed his hands and catwalked towards Cole who was stunned and gobsmacked beyond belief.

“Still surprised?” Mr Akinola said in a distinctive tone.

Cole blinked his eyes a million times.

Was he dreaming? 

Or rather hallucinating?

It all felt too real to be a dream and yes he wasn’t dreaming. He had not suspected the DG . Not once, not even when Agent Bola figured it out that it could be one of the staff. He had only suspected the forensic man and yes, he was right. The forensic man also had a skeleton well hidden under his sleeve but his instincts never brought him near the DG.
Come to think of it, the director general of the reputable CIB was the one behind all these?

“You?..” Cole voiced out with a confused look.

“You have questions?” Mr Akinola said and started whistling twisting his legs in a form of dance.

“Why did you ….”

“No, stop right there!” Mr Akinola interrupted Cole with a wave of hand. 
“Don’t ask any question, I’ll provide the answers. Just allow me do the talking.”

Cole nodded in approval, he really needed to know why he did it, how he pulled those stunt.

“Cole!” Mr Akinola started, stressing his name

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. “You caused this made me do it”

“What? What did I do?” Cole asked confused.

“You killed her” Mr Akinola stared longingly at the picture hung up on the wall.

“What?” Cole gasped with his eyes widened.

Then the images flashed through his memory. He remembered very well, those pictures.

He could now remember why the picture was familiar. He had seen one of the pictures in Mr Akinola's office hung conspicuously on the wall.

“She was beautiful until you took her away from me” Mr Akinola's voice was low pitched in a depressing way

"But, I didn’t kill anyone!” Cole retorted angrily, he jerked but he was trapped.

A smile emitted from Mr Akin’s face then suddenly, he started to laugh…
Slowly, then the velocity of the laughter increased.

“Stop!” Cole shrieked.

Mr Akinola seemed to obey the command as the laughter subsided and his face changed to a serious one.

“You didn’t kill anyone?” He mimicked Cole still sniggering

“Yes I didn’t” his voice was defiant.

“You did!” Mr Akinola answered almost immediately and he stooped low in front of Cole. “killing was fun to you, you killed ruthlessly having no remorse for the deceased. You were once an assassin before you changed your identity and joined the CIB crib.”
Cole glared long at him. 

How possible?

Once an assassin?

“You killed her, you killed my wife”_Mr Akin said with pain and anguish in his voice.
His voice resonated in Cole’s ears and it angered him.

“I said I didn’t!”_Cole shouted as loud as his voice could carry him.

“The earlier you admit it, the betterment for you”

Cole clenched his teeth and struggled to free himself from the shackles that was used to tie him but he couldn’t. He was trapped and there is no getting away.

Mr Akinola smirked when he saw this, he brought his face lower to Cole.

“I will make you pay, Nora would die in your arms like mine did.”
Cole spat in his face and Mr Akinola drew back, his face contorted in disgust and abhorrence. He stared at Cole for a while and then, he launched Cole a hefty blow on the face and his nose bursted open.

Cole felt some liquid dripping off his nose.

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. There was a moist in his mouth and he spat it out. It was damn bloody red!

He looked up and stared at him with cold eyes…

“You ain’t getting away with this” Cole said amidst clenched teeth.
A crooked smile suddenly appeared on Mr Akinola’s face subsiding his initial anger though he still had a fierce look.

“We shall see” with that, he stormed out of the room.

Cole heaved a sigh of frustration and worry immediately he was out.
He’d never imagined Mr Akinola could go as far as this, he never thought he could be the one behind the voice threatening him. yet, he acted like a friend and a boss who he was.

He should have seen it coming but it came rather too late.
Cole twisted his fingers trying to untie his hands but it wasn’t working. He was well strapped to the chair with his hands tied behind. If he was going to escape or survive this, he would need a miracle.
He wasn’t going to die, not yet. If he dies, that would likely mean Nora would die too.
Cole watched as Mr Akinola strode into the room, he was full of smiles. he wondered what was behind it.

“Look, I don’t actually beg criminals. I would rather ….” Cole had to stop when he saw Nora walked into the room accompanied with a gun at the back of her head. A figure took shape as they finally came into view.

It was inspector Kunle, he was grinning mischievously.
Cole was surprised, another thing he least expected. His eyes darted to Mr Akinola, Inspector kunle and then Nora. He gazed at Nora in disbelief of what she had turned into.
Her once glowing face had turned white flecked and pale, her hair sprouted over her face haggardly and she looked unkempt like she had been starved for years

“What’s happening?” Cole’s voice shrieked in extreme pain and anguish.

“Welcome to hell detective” Inspector kunle said smiling devilishly.
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