The Voice

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About the story

The Voice


Detective Cole is an anti crime fighter who was specifically trained in hand combat and a professional in the use of guns. He rose through the ranks rapidly and became the hitman of the CIB.

He lived a carefree life and was happily married to a young beautiful woman who triggered his success in the force but his success was suddenly cut short when his travails started with an unsolved crime . The cataclysm of the crime enhanced a voice to surface which terrorized the state and frustrated Cole. It was an anonymous voice which couldn’t be traced to its source. Through the voice, many lives were lost and there are still many more to be lost.

Detective Cole who was bent on getting to the root of the case was injected with an amnesia virus which wiped his memory off the case. It became a mystery to unravel, an arduous task to the whole of the CIB department.

Who could be behind all these?

Find out in this intriguing story.

The voice.

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    • The Voice - Episode 1

    • It was a monday morning in the city of Calabar. People could be seen walking to and fro. Every young and old folk were walking briskly to their destination. The city of C...
      • Views (4,192)
      • Comments (9)
    • The Voice - Episode 2

    • Nora felt her back lying on a soft bed which she presumed not to be hers as the bed made her uncomfortable. She slowly opened her eyelids and saw a white ceiling instead of a brown...
      • Views (3,605)
      • Comments (4)
    • The Voice - Episode 3

    • Cole turned his head sideways to look at the person whose voice he heard. It was Agent bola, his assistant at work. He stared at her with a surprised look on his face. &l...
      • Views (3,482)
      • Comments (5)
    • The Voice - Episode 4

    • Cole and Akinola waited in anticipation as they both tapped PLAY. The screen went blank immediately they clicked the play icon. They waited …. Waited&hel...
      • Views (3,171)
      • Comments (8)
    • The Voice - Episode 5

    • “Sir, I have an idea”, a young agent from the cyber unit said, raising up his hand. The DG (Mr Akinola) looked up at him dejectedly, as he gazed at him for a moment and...
      • Views (3,002)
      • Comments (6)
    • The Voice - Episode 6

    • THE NEXT DAY Location: Calabar @ Cole’s residence ••••••••• Cole laid on a settee in the sittin...
      • Views (2,661)
      • Comments (5)
    • The Voice - Episode 7

    • The news of the murder of the Senate President’s daughter has spread wide all around the country like a raging fire. The Senate President himself was out of the country on a ...
      • Views (2,915)
      • Comments (4)
    • The Voice - Episode 8

    • She stepped out of her new Toyota rav4 Jeep, straightened her short skimpy skirt and walked towards the gate. She banged the huge large gate with her clenched fist but a ba...
      • Views (2,713)
      • Comments (4)
    • The Voice - Episode 9

    • Hours ago Cole was in Mr Akinola’s office, he had his head bent low in a way which seemed like he was being reprimanded. “Cole!”. The DG calle...
      • Views (2,541)
      • Comments (5)
    • The Voice - Episode 10

    • Nora paced around the house, obviously in a devastated mood. She couldn’t fathom why Emily was not picking her calls. She'd tried countless times but it was never answere...
      • Views (2,558)
      • Comments (6)
    • The Voice - Episode 11

    • “What's the status over there?” Mr Sylvester’s voice rang in Cole’s ears as he walked stealthily to the fenced wall. He looked behind his shoulders, age...
      • Views (2,538)
      • Comments (6)
    • The Voice - Episode 12

    • Agent Bola was still standing by the main door leading to the building, she felt the urge to go after him but she knew better, Cole would not like the idea of she disobeying him an...
      • Views (2,529)
      • Comments (6)
    • The Voice - Episode 13

    • The door opened and a man in hood stepped in, his face was covered with the hood but his gun was pointed at Emily. Cole knew danger when he saw one and right there before hi...
      • Views (2,548)
      • Comments (4)
    • The Voice - Episode 14

    • Cole stepped out of his old Peugeot 504 in front of the CIB building, he waved at the officers who saluted him as he walked to his office. On a normal day, he would have ignored th...
      • Views (2,488)
      • Comments (6)
    • The Voice - Episode 15

    • Detective Cole arrived the crime scene in a matter of seconds to meet a small crowd of people already at the scene. He made his way through the curious crowd shoving his ID card in...
      • Views (2,605)
      • Comments (4)
    • The Voice - Episode 16

    • Cole opened his eyes slowly as the sun penetrated into his eyes, he knew immediately that it was morning. He rolled the duvet away and made to sit upright but felt a body resting o...
      • Views (2,483)
      • Comments (9)
    • The Voice - Episode 17

    • Emily sat on a settee in the sitting room, she had her gaze fixed on the TV screen but her mind was far from it. There was a program going on that she usually loves to watch and sh...
      • Views (2,627)
      • Comments (6)
    • The Voice - Episode 18

    • Mr Akinola sniffed and adjusted himself before the cameras for the third time. He would go live on all stations but he wasn’t just okay. It was more of being afraid or the fe...
      • Views (2,592)
      • Comments (5)
    • The Voice - Episode 19

    • Emily sat on a swivel chair in her spacious office, pile of files graced the desk at her front not excluding a laptop system. She was working on a news article for publication but ...
      • Views (2,480)
      • Comments (7)
    • The Voice - Episode 20

    • The rays of sun peered into the open louvers and it illuminated the room. Agent Bola stirred on the bed rolling sideways, she reached for Cole but her hands only grabbed the...
      • Views (2,532)
      • Comments (7)
    • The Voice - Episode 21

    • The scene was flooded with the medics, the press and some CID officials. The press were talking to the medics while the camera men were taking pictures of the scene. Differe...
      • Views (2,478)
      • Comments (4)
    • The Voice - Episode 22

    • LOCATION: Isolo , Lagos state. 12:05pm. Emily alighted from a commercial hired cab. She straightened her red gown and stepped into the compound as the gate was ...
      • Views (2,426)
      • Comments (4)
    • The Voice - Episode 23

    • Nora opened her eyelids for the umpteenth time in the day. Everywhere was dark and vague the last time she opened her eyes that was due to the blindfold that covered her eyes....
      • Views (2,473)
      • Comments (8)
    • The Voice - Episode 24

    • Time was tickling very fast, emotions were becoming more heated. Seconds turned into minutes, and the moment was approaching gradually. The silence in the house was deafe...
      • Views (2,526)
      • Comments (5)
    • The Voice - Episode 25

    • Cole opened the small gate and entered his house. Water prickled down his body saturating the blue Chelsea jersey he was clad in. He had just finished an hour jog and was sw...
      • Views (2,446)
      • Comments (5)
    • The Voice - Episode 26

    •   Cole opened his eyes slowly, it felt heavy and sunken red. His head ached and pounded with an headache as though it would rip off. He steadied his eyes but ...
      • Views (2,434)
      • Comments (3)
    • The Voice - Episode 27

    • Cole blanched with utmost surprise, he was stupefied and dazzled at the man standing before him. Not that the man was appealing in his black detective suit but was rather appalling...
      • Views (2,500)
      • Comments (5)
    • The Voice - Episode 28

    • Emily wept for the umpteenth time in the day. She sneezed and then cleaned off the tears with the back of her palm. What’s happening? Her life seemed to h...
      • Views (2,578)
      • Comments (6)
    • The Voice - Episode 29

    • Detective Cole laid on a bed in the state government hospital. There was a drip on his left wrist and a small amount of blood had formed on the tip needed.  Nora hel...
      • Views (2,622)
      • Comments (9)
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