The Evil Called Love - Episode 6


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Love is whimsical and temperamental. It comes when it pleases and goes away without warning, it's nature is ephemeral and transitory. Accept and enjoy it while it remains, but spend no time worrying about it's departure. Worry will never bring it back.
Alfred sat in the empty classroom thinking about the fight with Fummi, he knew he was right and only being a friend by protecting her, but he knew sometimes prefer to learn from experience than advice. He choose to let her.
There she was enjoying her 'so called life' with the guy of her 'so called heart' . And he was left here by conscience and the universe, wallowing away in misery and self pity.
"Alfred" Pinky called. ( He did not see her walk through the entrance, and honestly didn't want to see her).
"Hey pinky" he answered rather unwillingly.
Pinky was one of the prettiest girls in his class and also had an influence in girls affairs, every girl either wanted to either be her or envy her. Though they were some who thought of her as cocky and proud, but she had a habit of winning anyone who went close to her.
"What are you doing all by yourself?" She asked with concern in her eyes.
"Was thinking about school stress" he said with a fake smile.
"I have not been seeing you around Fummi of late" she said, pausing only to let him see the devilish smirk she had on her lips.
"I hope you guys did not get into a fight or something" she finished.
"We did not!" Alfred's reply was harsh but firm.
"Well if you say so" with that she sat down to read.
It's not that Pinky could not mind her business, but her care and concern got the better of her in situations like this. She could not sit to herself and read knowing fully well that Alfred was not okay firstly, and secondly, because she had information that could help his situation pertaining to his cause of worry.
Pinky knew, a few people knew, that Alfred and Fummi's friendship was solidified because Alfred had secret feelings for the 'Fummi girl', but as a 'girl' she knew that girls rarely, hardly, dated their friends

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. Not that they did not love them, they did. But, they just can't!
So she felt what Alfred was feeling, 'the remorse of wasted time'. Time that went by trying to convince this girl that he really loves her and could just be the one she searched for in her 'mr perfect'.
Pinky stood up and went to sit with Alfred, who did not like her courage but kept an open ear in what she looked like she was about to say.
"Alfred, I know you have feelings for Fummi" imagine the odacity!
"I don't remember telling you anything like........" He was cut short.
"Am a girl Alfred, we just know this things".  He was becoming a little bit convinced so he let her continue.
"It's not easy trying to convince a girl you are the one for her".
"Especially when her eyes are set on another guy" she drove home her point with ease and precision.
Pinky went futher to explain to Alfred that even if a million more years where to come by, Fummi would never come to understand the fact that he loves her, rather, she would look for love everywhere but his heart. Unless.......
"Unless what?" Alfred asked sounding desperate.( He only showed this side when he was showed this side when he was busy with assignments and needed urgent answers).
"Unless she was to lose you to someone else" Pinky said, fully gaze locked with Alfred.
"Lose me?" This was getting more confusing for Alfred.
"I didn't mean die you moron" Pinky said laughing as she saw how confused he had become.
Alfred really enjoyed sarcasm, and her's had a beautiful sting that should make him smile. But, he was confused because he had spent so much time with Fummi he wondered the possibility of anyone wanting him.
"If she saw the possibility of you loving someone else"
Even with half the love you have for her, she will get jealous".
Pinky was God sent. He was happy he did not avoid this conversation, they talked for so long that Pinky did not get a chance to read again that night. She had won a friend in Alfred, a loyal one.
Pinky said that in a soft whisper, " I better start going then".
"Am really grateful for everything" Alfred said with a smile on his face.
"You're quite a catch Alfred, you never can tell, someone might like you as much as you like Fummi". Pinky said her last words with a certainty that just might be mere words, it sounded like a hint.
How was he going to start a search like this.
"EZINNE!" ( He remembered the day Ezinne mocked him with a proverb " flies follow cows not knowing they could perch on dogs too" ).
He never really thought about this parable until today, knowing fully well Ezinne never said anything straight forwardly without using gimmicks designed to make whomever she is speaking with to either be 'a thinker' or 'a bigger fool'.
"I'll meet her in class tomorrow" he said more likely to himself, because the Pinky he thought he was talking to had left when he was lost in his own mind.
The next day held expectations for Alfred who was on a love quest.
People should learn to dismiss the thought that love never comes but once. Love may come and go times without number, but there is no two love experiences that affect you in just the same way.
They may be and there usually is one love experience that leaves a deeper imprint on the heart than all the others, but all love experiences are beneficial to anyone. Except, the person who becomes resentful and cynical when one love makes it's departure.
Alfred was sure Fummi was his 'the one', but he knew she wasn't sharing his thought at the moment. He deserves happiness, and if loving someone else made him happy, he was sure 'she' whoever she was, was going to be his 'the one'.
Sometimes pain brings the best lessons with it, if only the person feeling the hurt, looks past the pain. They will find opportunities.
To Alfred it was the opportunity of love, a new love, but he had to find her first.
Ezinne was not a quiet girl, neither was she a talkative. She knew how to balance her personality beautifully, depending on who she was with.
Alfred met her " officially" during a class field trip, that was the first time they had ever talked. She wasn't rude or anything but, he wasn't sure they were ever going to talk again. Until today.
"Morning" Alfred said extending his hand for a shake.
"Good morning, to what do I owe this honor?" She said taking his hands in hers for a shake.
"What do you mean?" Alfred asked laughing.
"I mean that for a while you've ignored me, why now?".
True! She had a point, but girls will always be girls. Making sure they make you suffer for a hurt you cause even unintentionally before giving you the attention you seek.
"Am sorry" he said honestly.
"You're forgiven" she replied.
Alfred did not know how to ask for the information he came for, something he couldn't wait to ask all of a sudden became an embarrassing question now that he had started talking to Ezinne.
They talked after class, and even had lunch together. Alfred was laying a bed he was soon to lay on.
In their discussion, he got to find out that the people in his class were actually good and interesting people.( Truly people notice people, but don't talk to people).
She told him about his class performance and also that she liked the fact that he took his education seriously ( like he had a choice). They proceeded to a seat at the park ( same seat he shared with Fummi) and then started the real conversation of interest to Alfred.
Fummi was sick of Bukumi taking too much time to dress , they were supposed to be at the park at 5:00pm.
"5:30! Bukumi! Fummi yelled.
"Am ready, am out" Bukumi said coming out of the house and then the duo proceeded to the park.
"I wonder what the hurry was for, he is not even here".
" But at least we are here first" Fummi said knowing courtesy demands her to be on time to meet the person who found her purse in class and decided to return it. He had called her line to meet her at the park.(good thing her ID card had a cell phone number).
She wanted a place to seat and wait, instinctively she moved towards her seat in the park, she saw it was occupied by two people. 
Alfred (who had avoided her throughout the day) sat there with a familiar figure, a female figure. She knew the girl was in her class, but they already shared a class together, why were they sharing her 'seat'.
"Yes, someone I know likes you" Ezinne said.
Alfred had been so nice today she knew he deserves to know.(besides she will be doing both of them a favor).
"What's her name?" He asked almost immediately.
"Noooo! I won't tell you, I'll spoil the fun". Ezinne knew she was beginning to annoy Alfred, but why spoil the fun that had just begun.
Her friend Agbeke had been habouring a crush on Alfred for a very long time, but she was too shy to make a move.( Ladies don't make moves on guys, it's not done).
Ezinne also know that asides her friend's loyalty to the girls code, she was scared that Alfred had something with Fummi.(Every one in class knew that, or thought that. They were too close to just be friends).
This was the perfect opportunity to join the two, ( Ezinne knew she was God's priestess, but not the marriage kind). She wasn't happy Alfred and Fummi we're no longer talking, she was just happy the vacuum was big enough to accommodate another person. One she feels deserves Alfred.
"Her friend".
"So how then do I know her?" Alfred asked gently, he knew he was the one in need. Why ruin his chance by being petty.
"I'll text you where to meet us" Ezinne said and stood up to go. She had plans to perfect.
The whole day with Ezinne did nothing but increase the suspense in this "someone likes you" saga called his life. He was beginning to doubt if he should continue, it looks terribly desperate to be chasing after a shadow.
He blamed Fummi for this, if only he did not have that fight with her. His life was quite simple with just her being the 'wahala' in it.
He felt his phone beep on the road, but he discarded it till he reached home.
"Meet us at the park, same seat. 6:00pm". Ezinne's text was missing an important detail, 'A NAME!!!'.
Class was boring the next day, not because the lecturer was boring but, because his mind was at the park.
This day demanded patience and that was what he was doing; being patient. He had classes till 4:00pm, and the last class had just one more hour to go.
He strolled towards the park, he noticed it was lonely today.(maybe people were tired after the tedious day). It was just a girl that seemed to be headed his direction, he knew her, so why not have a conversation.
Agbeke was a pretty girl he had accompanied to the market one time because it was late and he didn't want to let her go alone ( a Worthy excuse), he had seen her and talked to her and even recalls they had a lot in common, but along the line they drifted apart and he didn't know why.
" Okay then, am stopping at the park" Alfred said gesturing to the same seat Agbeke was about seating down on.
"Thought you said you had somewhere to be?" Alfred asked surprised.
"Yeah, I was coming here" she replied.
She futher explained Ezinne directed her to wait here by 6pm, and as a matter of fact, she was specific about the seat.
It was there and then it hit them, Ezinne had arranged a blind date for people who could see but needed a push to start their love.
They knew eachother, they had a fling for eachother, Alfred had a crush on her, she had a crush on him, they had stopped talking, but somehow fate brought them together again.
"Hi" Alfred said.
"Hi" she said smiling.
"You must be she" Alfred said after he had sat down himself.
"I can say same about you, though you're a guy" Agbeke said laughing.
If you had ever heard the quote "smile as bright as the sun", just believe the writer was talking about the girl seated in front of Alfred. Clarity came with reason, he knew now the signs he ignored all in his pursuit for Fummi.
Ezinne had gone back that day and told her not to be bothered about Alfred anymore, she said "you cannot dream about one guy forever", she advised Agbeke to move on.
She had been thinking about it also, so she was easily convinced. But there he was, the same guy she was asked to forget about, was the 'someone' Ezinne said she needed to meet.
"Ezinne is such a character" Agbeke said.
"I could not agree less" Alfred replied.
They indeed had a wonderful conversation, and both hoped secretly this time that whatever took them apart would respect what brought them together again.
Love is such a beautiful thing, but it's such a gamble thats makes you long to know if you are not alone, if it's feeling and grip on you has a concurrent reaction to the other person.
Not that love is insincere in how it makes you think or feel, but as humans, we sometimes fall in love with unlikely people at inappropriate times.

Hope you find this story interesting?
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I particularly love this episode, Alfred deserve happiness.
And Fummi got her purse back. L.O.L.

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    yeah Alfred truly deserves happiness and I can't wait to see a jealous Funmi
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