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"It was like eighteen years ago. She was wounded and I had taken a drug... which you know... and my girl dissapointed. I didn't want to do it... but I did__ I raped her... She asked me to help her, to take her to a hospital but I raped her instead... She didn't fight me, she just layed there like a log of wood . When I was done I was so scared... I ran away, I left her there. Few days later I was reading a newspaper when I saw her picture. She was dead and her parents had been murdered" Thompson sobbed. Detective Kola shook his head and tears flowed uncontrollably from Onome's eyes. "So, you're saying Ufuoma is like... possesed with the ghost of a girl who died almost eighteen years ago" Detective Kola suggested. Thompson nodded, he couldn't bring himself to look Onome in the eye. A police officer came and whispered something into Detective Kola's ears. "She's been caught. She killed three men" Detective Kola announced and left. Thompson made to touch Onome but she avoided his hands. " You bloody murderer don't you dare touch me! It's all your fault"


Kola entered the interrogation room and sat in a chair opposite her. "So is this Rose or Ufuoma?" Detective Kola probed

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. "Rose" She replied coldly. "Hmm... I can't beleive this, what do you want?". " You already know what I want I'm not leaving this world until I've had my revenge. Only one person remaining" She picked at her nails. Kola massaged his forehead " Thompson?" He scoffed. "I know you and your family planned this, there's no ghost. Ghosts don't exist. What I can't figure out is why?" He babbled. "Well let me help you. Cheif Kolapo and Ibe sent those three men to kill my parents and I. Why? because they wanted my father's company. His hard earned sweat, beleive me they deserved to die. I managed to escape with brutal wounds only for that pig to rape me. So you see they all deserve to die" She smiled.

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. "And the other people you killed or almost killed?". "I'll kill anyone standing in my way, as for those kids... well curiosity almost killed them". "Why wait this long? I mean why wait for almost eighteen years before possessing someone" He probed. "What I needed was a pure mind. It's hard to find a pure mind without HIM.But she was perfect, no evil thoughts or evil deeds and no HIM. Time's up!". She drew closer to him and looked him in the eye, (he stared on like a dummy) and said "I was never here, there are no murders you don't know of the Thompson family". With that she stood up and left the room. Kola snapped back to life, he scratched his head, what was he doing here?. He couldn't remember, he stood up and headed out still thinking of how his memory felt like a puzzle.
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